Conflicting readings

  • My daughter took me too New Orleans for my birthday.While we were there we had 3 psychic tarot readings and 1 reading from a voodoo prietess.Now i don't know which ones are telling me like it is or which are just telling me what they think i want too hear.Can any one help with which ones advice i shoud follow and why they were so different?

    2 said i should end a relationship...2 said he loves me with all his heart.

    1 said i should go into a carreer of counseling.....prietess said that a job would just appear....2 said i should start my own business.

    1 said that i would be going through a time of great personal change and come from a line of magic workers.

    1 said i would live too be a 100 i really find that hard too believe.

    So as you can see i am totally lost....please can any one sort this out for me?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  • i would take it all with a grain of salt and not worry about it, go with how you feel, if you want to go into councelling well do it, if you feel you want to end a relationship do it, trust yourself, trust is important so very important, acceptance is a good way to go when the things in life dont go the way we want, allowing.

    forget the readings its too confusing for you as yourve got different veiws, leave them for a while, make some decisions for yourself, then go and have a good reading if you need to, and only one, having too many at one time is not a very good idea, best of luck to you, peace and blessings. dot ps.. wipe the slate clean of those and begin again at a later date and remember just one.

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