• WOLFGANG, I had built a wall around myself and then a few years ago I met this man and I felt I had known him forever. Things were going great but in the first of December he turned cold on me and wouldn't talk to me. My birthdate is 02/23/1933 born in Ocala, Florida at 12:30 a.m. His birthdate is 02/03/1939 born in Orlando, Florida at 8:22 a.m. My question is what do you see in the future for us? We are at least talking again, but i am still extremely hurt. i would never hurt him as I love him dearly.


  • Sassy, did you see my answer in your other thread or did you want a second opinion?

  • I am sorry but I didn't know that The Captain and Wolfgang were the same. I was looking for a second opinion. It didn't quite fit the situation.


  • No, Hans Wolfgang is not me.

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