Karma Coma Please Help!

  • Karma Come I need your insight please!

    I was wondering if you could please tell me, if I will reconnect with my friend this year?

    If Yes, What will finally make him put his ego aside?

    If No, could you please tell me the reason as to why?

    Myself: 04-21-73

    Friend: 06-30-50

    Thanks In Advance!

  • Be completly honest, and tell me what you feel, what do you expect to happen?

  • Is this the same guy from before? the ex boss?

  • I really do miss him! I really really do!

    I really felt that he was my future husband, when we dated.

  • Yes, he is the same guy as before, my exboss.

  • How long were you 2 togethor? in a relationship, and was it exclusive. how long since the split, and how often do you have contact.

  • Our relationship was quite intense. We dated for 5 1/2 months.

    The first 3 1/2 months were PERFECT!

    His employee (who is suing him for sexual harassment now) broke us up on purpose!!

  • I stopped working for him in the winter of 2009.

    I saw him out and about this summer.

    We could not date due to all of the CHAOS and the lawsuits from the employees!!

  • you stoped dating because of stress at work, And because of another women, I feel that you were never actually in a commited relationship with him. It has been to long since you were togethor.

    You should forget this man, even if you do miss him. If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you. Like you would be with him if you wanted to be with him. Never mind CHOAS, or some manipulative women, you would be with him. He does not give you the same level of intensity!

    In part your not attracting a relationship because your not looking for one, not really.

    Your real focus is you, This is okay because, You can do something in your career. You work hard, and get things done. You can achieve sucess!

    When you do find the right man, there is a danger of not appreciating what youve found. Stop looking for what you dont want! And Youll be fine.

    As always Luck!

    : - )

  • Thanks Karma Coma. I am not looking for another relationship because I do not think that I COULD nor will I be able to love ( as intense) anyone else. I am completely tapped out emotionally, physically, and mentally.

    So if I was to meet someone else, it would not be fair to that new guy. I will ALWAYS compare other men to my Exboyfriend: Physically ( He is very handsome), Mentally ( we would always watch the same scientific programs), Emotionally ( I never had such a good spiritual connection with someone when having sex*). He was always impulsive - which is what I need for I get bored really quick.

    So these men have to really step up to the plate if they want to win me over!!!!!

    Thanks Again for your insight, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me.

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