Moon Card

  • I did a one card reading for whether or not I am supposed to focus on my writing at this point in time, if it will be more successful than any other endeavors, and I got the moon card. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I'm about 2/3 of the way through writing my first novel, but am having trouble finishing due primarily to insecurities and nagging thoughts that a writing career isn't a real career. (My mom was never supportive of my desire to write). Also, it is hard to concentrate on this when my husband has been out of work for the past 4.5 months. I'm working a day job, only temporary, which will probably end in about 2 more months. After that, we'll have to move home with my parents. We're in a really bad situation right now. In my heart, I feel like writing is my path in life, but in my head I keep thinking it just isn't realistic. Sure, it is ok to do on the side and to have something to work on while the economy prevents me from finding a steady, well paying job, but there's no security in it. I should also mention I've got about 65,000 in student loans to repay from grad school. Does anyone have any thoughts on how the moon card speaks to my situation? Thanks!!! I'm really struggling with this.

  • The Moon-Card was exactly the right card for you: It shows the fear ot the unknown path which lies ahead of you. Your heart calls you to go on this path in the unknown, but your mind backs away. The mind is alway afraid of the unknown clinging to securtiy and the status quo. But the heart knows better. Follow your energy, it is the call from the future, which knows much better than your mind can know.

    To explain this to you, you have to look at the sequence of the Major Arcana. Before the moon comes the star, 17. It is the star of hope, the great goal. This you know, what this goal is for you. But then comes 18, the moon. This is the fear of putting all your energy into this goal, going for your goal into the unknown. But if you have transzended this fear, then comes 19, the sun. Here you are again like a child, living spontaneously in the here and now, being playful and following your energy, which means being in harmony and enjoying life.

    Be rebellious. Rebellion is individual. Rebel! Take responsibility for your life.

  • Thanks for the advice Hans. I am working on it, whenever I can find the time, which can be difficult. As I'm the only one working right now, I have to devote my time there during the week. So I generally write on weekends. And soon, we will have to move, I'm sure of it. I just hope we move closer to family and friends, but not back home with my parents at mine and my husband's age. It wouldn't be good for us. Being closer to everyone would be great though. I really think it could give me a huge energy boost and help my writing in the long run. But for now, these next 2-3 months, I guess I'll just have to plod through and not lose sight of what I really want.

  • So learn how to be available.

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