Can i have a reading please

  • Hi. i would really appreciate a reading from someone insightful! thankyou

  • You are somehow dancing in the abyss. Without fault.

    To find new ideas, dare to dance in the abyss and depart from certainty. Inspiration isn't found within fixed rules, old habits or formalities. Creativity isn't making something happen, it is allowing it to happen through you and the tools you work with.

    In the realm of the spirit, you can only follow obediently the universal laws. What deviates from them, is always wrong. If you try to lead according to your own human laws, you shut the door on universe, and life will fail. Then there is regret.

    Creativity is not obedient. You cannot call for it and expect it to be there. But waiting in an open and quiet way makes the clouds clear up, and the sun of growth appear again.

    Many things come by waiting, rather than by acting. As if you open a cosmic door for them to enter. Your own attitude is the door, if you wait in the right feeling, you act at the right time. But there is also something inexplicable, which makes things happen without any action on them.

    This can be done in many ways. One way is to begin by just sitting anywhere. Sounds are always present. It may be in a market or it may be at a retreat: sounds are there. Sit silently, and

    with sound there is something very special. Whenever there are sounds, you are the center. All the sounds come to you from everywhere, from all directions.

  • sounds (hehe) like a very god way to become centered. i meant to write good, but there you go, it wrote god. very wise words, and i can understand and relate. i know i have experienced moments of that stillness and openness.and yes creativity just flows then. thankyou

  • Just as on a rosebush roses blossom, on the bush of awareness roses also blossom…roses of goodness, roses of beauty, roses of grace.

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