Lost and need advice

  • I let the Libra man back into my life for a few short weeks and once again I feel rejected and used. (I don't guess you can use the willing - right?) I have had readings and all tell me that he loves me but is confused. If he loves me then why is he rejecting me and leaving me to do all the calling? I honetly don't understand and would like some clarification. I would also like some peace in this as this one has really throwed me for a loop. I am a Leo. My birthdate is 7-29-64 and his is 9/28/1964.

  • This is not a relationship where you two will ever be together for long periods of time. The demands you place on one another preclude a continuous daily relationship. You both share a need to be self-protective that prevents you from getting closer. Your friend has a problem with perfectionism. He dreams of the perfect partner but when reality strikes and people turn out to be only human, he feels disappointed and cheated. Until he realises that what he is seeking is an impossibility - because everyone is human and fallible - he will be eternally disillusioned about love. For him, the grass is always greener somewhere else - and then somewhere else again. He must learn to be less critical and unduly exacting or he will never find happiness.

    You MsPositve must lose your deep need for approval from others. Your desire for love and a deeper sense of connection to someone can manifest as attention seeking or a need to validate your ideas and methods. You require constant reassurance from your partner or friends that becomes very tiring for them. You can also be quite innocent in your relating to others. Try not to scurry back into self-isolation when you get hurt. Keep on looking for true love, not just a child-like need for approval and attention.

  • Thanks Captain and you are so right on both areas. I don't like rejection. And sense then I have stepped out of the circle and looked in and you are correct about him. He is now found another "victim" to reach out to. The last tryst lasted 3 weeks with another. He will never be happy until he is happy with himself. I need to be less innocent where he is concerned and stay out of isolation because that is exactly where I go everytime he comes around with his song and dance. This should be my last dance with this one. (notice I didn't say will be!)

    Thanks again!

  • Words of wisdom Captain. Love & Light to you Ms Positive

  • MsPositive, good things will come to you now that you have moved on.

  • Hi Captain, Your advice has me interested and was wondering what you may see in this. Me 02-03-60; Him 09-28-40. If you need more clarification, let me know, as I am calling on you.

  • he knows your always be there he knows he can do whatever your no threat

    dont call him for a while if he realy loves you he will eventually come running if he thinks hes

    going to lose you

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