Re-occuring dream! Please explain what its about

  • Ok so i constantly am having dreams about a man chasing me.The first dream was of a man in a black cape chasing me through my school & as i screamed nobody reacted,I then ended up at home feeling safe and then i could see his figure through the door & i woke up.The other dreams have been of a man chasing me and being at my front gate waiting.Weird things about the dreams are that whenever i scream or shout,everyone reacts calmly and doesn't seem to care,the man never catches me but always ends up at my door just standing there & im never able to see his face :S

    I've been having similar dreams for about 3 years.If its not about men chasing me,its about me screaming and no-one caring.

  • A man chasing you means you are trying to get away from something or somebody in your awake life. It is probably not someone you live with because you feels "safe" when you get home. Is there someone close to you that you are wary of or hurt you? The black figure would sign as a bad or negative being. Something is going on with you that you feel you have no one to turn too as if " no one cares". Now no one caring for you could be your fear that if you did need someone no one will be there for you. Hope I helped, I have dreams alot but unfortuantly alot of mine come true. Usally with a "bad" dream as soon as you figure what it is it will go away.


  • I use a site called dream moods. Just google your way there. I usually write as many words,numbers,colors,feelings, places that I can remember when I first wake up, go to the site and search for them. It has quite a bit of info on there that may be useful for you. 🙂

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