Blumoon Guardian Psychic, please help!!!!

  • Dearest Blumoon, at your convenience, I am requesting your guidance/insight

    I am not doing well, cannot find suitable fulltime work, hav strung 2 partime

    jobs homehealth nursing, I am getting that I need to get out of this field but now cannot until debt is cleared, in general can you give me any kind of insight please, last year was rough and so far it is not looking any better, still having people problems don't fit, people don't u nderstsnd my views they look at me like, what planet r u from???

    I appreciate your time and I thank you very much...

  • Hi Blmoon, help tell me what you see

    at your conven


  • Blmoon. Dear Blmoon

    are you out there ?

    Do you see me?


    Just had 3rd interview. With same

    company, need full time work

    yet can't "blend" in!!! Lol. : (

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