PLEASE! I Need Help For My Tortured Nephew

  • I just got off of the phone with my sister, and she said that my nephew (who is 18) had another attack from the Shadow People. I said, "What?!?" And she said, "Oh, you don't know?" I didn't, so she explained.

    Apparently, whenever they show up and he sees them, and they have the red eyes, someone dies shortly after. (They have to have the red eyes for someone to die.) She said that the last time he saw them was four days before my Dad passed. He woke her up in the middle of the night bawling like a little child. It makes my heart ache for him.

    She said that they attack him physically too. They jump on his chest and he cannot get up. I guess his girlfriend tried to help him up and he couldn't budge. He was powerless under them. This is really scary, and my heart just goes out to him. I know my little sister used to speak of the Shadow People when she was a teenager too. (She drinks to avoid thim, unfortunately.)

    Can anyone tell me what these "Shadow People" are? Can anyone help me help my nephew? Is there anything I can do to help? Can I make them leave him alone? What is really going on? I've known for many years that he could see things that others couldn't, but I didn't know about this. I really want to help him, and this was the FIRST place I thought of coming for help. Please help. & Is it true that someone else is going to die? He doesn't want his Mom (my sister) to go to work cuz he's afraid she'll get into an accident. He's hysterical. Please please help. Anyone.

    Thank you all for reading this plea. I don't normally come out and beg, but I know he really needs some help.

  • hmmmm where does your nephew live

  • With my sister in a house that was just bought a year and a half ago. Ohio if you need me to be more precise. Does that help? I guess this has been going on for years though. They just moved back to the area a year and a half ago though from the middle of Ohio. (Now back in Northeastern Ohio.)

  • sorry did not mean to press post button so quickly for last response this is not anything to joke about if this is real why didnt your sister help her daughter . a live , not on line, professional metaphysical investigator needs to be called in immediately to figure out this situation i know that death is a transition not involving anything evil or dark i also have the "death knowing " which has always been 100% accurate. ( for more than 40 years ). I HAVE NEVER NEVER NEVER seen dark people with red eyes. this sounds like a low budget horror movie. These dark people with red eyes could be so many things i feel fear please contact someone in your area i am in the US here a reliable source is The Metaphysical Society best of luck

  • I'm not sure she completely believes that he is seeing these "Shadow People" and she is so far from believing in anything paranormal or new age, that she might just think it's his (her son's) fears. That's why, as soon as I got off of the phone with her, I got on here to help. She is on her way over right now with her younger son. (No one wants to really be in that house right now.) & Her son (the one with the attacking Shadow People) went over to his girlfriend's. I told her to come here. She said that he didn't have gas money. I told her that I would give it to him.

    Then I had a selfish feeling, and didn't want to subject MY son to that, because I already KNOW that he's sensative. He used to have Shadow People attack him in his bedroom when we lived in the same town as my sister before we moved here a year and a half ago. He said, they would crawl up his body from his feet and come after him. So, I would sleep out in the living room with him. Fortunately, I've never witnessed these creatures, but one time I did see "something" throw a wad of paper at my son from the closet. It happened just once before I came in the room to witness it throw it at him again. It was really freaky. I used to pray with him and they finally went away. But he was so scared for so long. It has only been recently that he hasn't been near as afraid. (I think he's trying to prove that he's a man, now that he's 12 and he "has to be the man of the house.") He thinks he has to be the man of the house since my Daddy passed away last May. 😞

    I will look into this Metaphysical Society, but I fear my sister won't be open to it. Even if I bring it up, she will be mad. I know her. She has ALWAYS been analytical and anti-new age. She thinks any of it is the work of Satan. She would be very angry to find out that I have posted this on this site. I am only trying to help. The whole thing freaks me out to be honest.

  • I'm sorry. I also wanted to ask you what you meant (or if you could elaborate on) death knowing. What is it exactly? I apologize for my ignorance.

  • ok then call a religous leader in your community ask for help there is no other advice that i can give you if this is the truth then this is an emergency!!!

  • one more thing if your sister does not believe in anything metaphysical then why the hell doesnt she bring this child to a psychiatrist something is very wrong or you are just trying to give a psychic a hard time lol

  • Okay. Thank you twinsoul. I apologize for being so erratic. I just am at a loss of why I cannot help him. I also have a selfish fear. My Mom is scheduled to fly back home tomorrow from Florida, and I just can't lose her too. Ya know? I just lost my Dad, and I will lose it, if I lose her too. I am so very scared!

  • you should be scared do as i told you no one from here can help you call your clergy person now!! call a doctor, you cannot help your nephew on any level this needs a professional please believe me please

  • Oh, heaven's above, I would never try to give you or anyone a hard time. I am so sorry. I just spoke with my Mom and she said she prayed with him and pled the blood of Jesus with him, and she said he felt a lot better after relieved. This is the first time it's happened since then. I'm assuming she prayed with him back in May.

    My sister is almost here. So, I'll have to come back after she goes to bed. Thank you for your time. I am so so sorry if I come across as inauthentic here. I am truly scared.

  • Thank you twinsoul. Thank you.

  • amantim prayer is wonderful really i do it all the time and recommend it highly to everyone however my day job involves the mentally ill and i am on the highest level of professional expertise in that area hint hint hint ( this info does not belong on this site because i am truely a psychic as well ) this type of vision is not ok sweetie please get help for your family and pray too but seek professional help NOW i fear that there might be alot of stuff going on here that needs PROFESSIONAL HELP be strong be the brave person i know that you are confront your sister and get help for that poor tortured child

  • death knowing is a psychic sense of knowing when someone is going to die i dont ever tell so dont ask k

  • Amantim,

    I am a paranormal investigator, and have had experiences with ghosts all of my life. Shadow people are real, and they do exist. I can help you. Please give me a call asap.

    With Love and Light!

  • Thank you D-Angel! 🙂

  • Hope everything works out for you!!!!! Stay strong!!!

  • where do shadow people come from? I really feel for you and your family amantim. I am scared out of my wits just reading about it. I have always hated the dark and been scared and my son is the same way and this is why. How awful for your nephew and your son.

  • Thank you so much. I appreciate all your kind words. Talk to Darkness Angel. She certainly is helping us. This has happened with other members of my family before, just not with the red eyes. They are real. They feed off of our fear. I guess we need to "quit feeding them".

    Thank you DAngel. You have helped me so much! 🙂

  • It sounds like your nephew has an "ability" that others might actually call a gift. While it doesn't feel that way, talking to someone who has experience in this realm would probably help. Google Dr. Doris Cohen and check out her site. She has 30 + years in traditional practice as well as powerful gifts in the metaphysical world. She would probably be able to guide you. 18 is a young age to process things like this!

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