Any help is appreciated.

  • Hey all!

    So a few months back i was lucky enough to have a reading. While it gave me hope and i took it to heart, things seem to just keep getting worse for me. It's getting to a point where I'm low on energy and my mindframe is emtremely negative.

    If anybody could do any type of reading it'd mean the world to me. My birthdate is May 13, 1988.

  • low on energy and your mindset is negative i fear that you are suffering and have been suffering from these low states on and off for most of your adult life yes you will be fine please seek professional help for this problem

  • Thankyou twinsoul for your insight.

    Things have been tough, and my mindset isn't helping anybody. It's one thing of many i hope to work on this year.

  • Thouugh you have an inward desire for a freedom-loving lifestyle with no responsibility to no one but yourself, you hesitate to take the risks associated with overcoming limitations and practical concerns - staying stuck in a boring job, or an unsatisfying relationship, or a rather stunted worldview. Your need for stability and security holds you back. Use your love of the natural world to turn your attention outward and allow yourself to become more receptive to the rhythms and cycles of life that govern nature - to find the transcendental in the natural world. Release that need for control and learn to relax and go with the flow more. Turning your negativity into a more positive outlook is the key to success and turning your life around. The only limits you need to transcend are in your mind.

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