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  • Ok.... I tried reading through the whole "men of the zodiac" thread and didn't have the time to read it all, so I'm starting a new thread. LOL!

    I am a Scorpio woman (11/11/78) and very much a Scorpio! (I was born in Omaha, NE) The man in question is a Pisces (4/2/78). (I think he was born in Lincoln, NE, or within a few miles of there.

    Anyways, this guy was my high school sweetheart. I dated him for 3 years during high school and even was engaged to him. We ended up going our separate ways because he was a year older than me and went to college while I was a Senior in high school.

    So...... fast forward 12 years... and we ran into each other at a retirement party. He was with his wife and I had my youngest child with me.

    He acted like the whole world stopped when I was there! He didn't even pay attention to his wife. I got the feeling that he wanted to say something to me, but we were never alone long enough to talk one on one. I left the party without saying goodbye to him and didn't talk to him for a little over a year.

    I finally put my facebook page up and found him and decided to say hi. That was a week ago. Today, he calles or texts me everyday and says that he is an idiot for letting me go. He has admitted that is the woman he married was just him settling because he couldn't find me. I am married with children, so is he. But, he continues to say that letting me go was the biggest mistake he ever made.

    My question is how does a Pisces man and Scorpio woman fit together? He knows my flaws and downsides and accepts all of them. He has appoligized over and over about letting me go and is trying to make up for lost time. I don't know what to do with him! I am married to a Virgo. But, I really love my Pisces man. So, I think I'm asking for advice in what to do now.

    Thanks, and Cheers!!

  • Personally, I would cut all communication with the other guy, {not what you wanted to hear, sorry). I have been married to a Pisces for 25 years. Sometimes we like to think of what might have been, had we chosen a different path and that the grass is greener on the other side, usually it is not. You say that you rea;;y Love yout Pisces man, I have found that Pisces tend to keep their feelings to themselves but usually put their women on a pedestal.

    I hope this helps.

    Brighest Blessings

  • I am a Pisces woman and the only differance between a man Pisces and a woman is are genitals. So I am going to first share my experence from an astro. point of veiw.

    I am 55 years young. I have had realationships with ever Sun sign, friends as well as lovers, more than once in my life time. I was addicted to Scorpio men many many times. It is the best astro. combination as far as passion goes in my experiance. We have a connection without talking like two antena wave in the air. We can be in the same room or in different states. Water signs are very intuitive. Read up on your different signs as far as compatability but remember that the moon and rising sign are important also. I look at the whole picture, how they were brought up, ( I call it our Blueprint in life), there religion or spiritual side, and where they are in life today.

    YES, Pisces will put there mate on a pedastal when "IN LOVE", and we are considered the dreamer, compassionate, understanding and intuitive signs, who feels and thinks very deeply. We are a comunicating sign but sometimes "FEELINGS" can be difficalt depending on our personal walk in life and where things stand today (men more so than woman).

    SO..... thats the astro. part of your situation! BUT I would personally look at this part of your life first and formost.......

    As far as you in your merrage situation is what really needs to be looked at 100% on both you and your husband. I would personally close the door on your Pisces and talk to your husband about what needs you have and see what need to take place in both of your lives to make it work. Remember the children should come first so theres a bigger picture to look at. If I could work it out and could find that happiness and spark again, I would go there first.

    The stars are great to look at and understand and I feel we can choose to Love All and put things into the right perspective. "First things first and a Day at a Time".

    Blessings to you and those around you. Take good care. YOU ARE LOVED 🙂

  • Hi there...sorry you have to go through this confusion. Whatever you are thinking...just stop and think about the other people involved and how your actions may affect their lives...which I am sure you are since you apparently have not made any moves.

    As far as compatability...you are both water signs, and that is a good thing, but since I dont know where the other plantes are placed in your charts, I cant really give any details. You both obviously felt a spark............BUT.........this is my experience with that:

    Their was a guy in middle school (i call him a guy because he looked very mature for his age at the time)..he was actually a boy since that 7-8th grade and him and I were friends in middle school..flirted alot...especially in that immature way...but he really liked me and so the last day of school he sent his friend (a girl) with a gift and to ask if i would "be with him"...i said "No"...even thoughi liked him...it just would not have worked out at the time the way things were.............Soooo.....10 years later...we actually run into eachother in this bar/restaurant and start "dating"... it felt magical.... just like middle school...............UNTIL...I realized the way he is really is not suited for how I am..........as an adult..after all my experience...etc.

    My point is that you should be careful because the "puppy love" feeling CAN comeback....but when you are no longer at that "puppy love" AGE...it just doesnt feel the same...reality hits.

    I am just saying to take ALOT of time to think everything though...thoroughly...do not let emotions and fantasy influence any of your decisions.

    Peace of mind and clarity.

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