• Hi everyone....

    Are you a Venus in Scorpio? Or Know anyone who is?

    What are your experiences? Good or Bad

    Venus in Scorpio is suppose to be the most intense and loyal placement of Venus. This placement can also be one of the most difficult to deal with (especially with conflicting planets in the chart).

    The good and the bad...

    Here are some of the Positive traits:










    Here are some of the Negative traits:







    My experience as a Venus in Scorpio is that it is a very difficult placement for me...

    I notice that I put alot of focus and emphasis on relationships, when that is not really whats most important at times. When I "want" someone...I make it happen through Manifestation and Action...I WILL GET MY WAY. As I get older I have learned to control MOST of my jealous tendencies..but I am pretty possessive with partners. As they say: " Venus in Scorpio wants your Mind, Body, and Soul".....SO TRUE!!! If you do not give it will torture us...and you WILL deal with our "heaviness"...or Wrath. BUT...usually if we are scorned by a lover we will simply Vanish...and let you suffer from our silences. We are very reluctant in revealing the softer side of our emotions because of fear of rejection or "unrequitted love".......although we have a very good sense of other peoples feelings because of our psychic abilities.

    When we find the right person...they will be the luckiest of all....we will do everything to please you, and always will be exciting, for we are constantly transcending....we will love you with our heart and soul..and that will never change...UNLESS YOU CHANGE.

    Thought I would post this to help other people with this placement because us Venus in Scorpios seem to have a hard time in the Love sector....

    And to help others deal with people who have this placement.

  • Hello, I am older than 40........

    What I have found is a man who is wonderful, kind and caring. He does know how to cook, clean and do laundry, is good with kids and animals. I am the scorpio he is a Gemini. Not suppose to work? Ha Ha it works very well! We have been together for 8 years, well almost. What we have learned in our life is be honest, caring and truthful. Do not lie, cheat or steal from each other. And make sure communication is open always. Oh and biggest thing do not go to sleep mad at each other. It seems to fester. Hope this helps someone.

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