A message for Cris ...

  • Hi Chris ....G'day to you !

    In a effort to make things right and get it right ,duh to me ....:O) I have copied and pasted my message from your last post ( unsure of things) . I guess what confuses me is, when your say (Hi All) at the first of you message , Needless to say that to me is a open invitation to any one who want to help out or express their suggestions to you . So from now on I will be more mindful of what I am doing and start a new post with any of my comment as not to confuse you when you get do get genuine insights , as appose to just suggestion. Am I making any sense here :lol . I hope I didn't confuse you with all of that. :O) My previous post is as follows Hugs ..:

    Make a Dream Board Cris :O) , put anything and everything you wish for on it in the form of a picture . Look at it each and everyday and actually visualize have those things . Do it everyday , and put this Dream Board in a place you will see it everyday . I am sure you have heard about all of this stuff before , and maybe you think it silly . But hey , we all do get back what we put out in our thoughts and feeling threw the Universe ten fold . The Universe only matches our Thoughts and Vibes :O) and keep in mind all the things that your are Grateful for each and everyday . That helps too .

    I don't know why I am writing all this to you , I just felt compelled to do so . I guess there is reason for everything huh

    Have a great day and evening .

    Take Care and God Bless You my Friend .^A^ :O)


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  • ;O)

  • G'day Chris ,

    How are you and how are things going ? I From other posts I have seen that some things are starting to calm down for your a bit , I hope everything is going well for you and your Family . Oh our days are so crazy and up in the air at times huh . I once posted a request in regards to my job awhile back , and how I just hated every aspect of it , and very much struggled with it . I was told that ..NO...i was not to leave my job , but to do it and do it it well . Well needless to say , that was not what I wanted to hear . I was really upset .

    Since then I accepted what was being told to me ..(still hate my job mind you)lol . But lately I find myself not fretting about it as much and being able to deal with the anxieties that I had about it , a lot better . Not sure why , but it just happened .My Angel's much be looking out for me , is all I can figure and gave me a gift of feeling a bit more content. Which I am oh so thankful for , because I was really having a melt down about it all , and was very recentful of the fact that I couldn't leave .

    Again , I don't know why I am writing all this to you . Maybe I just needed to yak lol . I also would like to say that I am glad that I have met up with you . And have appreciated any advice or reading that you have given me in my previous requests . I Thank you for that !:O)

    Well , this is starting to look like I am writing a book , so I will end her for now . I hope you had a great day today and a great week to come .

    Take care of Yourself and God Bless You .

    Doves ^A^

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