Is Nan right?? The Captain or other readers

  • I'm glad you have so much faith in them Stoneyeye!! Why don' t you get them to tell you how YOU feel and what YOUR truth is. Neece simply disagrees with them.

    Neece.....I felt the same way and got much flack. It's OK. If you disagree with the "Reading" that is your right. I personally felt the same way and don't think their track record on here is very good.

    It was nice for them to take their time....but we have a right to say whether it rang true for us or not.

  • How natural and telling that the two of you would find each other here.

  • It was calling my deceased Nan who was a Mum 2 me a liar that raised my shackles.

    She was a Christian woman who never lied in her life and I can't see her lying now she's on the side.

    I'd rather believe her than the ego driven maniacs on here.

    Btw the person who said Chris and I don't look good together.BITE ME!!!!!!!

    Btw soulshock was the same reader as you funny enough.

  • Your going to get answers like stonyeye who crawls up the butts and others who don't like being called wrong.

    Straw broke the camel's back is dissing my Nan NO FUCKING WAY. u do that EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Stoneyeye goes where there is action and likes to stick her nose in the middle of it!! I wonder what She would do if they called her crazy and insulted her!! She just likes to keep the fire going!!

  • She's picked the wrong fight with the wrong person.

    Calling my deceased Nan a liar NO WAY bring that shit right on the fucking liars.

  • Hi Neece,

    I just wanted to send a reply with my thoughts that will hopefully help you.

    You wanted to know about what your Nan told your Mum. The Captain said "PS I feel your mum's dream was not really from your Nan but prompted by her fears for you. She was reaching out to her mum for help".

    She really isn't calling your Nan a liar AT ALL. She's saying that your Nan didn't really speak to your Mum in her dream. This dream of your Mum's was caused by her worry for your future, and wasn't a visit or guidance from your Nan.

    I hope you don't take my post the wrong way, I'm just trying to stop any unnecessary hurt and anger that you may be feeling.

  • This dream of your mums was caused by her worry for your future......

    Ineedtomeditate....are you psychic too? Didn't know if you were just quoting them or backing up what they said. It sounds silly to me that a anyone would know over the computer and through different parties....what someone else was thinking in their dreams. LOL!!!

  • I'm not psychic, I didn't mean to give that impression. I was trying to explain that The Captain was not calling Neece's Nan a liar.

  • How natural and telling that the two of you would find each other here.

    lol stony exactly what I was thinking!

    Soulshock I tried to defend you on your post. I see now that you did not deserve it.

  • Karmacoma......Say what you mean...... and mean what you say!!!

    BTW......Just read another "Reading" where Reindeerdoe asked about her Boyfriend who had recently walked away from their Relationship. The Captain told her he went back to his Wife and Kids even though Reindeerdoe KNEW he wasn't Married.... nor did he have Kids!!!

    Take these "Readings" with a grain of Salt. I disagreed with mine because nothing rang true in my reading. Of course I get jumped all over for it and end up having to defend myself from Ladies like Karma up there.....who have no clue about me and just judge others.

  • hi soul shock please give that guy a call reach out and find out what do you have to lose just do it and let us know how it goes

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