Is Nan right?? The Captain or other readers

  • My deceased grandmother told my mother in her dreams that I will marry my good friend Chris cause Mum is worried I'll be single forever.

    I love Chris very much and he is attracted to me but our situation at the minute is complicated.

    Nan and my guide told me I'll see Chris in March as Chris was away 4 awhile and other stuff.

    I haven't been told where though,situation or anything but I do have dreams about us having lunch.

    So I just want 2 know if Nan is right which I don't want 2 doubt but it seems 2 good 2 be true.

    My birth date is 15/05/1974 Liverpool Australia.Currently living in Macquarie Fields Australia.

    His birthdate: 25/01/1974.He lives in Leumeah Australia.

    Have provided pics for help.

    The 1 of me.It was a hot day and I stupidly wore black so I was hot and

    I'm under the shade to keep cool.

  • So I just want 2 know if Nan is right which I don't want 2 doubt but it seems 2 good 2 be true: No.

    My birth date is 15/05/1974 Liverpool Australia: This signifies creativity or indecision in affection that can manifest in different ways. This could indicate having two or more love interests at the same time or simply that you are unsure of where to place your affections. This indecision can lead to either more fun or worry and fear, depending upon how you handle it. This influence usually occurs at a time when you are wanting to learn about love through experimentation and variety. Its presence usually means that you will not be making any hard and fast relationship commitments until later.

    On a positive note, this is about self expression and its presence can indicate that you are talking more, expressing your feelings, and meeting new people.

    Come to you, for easy is your yoke and your ladyship is gentle.

  • Sorry, I feel Chris' love interest lies with someone else but he looks to you as a good friend for support. He is very confused about his life at present and values your help. I see you with a tall blond man this year - being very comfortable with each other and easy.

  • PS I feel your mum's dream was not really from your Nan but prompted by her fears for you. She was reaching out to her mum for help.

  • hello

    the captain is right on again chris is not your man your man is very tall bit of a beer belly and over 6 ft tall he has thinning strawberry blond hair and I believe he is in the food business he loves to laugh just like you he finds very goofy things funny he is so kind was married one time before you and has an adorable little son from his first marriage he is so lovely and kind tell your mom not to worry you will not be single worry is your mom's middle name so for her she worries for sport so please dont worry about her worry lol enjoy your life as i know that you do blessings

  • This blond guy is no very nice - so jolly and fun. His viibes are so strong just like him. He really is a delight to tune into. I see him clearly - he is just like Twinsoul described. I feel he may have Nordic or Scandinavian ancestry. There is a quite a difference in your height, Neece. I see you at the beach together looking so happy and pleased with yourselves.

  • 'so very nice' I meant. Wish there was an edit button here. 🙂

  • I do like a blonde guy at the moment but he has no kids and is younger than me and lives in another country.He has no beer belly.Far from it.Wonder if it's him.

  • A side note the guy I like is Swedish.But cause of his profession i'm at arms length at the moment.

    Disappointed on Chris though cause I feel so strong 4 him even when I'm not near him.

    I love Chris so very much.

  • oh and the Swedish guy is 6'4 and kinda famous.

  • twinsoul your describing Chris except the hair.He has light brown hair with blonde in it and again no beer belly.But he has been married once,his son is a adorable and he has a daughter 19.

    Chris is in the Navy but loves food.I mean the man can eat.

  • I feel the blond man is an Australian or living out here. He is very blond - not brown-haired.

  • oh ok.

    Umm only know 1 blonde guy but he's not tall and I'm not that interested in him.

    Very immature and a showboat.

  • It's not someone you know yet.

  • Oh ok.

    If anyone can tell me when I'll meet this guy as I'm 36 this year and not getting

  • Hi Captain and friends. I was wondering if anyone sees anything new for my son Jeremy. He is 33 today and still has not met anyone new. He really has not been actively searching but I was hoping when he quit looking someone would come along. I am also hoping he will follow through on his plans to move out soon. Can you guys and gals tell me what you see? You are all so nice. God bless

  • I don't mind u jumping in cathyleee as none of this sounds right 2 me but I hope u get the answers your seeking as I'm not and leaving disappointed.

    I'm an empath and none of my feelings have been recognised for my love for Chris and my deceased Nan who loved and raised me be calling a liar on the other side is disrespectful.

    Good luck cathylee.

  • You have got to be kidding me.

  • Sorry. I haven't had my coffee yet and feeling cranky but seriously Neece. You've had so many loving responses and people even telling you that the man of your dreams is out there and they've described him. You may not want to hear that this Chris is not your soul mate but you asked for a psychic opinion and you've received many f them all telling you the same thing. Would you rather they just lie yo you instead of telling you the truth?

  • Calling my deceased nan is a liar so yeah I'm very upset about that.

    Excuse me if I loved my Nan.

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