Cwb asks blmoon, chris1962, stoneye, plus other readers for insights

  • HI ladies n gents that sees this.

    Im a pisces born march 10 1972 n i have 2 well 3 best friends all male.

    For some years one in particular has been silent n all of the sudden out of the blue he mails me and phones. since have we spoken 3 times on phone. i cant help but feel something is up but not what.

    he is a cancer june 25 1941.

    what i sense myself is he awaits tax season of 2009 to b over n by it all what else is up. here i go blank dead end or more sort of cross roads. what lingers is the what if´s n what was, n what could have been.

    back on the day we hit it off brilliantly n again as he got back in touch. It has left me wonder what is up whats his plans what is the outlook on this man n i?

    Another man libra oct 4 1937 n i hit it off each time we speak on the phone n mail. its deep n i post this today bc i dont wanna ruin it, however everything is what if´s what outlook does he n i have as well .................... i just dont wanna make a huge mistake.

    i hope some of u can shed some light in this. I know ive asked it before n im following the flow, however stuff shows up that makes me yank the chains n go whooaaaaa hold it right there, lets chill n think.

    im bad when i have too much time on my hand, i get like my libra man, overanalysing n headachy lol.

    i know my future is in the US, n i sorta feel whichever guy i land is the one to haul me over. in all its the ancient old questions of what is going on, whats their plans regard me, n when n so on.

    in this lies also the q of job, like a private assistant or ???

    Im nag at times as ive asked this here before, but as mentioend above at times i get notions of new elements to this puzzling puzzle. Im apologizing way ahead bc u may feel aarrhhh NOT again lol

    i hafta ask now because i myself feel out of loop n it may b printed on a few things.

    ladies n gents i NEED ur insights n help., Thank you


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