• It has come to some of ours attention that momma libra will be leaving, as she has mentioned it herself. after much debate between frriends n i have i taken upon me to start this thread as means to get whoever wanna to say goodbye to momma libra they can do so on this here thread. its is by NO means a thread to ask or help in any way. it is a thread to say goodbye to one of our best.

    momma libra i hope u return.


  • Hi there Momma Libra,

    Although we didn't chat an awful lot, I have felt honoured to be in your company on the forum and benefited from your posts.

    Thankyou for keeping us all informed about John for a time, I really appreciated your updates.

    Sending love and best wishes,


  • Libralair, I wish you only the best always!!!!

  • LibrasLair,

    There is much chatter, here and behind the scenes, of the changes taking place on this forum. I find it sad that so many, like you, feel that this is no longer a loving, gentle place.

    I'm very thankful that I met you ( & friends ! ) for you brightened many of my days. I hope while here you found whatever it was that brought you here and I hope you continue to " watch" and come back!

    Big Hug & Best Wishes! I'll miss YOU! ~ Laie

  • LibrasLair, thank you for all your contributions to us in the forum. Wishing you all the best. Love, light and happiness.

  • Good morning Libraslair,

    I will miss you so much hon. You are a very sweet soul. Stay in touch and love and blessings to you.

    xoxoxoxo Cindy

  • Monday, February 8, 2010 8:20 PST


    Wow maybe it was a good thing my computer got that virus and was down for a while. This used to be an open forum last year and now it's gotten very territorial. Just like cats to mark their territory so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Even the Admin will tell you that. Amazing. I guess I will find a new place to go to and learn and help others cause this forum has sure changed in the year I have been on it. Wow

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  • This is funny! This is what I said. Now I must have made someone pretty happy so they thought they would give me a Bon Voyage party. What I said was I would probably have to go some place else to learn and help others. Seems like there is a message here. Cause I am tired of the same people asking the same questions and never realizing that your not going to get what you want out of life until you change. How's that working for ya? You just keep on going to the next guy. It sounds like a broken record. I do watch and read. I have other things that I have been doing like working on opening up more myself and in order to do that I have to be away from chaos. So I stay off for my own benefit. But sorry if I gave some the wrong idea you will from me when I think it's getting out of hand.

  • for what its worth Iv been on the forum for about six months...Many people have helped me, and thats not an exageration. however. I agree with you Momma, I have seen the change too, first hand. Heres to hoping that it changes back again!

  • No no no momma libra not a bon voyage of happyness. A respect on ur choises. a support behind ur descision. n to show u how much people care despite all syuck in rut record stuck ladiyah stuff.

    im not happy u leave BUT as ive said before, im behind ur choise n is supportive of this.


  • I have not really had the opportunity to meet with you on any forum.. This place is a safe haven for me. But I understand that you need to move on. Maybe someday i will. Goodbye and wish you well.

  • This is really funny I still don't see that I said I was leaving. Too Too funny. Did say might have to go some place else to learn and help others. Cause it's pretty clear it is hard to do on here like it used to be. I saved many links that you don't hear about everyday and that hasn't happened in a very long time. Or I am not drawn to the sites where they are putting them for us to find. Months ago you would find them and now it's just a lot of self-centered and egotistic opinions so I am now throwing mine in. Not self-centeredness or ego put an opinion.

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  • Ahhhhhh, got it ! Thank you, LibrasLair ! (((( Hugs)))

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  • I want to say thank you LibrasLair because you did help me a lot. I made it through the holidays

    because of the people on this forum. I hope you will still be around and not really go away.

    Love Turts

  • Hi LibrasLair,

    It would be really great if we all could help the forum. I get good feelings from being in here, also met a bunch of great people, but you have been here longer, and must see something happening I don't. The Forum needs people like you to keep it on the right track and help sustain what made it a great place to begin with. Please reconsider being here and not someplace else, for a while anyway. Obvious many folks in here will miss the energy and light that you generate in here.

    Me especially.


  • Thanks much to you all but there is definatley a change since even Nov. of last year. Big difference. But I have seen many come and go. For one reason or another.

  • Libralair,Whatever you decide, I wish only the best,I am with you 100%

    hav noticed change , until next time

    blessings of love and light

  • Often when things are in the process of change, it may seem like negativity or the less attractive aspects of our character's become apparent; like when you shake a rug and all the dirt comes out!

    Not to say anyone's dirt of course:-)

    This signals time to move on to some, for they must to preserve their own light and joy; for others it signals a time to reflect on what they're personally bringing to the table.

    And then others feel compelled to hold light, even at personal expense.

    In any case, it's just like birthing pains and how ever we each respond is appropriate for us individually and collectively.

    It's no mistake we have been connected for a moment in time; the synergy of our personalities, experiences, insights and level of personnal growth all contributing to the flow and flavour of the forum - it may appear stagnant at times or perhaps in a bit of a slump, however that's true of most things, temporarily.

    There's no right or wrong, only choice.

    Wishing everyone joy and happiness on their own personal journey, and also thankyou to all for sharing time on the forum together, for however long that may be,


  • Witchwoman I agree with you.btw you write really well are you a writer:)?

    Libraslair,all of us are not on the same spiritual level.Some of us have a long way to go before we learn our lessons.At least for a moment in time, as witchwoman says we we all have been connected.Everyone will learn or gain in different ways,maybe even stuck records though it could take longer!

    I have really liked meeting you briefly on various threads and am glad you are not really leaving here!Your exasperation is understandable but I think theres still space for all on this forum.So I hope you stay on and spread more awareness.

    Love and Light

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