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  • The Captain,

    You did a compatibility analysis on me and a very dear male friend but I was typing so fast, I got the year of his birth wrong. Is there anyway, I can have you do another reading for me and this time, help me figure out whether I should swim away from the crab and try to work things out with my scorpion? Or should I hold steady with my Cancer and see where it goes from here... Any insight or advice would be great:

    My dob: 02/27/81

    Crab's dob: 06/25/79

    Scorpion's dob: 10/25/73

    I am in such turmoil over this because I have children with my Scorpio but he has a vicious sting. My Cancer is my best friend but is currently involved, as well. He says he is happy with his s/o but still feels a strong connection to me. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this very complicated situation, as I have read your posts and find you to be quite spot-on according to the other posters. Thank you very much from one very confused little fishy!!!

  • If your Cancer says he is content with his s/o you shouldnt meddle with that. Bad karmic backlash! since you are already romantically attracted to the cancer I think you should try to stay away from him. If you are meant to be with him that will happen anyway. Also the scorp may be such a sting because they are very jealous, and he probably dosnt approve of your "friendship" with the crab. : ) Good Luck

  • KarmaComa: Thanks for your reply. I am not trying to meddle with the crab's union; there is something between us that I can't understand the draw. We have this intense friendship that lets us see things in each other that not even our s/o's see. I am just confused as to where my heart truly lies. My Scorpio and I have a long tumultuous history but I am not sure that our bond is as strong as it should be. My friend, the Cancer, and I have a strong bond as well; it's a pull to one another that goes beyond sexual. I just am searching for some understanding to my questions.

    And yes, you are correct. My scorp doesn't like the friendship with the cancer, even though it started before I ever met the scorpio.

  • Dear Captain, I need advice from the book you mentioned you had. My birth date is 21 October, 1964. Thank you.

  • Crystal0227, this is one of the easiest and most compatible of relationships. You and your Cancer share a lot of common interests and appreciation for food, sex, and comfort. You are both private, sometimes flaky, individuals who will both appreciate keeping your relationship relaxed and breezy. You two prefer just to have a good time and may back off if the relationship gets too emotionally heavy or demanding. If you hit hard times together, you will both be thrown into a spin and may be unable to handle a stressful situation. Both of you tend to withdraw under stress - you into your head and your friend into actual physical retreat. He can also suffer from self-doubt, negativity, and thin skin. So this relationship is good when it's good, but can turn bad if you strike any trouble. Your friend will be disinclined to leave his home or move on from an established domestic situation. He often overindulges in fantasy - especially of the romantic kind, like yourself.

    With your Scorpio - you can feel the need to withdraw from your more intense partner out of fear of a deeper involvement with him. Did you find you had a different image of him originally than he turned out to be? You have a tendency to be a bit too dreamy and often cherish romantic illusions about people. Your partner can withdraw also and be secretive. You may often feel rushed or pushed or overwhelmed by his greater more passionate energy. You are very different temperamentally - you being more heart -oriented and your partner being more head-oriented. The key to success here is to appreciate each other's talents and skills. There can be a lot of warmth and sympathy here. Empathic feelings can be characteristic of the relationship. Domestic tranquillity can be achieved in a long term relationship between you. However your partner must watch his tendency to be hyper-critical as he can easily wound you, being the more fragile.

  • Oliver0317, which book are you referring to? I have many.

  • Omg Captain U Have A Book? Name Some!!

  • None written by me, Sammy - yet. 🙂

    Just other people's words of wisdom I have been drawn to by spirit.

  • Oh I Was Going To Run To The Nearest Book Store Lol

  • Wait for my children's book - then you can run. 🙂

  • What Kind Of Childrens Book?

  • Fiction - fantasy.

  • Niceee ill Pick It Up At The Stores, ill Be Ur Biggest Fan

  • The Captain, I have only one response: WOW! Thank you so much because you are "spot-on" bout both of these very special men in my life. I appreciate your insight and will take what you said under advisement. Things have taken an interesting turn with my Cancer friend, in the past few days. I am content with the knowledge I have learned from him. As for my Scorpio, you are right about him and his tendency to be over-critical. Like I said, he has a vicious sting. Once again, thanks so much for taking the time to doing my reading!

  • You're very welcome!

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