Confused Sag in Need of a Reading

  • Hello. I am new here and have been reading around the boards to familarize myself. So nice to meet everyone!

    If someone could help me out with a reading, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I have been dating a man on off for almost a year now and he has issues. I also have issues ... I want to be very clear about that. I am drawn to Jack (DOB Feb 14, 1974) and have been since the night I met was one of those things. At first, I was enamored with him due to the fact that the first night we were together we bonded spiritually. He has told me more about his past (VERY bad abuse as a child) than he has told most people. He is an alcoholic....which I wasn't aware of at the time. But since we have met, I feel we telepathically communicate (or am I just CRAZY?) As of yet, I have not been brave enough to bring it up in conversation, I want him to. I have spent money on a few readings and have gotten different answers about our relationship. Is the movie Titanic of any signifigance here? Can anyone help because I am confused and I don't even think I love him. Or am I just guarding my heart?

    My name is Michele and my DOB is Nov 25, 1974.

    Thank you ever so much!

  • i am not a tarot reader but maybe i can help a little, i have seen the movie the titanic a beautiful love story that ended in tragedy, but she lived to tell the tale, you must know if you love this male, maybe his problems are too much for you too handle as you have your own, maybe with the troubles that you face with opening up to this male are stopping you from enjoying this more, being that he is an alcholic would not be easy as their mind isnt where it would be in normality and if their is any damage you would be confused with him and so forth, you obiviously are soulmates as you say telepathically you feel you both can communicate and that is special, i feel that this is complex situation and the more readings you have the more confusing it could become for you, try taking a step back and look at where this is going, ask yourself do i want a relationship with an alcholic, do i love him enough to be patient enough to ride the waves, am i important here to, of course you are, take a step back, slow down and look at yourself first, as if you have problems he is not going to be able to assist you, he will hit the bottle, he also has chidlhood abuse, and that is so sad,you maybe very good for him but is he going to be very good for you, have a good think about what you really want in a man and dont be afraid to be on your own as whilst you are on your own you are learning more about yourself, you are so important in your life number1 person,conside what if you become with child, would this make a difference or just add to the problem, be his freind be careful and think of your future, its your decision in the end, i hope it all works out for you someway and if i am off track here please accept my apologie, you gotto be able to ride the rough times, and ride with love in your heart if you dont feel that you can do that leave now before it gets to involved otherwise you could live a life of misery and wish that you had never done it, no-one knows a person very quickly, its the living with them and experiencing their good and bad side and being able to forgive that makes a good relationship on both sides, i wish you well love and peace dott

  • Hi Everyone

    Boy all I keep hearing is how hard a gem man is, and I do agree! I met my guy back in high school we were good friends then lost touch. after 30 yrs we remet and fell in love, there have been sooo many parrallels in our lives that we can't believe we have been apart for this long.

    Unfortunatly he has a roving eye and I do know about it even though he keeps denying that he is also attracted to other women, I know he loves me and wants to stay with me he just likes to do his own thing and not have me interfere (not happening).

    I recntly looked up our asto charts but really don't understand them. Hopefully somebody can tell me what they say about our relationship.

    My chart

    Rising sign Aquarius

    Moon Aguariue

    Venus Libra


    Rising sign Leo

    Moon Cancer

    Venus Aries

    His bd is 5/22/58, mine is 12/04/59. I really do hope someone can help.

    Thanks and have a blessed day


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  • Hi Michelle, my name is Ruth and just like you it is my first time here. As I was reading your story I could not help but feel that you were writing about me and my situation almost as though you had been peeking through that window into my life, confusion and pain. Michael is his name and is dob is 1/19/63 a Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius and my date of birth is 11/28/60 a True Blue Sagittarian and we got together on 11/2/08 and we parted 1/10/10 after an out of this world scenario. He too is an alcoholic/addict (alcohol, sex and drugs and I too was unaware at the time) and he also experienced childhood abuse; we have spent numerous nights, days, weeks and months talking about these issues but to no avail. I am not qualified to help him nor is he and I told him this, I suggested professional help as he mentioned he had been in rehab once some years before I came into the picture, he was in for 3 weeks then he checked himself out and this was prior to his sons wedding...I get that he wanted to be clean and sober for this life changing event for his son; but I also realized his keeping clean and sober was not a life long goal as it was only temporary to save face and be accepted. I too was confused more then not and also questioned whether I loved him or not but worst of all is that I not only thought I was going CRAZY I started to believe I was and that I was so lost and what the heck am I doing, where did my self respect, dignity, self worth and all that good stuff go? DOTTHOREY advised you to step back and I suggest way way back no matter how much caring, affection, understanding, empathy or love you have for Jack, you cannot save him but you can save yourself, his druken state is not one and the same with a sober state. In closing, after I moved out, Michael and I still communicated, it was as though we were starting over, just like in the beginning, that wonderful nice guy I met that swept me off my feet, romantic, kind, generous with his time, attention, love, dating once again and seeing all that we had in common once more; on 2/5/10 he invited me to a home cooked meal, he broke out his bourbon, I had a couple of drinks and he had plenty, we were playing yahtzee and watching tv when all of a sudden he brought up our break up and well to keep a really long story short, he turned violent and assaulted me...I was in shock because he had never attacked me physically although he had been verbally abusive (I used to make excuses for his verbal abuse saying to myself that it was because all of his pain and suffering from his past and I made exceptions, because I love him???). I am not saying that what happened to me will happen to you, but you can save yourself and you cannot save him and I truly wish you happiness and true love.


  • ruth am so glad to hear you say what i was attempting to say on a much carefuller note, i have seen the destruction that it causes and the pain and heartache families have been thru, no that all are exactly the same and i am not putting alcoholics down but they are in a different world to reality and its terrible for them and those that love and fall victim to their outbursts of violence and them coming home aggressive nasty and taking it out on their loved ones and anyone else who has gotten in their way, underneath all of this is a person who is totallt different when sober, personality disorder is common with alcoholics and its very sad to see a bright young person fall victim to this, not all alcoholics are dangerous you get happy drunks too, but the money situation is terrible as the grog comes first, and the growing teenagers often follow in the footsteps of the parent or parents, but i will say not all do, its hard to leave a situation if you love the person as you think that one day it will get better but i never does in most cases, your post was really great to read and so well put, i hope that it does help for this lady and any one else reading it, and mine also, many blessing and love to you. dott,

  • Hi Dott, thanks for your validating words. You made a very important point with regards to personality disorder and alcoholism which I will be researching so that I totally understand even more inorder to get some closure. I hope we chat more and until then enjoy your eve and weekend.


  • hi ruth, yes that is good that you are doing that, the web has information on that sort of thing so i guess you can look it up their, my ex mother in law is an alcholic although she went to aa and attended meetings and became a well established person their and assisted others, she was also a closet drinker, so you know its round and round, dementia from drinking is a cruel thing to see the end result is death, i have cared for people with it and its really sad, some are happy in their world but its hard for the famiolies to see it happeneing and they in the end cannot handle it so into care they come,not that they dont have personality quit funny times have been had with these people and some sudden changes in their normality is quite shocking to one who is witnessing it for their first time, i wish you well with all your endevours and i do hope that you get the closer peacefully, thinking of you and goodluck and yes we will chat, just come back to the site where you put this and i will pick up on your message, peace and blessings to you. dott it does kill the brain cells.

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