For The Captain.

  • Hi Captain!, Its me KarmaComa, First let me apologize for butting in on the ring thread. Sorry bout that.

    Iv had help on this site before, So I almost feel guilty about asking for more. But Iv been reading some of your insights and what not, and it just came to me tonight to maybe see if your "guide" might could help me too. My Situation afterall is a constantly evolving one.

    I'll give Names In hopes that it will help. My Sons Father, Ryan. He is a Heroin addict...We have been togethor for 3 years, My son is 10 months old now. Ryan's situation has really plumeted in the last Year. He is homeless he stays in a shelter downtown. He recently went through yet another detox, however its become so hard to believe anything he says to me.

    I have begun Cosmetology school, I hope to one day be a makeup artist!

    Anyway though, despite the circumstances that we are faced with I still Love Ryan...I want nothing more than for him to be a part of Our sons life, and mine. But I wont have him the way that he is.

    He is my hearts desire.

    I feel myself "leaving" him and it makes me cry. I do love him, I know he loves me. so my question I guess is "what do you see for Ryan and for me, and our little family, will he get better one day, will we be togethor when and if he does"?

    Thanks in advance if you do get anything, I really appreciate it.

    I hope it's good news! lol but Im not afraid to hear it if its bad. Iv been told that he is my soul mate, and that we have been togethor in our past lifes...I believe this.

    I love the boy ( I say boy, he just turned 28). Withinin moments of our first meeting we were in each others arms, it was very bizzare and one of the most unforgetable experiences of my life.

    ...He is the father of our beautiful son... I dont want to lose him. But I Fear that Heroin, and Alchol wont give me a choice.

    My date of birth is 12/05/85 Libra Rising ( almost scorpio)

    Ryan's 02/01/82 Taurus Rising

    Dean, Our son 04/22/09 Leo Rising

    Thanks again I look forward to talking to you if you can.


  • The picture of me is about three years old. I hope that dosnt matter

  • Okay well hers both us it's also about three years old...I dont even know if these help but any way. : - )

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  • well I guess iv been rejected, Thank you anyway for the other "things" that youve done for me an all.

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