Anyone care to divine?

  • Hello, I'm new here. If anyone is feeling it, I'd like a reading. I'm usually quite reserved on public forums, but I'll try to answer any questions or provide feedback. For those who are astrologists - my birth info is 5.15.76 at 11:03am in 40°56′29″N 73°51′52″W.

    Thanks 🙂

  • From your astrological profile, you require privacy and solitude and you will find yourself quite happy establsihing a private niche in a natural setting somewhere. Staying close to the rhythms of the earth is quite important for you. Enjoying the solitude of the country or the wilderness will be very beneficial. You have a tendency to become preoccupied with money or material success, even though material security comes quite easily to you in order for you to be free to complete your life mission of self-knowledge. If you can control your restlessness and embark on the adventure of self-discovery, you are sure to find the freedom and sense of personal liberation you seek. What is best for you, with your naturally helpful nature, is to find a life activity that can absorb you totally - a social involvement ot cause. It be be beneficial for you to stop and ask yourself this question often -"What is the true value of this?"

    You don't jump into finding a life partner lightly. You do not trust easily and know enough about yourself to be careful when contemplating a relationship. This is often a lonely life path to walk which is why having an absorbing interest or career is so vital. Humour is your saving grace because you can be rather serious by nature. You usually prefer to spend time with light-hearted individuals. However these types can seduce you away from the important work you need to do. Cultivating friends who are more sensitive, spiritual, or involved in psychology will help you in your understanding of your self and will be better for you in the long run than your more fun-loving or superficial friends.

  • Thank you for taking the time to review my chart Captain. A lot of that was pretty accurate and pretty much what I've read in online interpretations of my chart. Thankfully, I'm at a point in my life where I've moved past a lot of the personal challenges described and a lot of that came from accepting who I am and what I need in life. The only thing I don't think I'll ever get past is worrying about finances! No matter how often I'm blessed by the universe, I always fear there won't be enough!

    One thing I am concerned about is my career, particularly finding a new job. I work with children (I know that being surrounded by children is also indicated in my chart), but I'm trying to find a position closer to home. It's been a frustrating process and I'm wondering if anyone has any insight.

  • MmeOak said "No matter how often I'm blessed by the universe, I always fear there won't be enough!"

    This sort of belief might be traceable back to your childhood. How did the head of the household provide for you? Often when a parent fails to look after a child properly, they can develop a belief that no one - not even the Universe/God - is going to look after them. But you must learn not to identify a weak human being such as your parent with the all-powerful Universe/God.

  • As to your career, if you have experience with children, perhaps you could run your own child-minding business from home?

  • My parents definitely looked after me properly, it's just that I'm very independent and had to make do with very little when I first left the nest - so I know how much that sucks. It's a personality trait more than anything else though, I'm often a worrisome piglet type 😉

    If I can't find a job nearby, I'm on my way to the position where I could one day do my own thing. Problem is it would take a few years. Not necessarily child-minding (eee-gads!), but certainly my own little venture.

  • Ah yes, sometimes when we are well protected at home, it can be scary to have to look after ourselves. But I feel you are well able to do that. Be careful you don't become so independent that you no longer think you need someone to lean on for support from time to time.

    I am feeling you and a friend starting up a business - make sure you don't try to do everything yourself and let others help you.

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