Help! lost driver liscence

  • Well here is a challenge- not anything life changing, but certainly helpful- Last night I misplaced my drivers liscence, ID and some other cards with it, along with a check.

    Where is it? HAAALLLLPP! I've looked everywhere. I am certain it is in the house.

    Asked with greatest respect (and hopefulness) I've checked clothing, the place was sitting, etc. Got any idea?

    thank you

  • check outside am being show the grass, do you have a grassey area where you live, it will turn up also check the rubbish i guess you already have, i could not find my sunglasses one morning my daughter and myself were running around every where looking, i said oh well they are somewhere, my daughter looked up and said oh you wally they are on your head, you have either dropped it with the cheque some where, or its in a place that you have gone to and not remebered in the home, look around outside or where there is something green, hope this helps, and you got a bit of a laugh at my silliesness, goodluck

  • no luck yet dot, dd's glasses also have gone missing. I have looked everywhere I can think of, still no luck. Have looked in every green spot in the house.

    I dread replacing all that stuff, and THEN finding it! (it's happened before) whenever things get super hectic (this year is a lulu) stupid stuff like this happens.

  • try ther car and go back to the place outside of the home, i still get green, all else fails let go of it for a bit and see if it comes to you, yourve put it somewhere, relax and retrace your steps, i know its frustrating, if all else fails try the local police station, my daughter lost her wallet it was on the tram tracks in ballarat victoria, some very honest person handed it in to the police their and she went and picked it up, it will be in the most oddest of places. goodluck and sorry i was not able to assit you.

  • have you found your drivers licence yet and the other articles that are missing, what about plants around the home, the fridge on top bathroom toilet have you dropped them down quickly when picking up something else, just interested to know if you found them yet, best of luck dott

  • dot thanks for your thoughtful inquiry.

    I found dd's glasses (misplaced separately by her)

    No, no drivers lisence yet or the other cards. I went through the trash twice (gaaack!) not on back on toilet, nor around plants. Yes, I believe I had them in my hand while doing something (on the way to put them in their normal place) and put them down while distracted.

    I searched the car over and over. There's no grass here, it's all snow. I've looked in all green places, where there's green laundry (duvet cover) in the clothes hamper, in the pile of clean laundry. Haven't yet looked in crowded hallway closet. Maybe, maybe, I put there. Dont think so.

    This a.m., if I cant find the drivers liscence, I will go get a new one. I hate to; but this day starts a week long school vacation, and since I am the 'chauffer' and generally 'activities director' I cant be without one while driving, or it would be an expensive ticket to pay.

    I just replaced my ID recently, and have already lost my debit card once this year. I will continue searching for these cards, if I didn't have to drive, I'd continue looking for the lisence too.

    Ironically, I found the old d.l. (expired) and the old debit card (expired).

    I dont know what time it is where you are, but have a good one! I'll let you know!

  • Have you tried the prayer to St. Anthony.

    St. Anthony, St Anthony, please come around, something is lost and needs to be found.

    It has worked numerous times for me,

    Good Luck

  • Leo girl, I will try it now!

  • yes that prayer does work i forgot about that good one leogirl , and luckymermaid i do hope you find this as its such a bother to go and get another, i bet they have slipped down somewhere, theyll be there, lets know if you do find them goodluck and st anthony will be sure to find them, youll probably go straight to the spot,

  • I found them! I found them!

    They were in the first place I looked, and came back to over and over. It is an outdoors work coat with lots of pockets and hidden zipped pockets . . . .. . . . . If it mean s anything, Dot, it was hanging next to a green hunting coat . . . . . . . . .

    I cant believe I missed them! I looked thru all those pockets (I thought)

    Thank you all for your concern! And suggestions!


  • well welll well how about that, so glad you found them, yes i kept on getting something green, so pleased you did find them phew now you can do what you are doing with out the worry, youll have to tie that drivers licence to your neck lol just so happy and am smiling, ill be darned dott YAHOO YAY.

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