Ibis Tarot Card Interpretations, any takers?






    6TH CARD ~ The Gate Of The Sanctuary

    7TH CARD ~ The Magician

    Right after my break up with the person I love, I had a reading done. These were the Cards that appeared in my reading. The description I received with the cards were simple.

    Anyone here who practices Ibis Tarot and willing to explain the cards to me regarding my love situation? Would appreciate it very much.

    Thanks all in advance.

  • Hello,

    I don't use the same deck, but please give me your name and your date birth and I will make a reading for you with my own cards, regarding your love life. Please make a question about your problem. It will be more easier for me to answer it.



  • Hi Virgitp

    Thanks for replying and offering to read for me.

    My birthdate - Dec 11, 1976

    His birthdate - May 06,1976

    Questions :

    We broke up a few months ago and stay friends since.

    I want to know how he feels about me because I know he is the one.

    Is there a possibility that we will get back together again?

    Whats the outlook of my love life for this year and maybe next year too?

    Thank you so much!

  • Hi,

    First of all, please excuse my English.

    The reason that you broke up is that one of you has cheated.

    You still love him because inside of your soul you believe that he could be your half.You really want him to be your husband and have a happy family.The relation between you and him has suffered a big transformation. If it was love, it isn't anymore, at least from his side. You should not see him anymore because you are confuse now and you don't know what to think about your relationship.Maybe you dream and think about him and that's why you still love him, because you don't want to' let him go'. Your relationship didn't work out because you or him pay atention to other things than your relationship. Of course, boredom is another cause of your

    break up.Both of you are stubborn and it is difficult to have a balanced life. You need to find a flexible man because you always want to have the last word, or maybe you should be more flexible.I don't think you will be together again.

    Regarding your future love , I have to tell you that this broke up hurt you very much and it will be difficult to heal yourself. You must be patient, don't think about your ex. For sure it will be a hard period for you but depends on you if you want to let him go.

    So in the near future I can't see another love.

    I hope this helps you.

  • Hi virgitp,

    Thank you for replying and for the reading.

    Cheated, not sure which one of us did because we both were / are not in love with anyone else for several years now.

    As for paying attention to other things, you are right, he focus all his attention on his work and that was making me mad at him back then, till we broke up. That was my mistake. We are both very stubborn, no doubt about it and I do see my shortcomings now, I need to be more flexible and not wanting things to go my way all the time.

    I appreciate this reading very much. It really gives me the answers I have been contemplating on so far.

    I do have another question though, if you don't mind.

    Am I behaving or stuck in this cycle because of this person (male) , birthdate Nov 09, 1971. He was part of my life for a long time. I wonder if the life I am leading now has got to do with him and my relationship with him before? What steps can I take?

    Thank you so much in helping me sorting out the mess I have made in my life.

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