Hi! I'm new; can you help me interpret this reading?

  • I just met this guy online (think of me what you will!) and we've really hit it off. So I asked the cards, "Is he ready for a relationship with me?" and these are the cards that I pulled:

    1. What is the relationship in general?

    The Chariot: Full of energy. Things are moving quickly; that the goals are in focus and they need to be gone after. Control is needed. Perhaps a desire to move in a different direction then originally thought.

    2. How does he feel about me?

    Queen of Wands: He sees me as passionate, full of fire and energy. I’m confident. He thinks I’m attractive (?) and warm. I’m upbeat and cheerful.

    3. What type of relationship does he want to have with me?

    6 of Wands: A victorious one? Perhaps he’s been looking for just the right type of relationship and he may have found it with me (I know, how egotistical of me!) Whatever he’s hoping to gain, he will get it.

    4. Why hasn't he started a relationship with me yet?

    The Devil: Because this is tied to lust and passion, I’m thinking he needs to rein in those desires. Perhaps he is obsessed with something that he’s trying to control right now. He need to balance out things in his life.

    5. According to him, what would be the perfect situation to have a relationship with me?

    The Fool: This is an important fresh start. He’s not sure where he’s going or what he’s doing, but he’s excited nonetheless. Of course, he may be so focused on what could be that he’s not seeing what is. However, it’s definitely a new, exciting time.

    6. What is he doing in order to prepare for a relationship with me?

    Queen of Swords: He’s being honest with himself about what he wants. He knows how to go after the things he wants. Perhaps he’s trying to define the boundaries of this relationship in his mind.

    7. Until he is ready to enter a relationship with me, how will he continue to treat me?

    Page of Swords: He’s going to continue to give me my space. Another meaning shows it as a choice, so maybe he’s trying to decide which way to take things. He’ll continue to treat me the same way until he decides.

    8. What advice should I be given concerning him?

    The Hierophant: Continue to be trustworthy, patient. Explain the rules and boundaries and abide by them. Act like a woman in a traditional relationship.

    9. What can I expect this week from him based on his intentions/possible actions concerning me?

    The High Priestess: I should expect him to continue to hang out in the background. He feels the connection between us, but he just hasn’t acknowledged it yet.

    I used the RWS deck. Any insight is appreciated 🙂

  • wow thats a lot of questions. are you doing them all single card reading style? I think we need to focus on you. you are feeling panicy about this guy right? breathe! its exciting yes? liking somebody and wondering what there next move is?

    numbers 1 and 2 are good.

    caution 3 could be out of text. ask about the motive? what is there nature? internal or external(wink) bery important that you understant victory means many things and sometimes it means that somebody is also loosing( perhaps another prospect)also number 3 is more comlicated then a 1card spreas, i would do a 3 card on that to see where hes recently been relationship wise and wear he is in his heart and where he is ready to go.

    number4. where did you get that interpretation of the devil card? you need to read more on what the devil means. also its not fair to ask WHY he isnt doing something, maybe there is something alse that you could be dong?

    number 5 the fool. maybe since he is unsure of what he wants with you( or maybe your have not made it clear about what you want from him) is the true answer to number 4. the devil plus the foool can be a recipe for a rocky start. unharnessed carnal energyis yiles! raw at best. he like you, physically and mentally, but as of now thats all he know. give it time, give him time to get to know you.

    7 is good would you want it any other way?

    number 8 who is the subject of the question? him or you? just because the card is female doesnt mean it represents a female. men can have these qualtities. and dont act like anything, beeeeeee yourself!!!!! the heirophant is more of his ideals. for himself not for you. you stick to your own ideals and values and just let it all play out.

    9 high priestess: he is looking for the right advice to seek out his next move: be it a sign, a comment at the breakfast table with his mother that evokes the though of you. the priestess represents seeking of knowledge, be patient and be yourself, he will take sometime to figure out what he needs to get over to you. ohh. exciting isnt it?

  • i would suggest, a "situation" spread. as one question, tarot is very trickey when asking the question: celtic interps. the situation at hand, your case a online introduced relation. it will then give u guidance and divine clarity on the foundation of the situation and past present influences.

    try saying: tarot, please can you give me divine guidance regarding a possible heartmate i encountered on the internet, please give me the forces and manifestations affesting the situation, please give me divine guidance and divine clarity in the reading."

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