How to communicate with him?

  • How do I communicate with this man? I know he's been repeatedly hurt by the women in his life and he shuts down with me everytime we start to get close. Then, whenever I ask him to talk to me, he disappears. Poof! ...But he always comes back.

    (If the attached is blurry, here's the particulars. Not 100% positive about birth time, but pretty sure he has Libra rising)


    born on 16 Nov 1980 local time 4:20 am

    in Irving, TX (US) U.T. 10:20

    96w57, 32n49 sid. time 07:34:46

    Planetary positionsplanet sign degree motion

    Sun Scorpio 24°13'31 in house 2 direct

    Moon Pisces 4°00'09 in house 5 direct

    Mercury Scorpio 5°19'55 in house 1 direct

    Venus Libra 20°37'30 in house 1 direct

    Mars Sagittarius 25°44'49 in house 3 direct

    Jupiter Libra 3°42'06 in house 12 direct

    Saturn Libra 6°27'16 in house 12 direct

    Uranus Scorpio 25°45'33 in house 2 direct

    Neptune Sagittarius 21°22'13 in house 3 direct

    Pluto Libra 22°56'44 in house 1 direct

    True Node Leo 14°36'42 in house 10 retrograde

    House positions (Placidus)Ascendant Libra 20°07'22

    2nd House Scorpio 18°25'16

    3rd House Sagittarius 19°19'42

    Imum Coeli Capricorn 21°55'45

    5th House Aquarius 24°20'13

    6th House Pisces 24°12'24

    Descendant Aries 20°07'22

    8th House Taurus 18°25'16

    9th House Gemini 19°19'42

    Medium Coeli Cancer 21°55'45

    11th House Leo 24°20'13

    12th House Virgo 24°12'24

    Major aspectsSun Conjunction Uranus 1°32

    Moon Trine Mercury 1°20

    Moon Quincunx Jupiter 0°18

    Moon Quincunx Saturn 2°27

    Venus Sextile Mars 5°07

    Venus Sextile Neptune 0°45

    Venus Conjunction Pluto 2°19

    Venus Conjunction Ascendant 0°30

    Mars Conjunction Neptune 4°23

    Mars Sextile Pluto 2°48

    Mars Sextile Ascendant 5°37

    Jupiter Conjunction Saturn 2°45

    Neptune Sextile Pluto 1°35

    Neptune Sextile Ascendant 1°15

    Pluto Conjunction Ascendant 2°49

    Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

  • S.H.I.T.

  • Sorry, I meant D.A.M.N.

  • I can't leave you with this but gotta know your sign.

  • Oh my. What does that mean?

    I'm a capricorn.

    born on 2 Jan 1969 local time 7:28 pm

    in Dunkirk, NY (US) U.T. 00+28

    79w20, 42n29 sid. time 02:00:30

    Planetary positionsplanet sign degree motion

    Sun Capricorn 12°27'38 end of house 5 direct

    Moon Cancer 4°15'53 in house 11 direct

    Mercury Capricorn 27°42'07 in house 6 direct

    Venus Aquarius 27°56'58 in house 7 direct

    Mars Scorpio 2°19'43 in house 4 direct

    Jupiter Libra 5°34'19 in house 3 direct

    Saturn Aries 18°50'27 in house 9 direct

    Uranus Libra 3°59'43 in house 3 stationary (R)

    Neptune Scorpio 27°50'13 in house 4 direct

    Pluto Virgo 25°05'58 in house 2 retrograde

    True Node Aries 4°08'33 in house 9 retrograde

    Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

    House positions (Placidus)Ascendant Leo 13°38'26

    2nd House Virgo 4°23'14

    3rd House Libra 0°07'14

    Imum Coeli Scorpio 2°18'47

    5th House Sagittarius 8°59'40

    6th House Capricorn 13°57'11

    Descendant Aquarius 13°38'26

    8th House Pisces 4°23'14

    9th House Aries 0°07'14

    Medium Coeli Taurus 2°18'47

    11th House Gemini 8°59'40

    12th House Cancer 13°57'11

  • Maybe disreagrd. I don't have an accurate birth time and if I run the chart with noon, I get--

    House positions (Placidus)Ascendant Aquarius 3°36'34

    2nd House Pisces 15°21'06

    3rd House Aries 22°36'53

    Imum Coeli Taurus 21°25'57

    5th House Gemini 15°05'19

    6th House Cancer 7°37'22

    Descendant Leo 3°36'34

    8th House Virgo 15°21'06

    9th House Libra 22°36'53

    Medium Coeli Scorpio 21°25'57

    11th House Sagittarius 15°05'19

    12th House Capricorn 7°37'22

  • birth time is for rising.

    if you don't have an accurate one then might as well don't put any in.

    He is a Scorp with sun in house Cancer. adding to his intense emotions and intuitiveness, parental nature. he knows you like him and being hurt before, he may have taken these steps to show he is not interested, or he is interested, but not ready to go further. with moon in pisces, increasing his sensitivity and attachment values, he is devoted but when hurt he becomes bitter or vengeful. small things can aggravate him.

    venus is libra, he is sociable and well liked. he enjoys the company of others, but at times have dificulties placing his priority. being his partner, doesn't mean you will be his priority. you may have to let him divide his time with you and his friends. mars in sagitarius, he enjoys exploring the foreign, the unknown. He has Uranus conjuncts, he is independent and values originality. He likes having many friends and being with them. He is inventive and he hates routine.

    Much of what he shows you and the world, is his rising, it's not who he is inside. To reach him, you need to start as friend. he likes being with friends, so instead of going direct, take a detour. befriend his friends, let them take you to his circle of friends, then stay there for a while until you gain his trust and he will open up. you will then become one of his closest friends, and easier to get closer. he has enhanced intuitiveness, he knows you like him. taking a detour won't hide your intention from him, but it will show him that you are willing to take the time and effort to know him better. In fact, he will use this time to know you better himself.

    If you are already close enough to him, stimulate his interest with books, videos, movies or activities involving foreign cultures, life/death, rebirth, occult, metaphysical etc take your friends, so he doesn't feel like it's a date and makes him feel more comfortable among friends. be careful with your jokes or phrases, he is sensitive and may sting you back even if you don't mean it or you don't feel like it's hurtful.

    I hope this helps. That's all I can see. Someone else might be able to help you with more info.

  • Thank you. I've actually known him for years (we work together). He came after me, but then every time we start to get close, he disappears. Then, he just casually keeps in touch with me (says he's not ignoring me, etc.). I told him I thought he wasn't interested in me anymore, and he told me that's not true, but he's pretty much uncommunicative, which drives me crazy.

    Yeah, he's super sensitive -- he gets ticked about the smallest thing and then gets passive aggressive and shuts down.

    He only has one friend and I have no access to the guy.

    I'm just going to totally leave him alone and see how he acts. I don't know what else to do. (Well, break up with him, but I can't even get 5 minutes face time to do that). I think he's afraid of me for some reason (he told me he always liked me, so that's more than 5 years. Maybe I intimidate him. I'm older and he describes me as sophisticated. I don't know. I'm totally confused but don't want to hurt him.)

  • OK I wish you the best. Maybe a Scorp man can say something here. They would know more about their own at least in general. I didn't know it's been going on 5 yrs.

  • (We haven't been dating five years; we've worked together for five years. We just started dating.)

  • OK. so you haven't got 'close' and he has one friend you don't have access to.

    from his chart, I don't see another way to get to him without through his friends. he still needs to get over his hurt and build his trust back up with women in general, from there he will build confidence to build a new relationship with a particular woman. It seems to me he is still in 'getting over hurt and build trust' stage, so he is taking you in, then push you out, over and over again, because he is interested but not ready.

    maybe a Scorp man can help you, or a clairvoyant on here.

  • Okay, thanks. I also know from another astrologer that this guy is super-sensitive and I need to be gentle with what I say; and that he takes forever to process information (unlike me! ☺).

  • yeah, so my reading is confirmed in some way

    hope for the best

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