Bad Luck

  • I've been having REALLY bad luck as of late to the point I've had to change my name on here and other stuff.

    Just wondering when it will all end cause I'm feeling so down about it all.

    My birth date: 15/05/1974 9.50am Liverpool Australia.Currently living in Macquarie Fields Australia.

    I've included a pic 4 extra help if needed.

  • as i said before you seem not sure about something, very reserved, and not very happy, something you cannot say perhaps or are afraid to speak up about, you are sad, forgive me if i am wrong but i also detect that you are having a hard time, someone is giving you a hard time, is it you or another person, fear comes to mind, all i can tell you is let go of fear, it wrecks every thing we would really like for ourselves, stick up for yourself and move on with your life, you are worried about something, whatever it is it will come to a head and you must be strong and be positive, you have nothing to fear except fear itself, and you are tired, things have a way of working out in the most oddest ways, trust yourself and go with your gut feeling, i hope that some of this helps, but when i first saw your photo the other night i was picking upsomethings wrong , i know someone will assist you so hang in their, you have much love in your heart and are a really nice lady, best wishes to you love and peace dott

  • Neece, nothing lasts for ever good or bad, surround yourself with White Light Menatally.

  • I hope it doesn't last forever.

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