Captain, please help me with some insight....

  • I just recently happened to this forum section of I read through quite a few of topics and really feel you may be able to help me! I have two issues I spend alot of time thinking the point it's hard for me to concentrate on the issues I should be. The first is the loss I feel after the death of my father in 2001. I found myself always looking for his love while in was alive.... he had a problem sharing his feelings. He became so very important to me and every opportunity I had to be with him, I was! He died so unexpectedly and at what I considered, a young age.... I was there, we all were there for him until he was gone but, for some reason I still can't let go of him. I often wonder if he surrounds me... he is always in my thoughts. The second issue is with an ex boyfriend. I love this man so very much, but he has many issues. Our relationship has been on/off for eight years... we've broken up - again, but he still feels like we are together...I would have done anything for him but, now it seems like a game I don't want to play any longer. Please... help me with any insight you may have. Thanks for being here to help so many people.....sincerely, jjn

  • Jjn, you are still craving and searching for the love you never got from your father. Your boyfriend never gave you enough either - that is why you broke up. The love you are searching for is inside yourself, not outside which is why no man can ever give you enough. You feel undeserving of love, but once you learn to love yourself, the right man for you will appear. Sort out the past issues that are still bothering you. You never felt good enough to attract your father's love. He is still around you, asking for forgiveness.

    You are still connected to your ex because you are afraid no one else may love you and you may have to go back to him. You don't. A new man will appear that is far more compatible for you as soon as you fall in love with yourself. Sit down right now and write out a list of things you love about yourself. Be good to yourself, buy yourself nice things, and do the things you love. Become your own parent - the loving one you never had.

  • Just a note of "thanks" Captain... your reply makes perfectly good sense. Out of all of the insight you shared with me... knowing my father is still around me is what brings me greatest comfort! Thanks again....jjn

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