Thanks for..

  • Being born & still alive 🙂

    Having mum, bro & sis who are v.supportive

    Knowing teachers who inspire and motivate me to live the moment & enjoy it

    Having a job to pay for rental & food

    Staying in a country which is peaceful

    Having the opportunity to study

    Being able to connect to the rest of the world with the internet 😛

    Having eyes to see, nose to smell, body to touch, ears to listen, mouth to eat, mind to think, heart to feel

    Being with friends who cared

    Having so much to means I still have lots of thing...

    Thanks so much for having me as part of the universe, for all the blessings & lessons to help me grow...

    Each breathe is a gift, ..thanks for this forum which made me become more aware of how lucky I'm sitting here recollecting the miracles that are bestowed upon me

    Cheers 🙂

  • Thankful for my family, boyfriend and friends.

    Thankful that God hasn't abandoned me.

    Thankful that I never take love forgranted.

    Thankful for all the things I have.

    Thankful that after a door closes God opens a window.

  • Thanks for life, opportunities and wisdom to do my best with them

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