Common Misconceptions about Soulmates


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  • Captain,

    I have an experience that i would like to share w/ you and get your opinion on as you seem to know a lot about this kind of thing. Eighteen years ago i met a man and we connected...due to other circumstances we could not have the kind of relationship that we wanted. He was here working and we saw each other every day for five months. I was just starting out on my metaphysical journey and did not have a lot of faith but we were able to read each others thoughts and feelings. Even after he left this continued...i even kept a journal so that i could prove to myself in later years that it all really happened. Over the years i have "seen" various things happen in his life but have gone on my own path, believing that we were over and having two unsuccessful relationships. I have been alone for a year and about six months ago i was at work...standing outside taking pictures...and as i turned to walk inside i felt his energy surrounding me...i don't know if he drove by or what...but i definitely felt it and have felt it everyday since. I know he thinks about me, cares about me, but i think he is afraid. I have contacted him and told him i would like to see him again but have heard nothing back yet. Yesterday as i was thinking about him i remembered something i had seen in his life eight to ten years was a funeral, in a church, with candles burning and his heart and soul were reaching out to me to help him get thru it...i think it might have been his son...he was crying..but i have no proof of that. I think he may have shut down emotionally so as to not feel that kind of pain again. I have tangible proof of a lot of the things i have sensed about him so i believe what i saw about the funeral. I guess my question is...what do you think about all this, how can i help him, and what kind of connection do we have? I really do love him and believe that this following my heart is leading me back to him...i just don't know for what purpose. I am looking foward to hearing what you think about all of this and am glad to have someone to talk to about it. All my friends would think i was crazy if i told them any of this. 🙂

  • MistyMountain, you are the only one who can really tell what kind of connection you two have together. It does sound like a soulmate connection but which kind? I know society leans towards a romantic connection when two people are very close. But I don't think people take enough time to stop and think about their relationship before jumping into intimacy. Many people find out into a marriage that they would have done better to remain friends. A close connection is often mistaken for a sexual or love connection but that is not always the case. Think carefully on what feelings this man arouses in you - you may have sisterly feelings for him or motherly (if you were mother/child in a past life) or just good friends vibes. You may simply be paying back good karma to him if you were enemies in the past. It doesn't mean you have to do anything physically with him, either - your telepathic connection may be enough that you can send him loving supportive thoughts whenever you sense he is feeling bad. It does appear that your connection is meant to be spiritual and mental since you have not been brought together again physically.

  • Captain, I was glad to hear that you think this is a soulmate connection. As for what kind: definitely not motherly or sisterly. We had a physical relationship before and the connection still feels romantic. I have done a small amount of past life work and have seen us together in the past. This is what i saw: him on a bulldozer, me standing beside a very large round flower bed, very, very pregnant and then him lying in the road on a motercycle at a crossroads. I am not making this up. I think that is why we formed such an immediate and intense connection to each other, we have actually been searching for each other in this life. Does that make any sense to you?? Anyways i have been living my life not knowing what was really in my heart until this summer and when i realized that i still loved him after eighteen years of not seeing him it was amazing, incredible and scary. I didn't really know what love was i guess, maybe that is what i had to learn. Even if we are never together again i will always love him. As for our telepathic connection, it is very strong. All summer i kept getting the distinct impression he was spending his weekends on a boat on the water. Why would i even think he had a boat? After some investigative work, guess what, HE OWNS A BOAT!! I have also tried to find out where he is working telepathically and i came up with Grand Island. After researching his company on the internet i found out that they did indeed work in Grand Island this summer. So i don't know what our future holds but i don't think our time together is done...i guess only time will tell. But i do feel like my life has been a big circle to get back to here...or maybe it's to arrive here. Too bad i couldn't have taken the straight path :)...but maybe it's all about the journey. Anyways, thank you for your input and i would love to hear any other insights that you might have. Lots of peace and love to you. MistyMountain

  • MM, you may just be having trouble letting go. What you saw in your past life shows that you may feel your relationship was prematurely ended back then. You may feel you need to have another similar relationship with your friend now but maybe what you need instead is closure? Because it would be a waste of time to repeat exactly lives and lessons that we have already learned.

  • Captain, I am wondering if you mean closure in this life or closure in the past life? Because i thought i had closure on this life eighteen yrs ago. I didn't just wake up one morning and decide i was going to start thinking about someone i hadn't heard from or seen in yrs. I don't know where that energy came from but right now i just wish it would leave. If you mean closure on the past life, i can understand how that my soul might need that...maybe i never gave up. But how do you get closure on a past life???????????????? I'll be grateful for any help you can give on this.

  • MistyMountain said "I didn't just wake up one morning and decide i was going to start thinking about someone i hadn't heard from or seen in yrs." Well, in a way, yes you did. Something in your present life is triggering the need for what you had with this man all those years ago. Do you crave more connection with your loved ones or perhaps a sense of feeling accepted and approved of? Whatever he gave you, you want it back again - not with him but with those in your life now. You must set about getting what you want by communicating your needs to others and working to achieve your dreams.

  • Well Captain...You are right about one thing...I do want back what I had w/ him. I want to thank you for all the thought provoking answers and insights you have given me...certainly something to think about. Peace and love to you and I'll let you know if anything further developes in the situation. MM (and I will work on strengthening my current relationships and following my dreams) 🙂

  • In regard to animal soul mates. I have a friend. She is a lovely poodle with sandy blonde hair. She has been my friend for many years. Oh how many nights this lovely friend has spent with me. What an honor and priviledge to hug her and kiss her and tell her I love her. I miss her so much. She belongs to my ex husband. She is about 13 now. A young 13. What unconditional love she has given me. What patience. No matter what mood I've been in she has always been there for me. She was and has been a teacher for me. The relationship has opened my eyes to the gift we are given to give and receive love from our four legged friends. What a gift.

  • It certainly is a gift, Bellaflor - and many people underestimate this wonderful unconditional love and support we get from our furry brothers and sisters.

  • Yet again Captain you have opened my eyes to a new way of seeing things. I admit to being one of those who thought that we all only had one shot at true love and the one true soulmate.............Now I have a new perspective and it is one which now offers me some HOPE, something sadly missing from my life as of late.

    Many thanks


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