Common Misconceptions about Soulmates

  • Sorry to hurt your EGO by disagreeing with you!! Something I have EVERY RIGHT to do!!!

    If you are seriously need to work on opening up your heart Chakra.

    HOW DARE YOU TELL ME TO MOVE ON!!!! You have NO CLUE.....and are just simply Cold and Uncaring. My situation is now none of your business!!! Obviously you have never met your counterpart and have no idea where I'm coming from. GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!

  • P.S. If you were really any good at what you would have seen I have already went on with my life!!! I now have Children and am very happy!! I have just been thinking about this connection again lately. Thanks for your Rude and Shove-down-the-throat "Reading"!!!

  • It is sad that we are reading all this. But Captain has said beautifully and simplified for us the different relationships. I have experienced some these stuff. At least one is ongoing. Thanks for sharing Captain.

  • I'm glad you think "Captain" has all the answers Tellstar!! I personally would take the info with a grain of salt. This was all info gained from Books....from the idea's of others. Who knows what the truth is? The TRUTH is for each one of us to decide on our own.

  • I thank you Soulshock for resurrecting and perpetuating my thread.

  • YOU'RE WELCOME!!!! : )

  • The subject of pets as soulmates is an interesting one and perhaps one that many people don't consdier. But animals are fantastic teachers and sources of comfort, despite how we humans treat them. All my pets have definitely been my soulmates. I still feel their loss deeply.

  • Hello Captain I believe I am on page 1 here and I see you asked what it was I was wanting to know , Well I guess I explained some of my situation and I wanted to know .. What Kind Of Relationship I am having with this man, Is it Karma ect. I am not sure and of course I love all your threads ... I try to come to this site daily and offer my thoughts, and always appreciate yours & many others Sorry for not explaining myself better and hope you see this and make my day .... thank you ...Leonida

  • Leonida, from how you describe it, it sounds like a karmic relationship to me. You said you see all the same problems but you are now able to deal with them differently which means this has been a teaching relationship. I feel what you have learned here will help you in your next relationship with a soulmate. I am getting November for this meeting.

  • I recently had a counseling session where I brought up the "soul mate" idea. I was told in this meeting that soul mate relationships are intense and frequently burn out and aren't meant to last forever. I was already starting on rethinking my idea of what a soul mate was. This certainly helps in learning to view this connection in a more realistic way and not a romantic, idealist way. Thank you for starting this thread. Very informative.

  • I love the idea of animals also being soul mates. Such true and pure unconditional love is not to be dismissed ever. My animals have given so much comfort to me during difficult times. Such beautiful and loving souls. 🙂

  • It is such a testament to the power of love when two different species can share a loving bond. I still miss all my cats who have passed over - they were my true friends and teachers as well as my companions. I am sorry for anyone who has not felt close to an animal. They give us unconditional love and affection.

  • How funny that you are mentioning pets as soulmates because I was just thinking that before I read it. They truly are such a comfort. They teach us so much! I have heard that if you meet your soulmate, run the other way. What do you think?

  • I had a dog, a German Shepherd that was to me far beyond what a dog is... he was exceptional, intuitive to my needs (watch dog/safety) and I felt a soul connection, but due to circumstances, we had to part (before he died) and I have always felt his spirit was hovering over me...unfinished.....

    25 year later I have just had the opportunity to watch over a friend's dog... this dog is not a German Shepherd, but a cute, fluffy small dog, but nontheless I felt my something bigger than life as spirit funnel through this small dog and my time with this dog has been unreal. I love this dog and this dog loves me beyond comprehension. Everyone around us has said that we have bonded in unbelievable ways, so it is easy for me to believe that 'general soul consciousness' of animals exist and the opportunity to love an animal, a pet is never forgotten.

    If it is true in animal life, then it must be true in human life, or visa versa.

  • The Captain:

    Thanks for mentioning pets as soul mates, and yes...they are great teachers.

  • I love the animal connection part of this thread... been through some of the other human connections, been there, done that, got the t shirt -- and not always bad, either!

    Pets, though, are something truly special. I have a toy fox terrier who should have crossed long ago who has stayed with me, for many reasons. I am grateful to God for this little creature. I don't think I can ever repay what this dog has given to me... so I love as long as I am allowed, and will continue to love after it's time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Ok Captain, and I think I'm sort of butting in here but, why do we humans sometimes feel as though we know it's the right thing and then it's absolutely wrong when it comes to members of the opposite sex? (please don't say no and thens..k?) Funny movie...does not apply to all situations.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I def. Want a puppy soon =(

    Captain quick question,

    Would you be aware If i had an current soulmate ?

    I feel like I had a previous soul mate, however I am no longer In contact with this

    person, The connection felt VERY planned our relationship was very unusual

    and unique as well we were just FRIENDS but i wonder was he a soulmate

    being that he taught me so many life lessons,In fact I dont think I would be here or who I am today If It were'nt for him, we happen to had a pretty bad ending

    and I havent heard from him since..well as far as like it was before just hi and bye


    Thanks if you could give me some insight on this one.

  • Thanks for this thread very well put do you have any insight on my soul mate

    blessings to you

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