Clash of the Titans (Taurus and Sagittarius)

  • I have a Sagittarius mother and a Taurus sister. Recently mother and sister had a bad arugment and a fight ensued which turned into dead silence. They have decided that I am the perfect go between to remain in contact without having to actually talk to each other. Even with all my air signs floating around in my chart I am not interested in being the peacekeeper. Lol.

    I know Tauruses are notoriously stubborn but a Sag is the runner up. Anyone ever have to deal with the fallout of a Taurus and Sagittarius?


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  • CoffeGem, I'm also laughing at the title to your thread...that's really cute! And you're right, humor does stave off insanity. 🙂

    I can kind of relate to your dilemma. My brother is a Taurus, and my mother is an Aries. Talk about a mom is the typical controlling, short tempered, "do it my way or else" kind of person, whereas my brother is very, very, very, very, stubborn! My brother can be a very easygoing person, but mom just pushed him too much when he was younger. He was the "baby", the younger sibling, and so she's always treated him like an incapable baby, even well into his 20's. He finally had enough, moved out in a terrible huge storm, went to another state, and broke off all connections with her. For the longest time, she called me every day, sobbing that "my baby left me". And he would call me and vent about her. The Virgo side of me did the same peacekeeping thing, one ear for my mom to cry into, one ear for my brother to vent into, trying to be supportive of both. The Leo side of me finally got sick of it and told them both off, lol. I no longer have anything to do with their issues, and refuse to. I had to let it go, for my own sanity. And I'm glad that I did, because here we are, 20 years after he left her, and they're still playing the same game. She stalks him through the family, gets his phone number, repeatedly calls him until he finally gets sick of it and talks to her, then he changes his phone number and the cycle continues. She still hasn't learned not to be pushy, controlling, or babying to him and he's still stubborn and resentful.

    I guess my best advice to you would be to let them both know that you can't be their emotional sponge, because you have your own problems (even if you don't), and tell them that they're going to have to resolve their own issues. Maybe suggest that they write letters to each other?

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  • Hehe, I am a sag mom with bull headed (Taurus) daughter. I know your sister may be an adult, but your mom is still the "grown up" and negotiate a resolution. If she is not yet an adult, it just strengthens my point. Your mom being a Sag will probably figure that out for herself. In the mean time convey yo each that you value them and family harmony and have faith that they can figure it out.

  • that is a bit of a clash i dont ever really get a long with taurus or aries people.. sometimes maybe its my luck lol

  • Love the title coffeegem!! I am a sag and my fiance is a tauraus we are going thru a really rough patch right now (been together 12 yrs) and let me tell you we both are very very stubborn, but uit will work its self out but it does take awhile usually the sag forgives first & then we work it out (sag do not stay mad very long)

  • LOL!!

    Love the title...

    Eerrhmmmm....I am a Sagittarius, my mum and younger sister are both Taurus.

    Guess what? Life is a bed of roses!! (not) LOL

    I was never raised by my parents so were were never really bonded.

    But hey, that don't stop the fighting! My mum will make sure of it.

    I moved far far away from my family, to another country, hoping to find some peace.

    Oh well, we do have mobile phones and emails nowadays.

    Most of the time, words can hurt deeper than physical violence.

    I am so used to all the tantrums and the ganged up that I choose to ignore their hurtful remarks.

    I don't even care to read the emails till the end if the contents were not very pleasing.

    Don't need their negative energies.

    I do not want to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

    I have my own temper, believe me but I don't stay mad for too long.

    I will forgive and forget but I guess they know my weakness now.

    They keep on pushing and tormenting me!

    I won't response or be mad, I just keep my distance.

    HA! This Sagittarius have had enough.

    My ex is a Taurus too ( but he is so different than the female Taurus!).


  • Oh, I almost forgot!

    Feel sorry for my dad sometimes, he is a Capricorn.

    My mum loves to use my dad to gets to me; such as calling me on her behalf.

    My dad is always caught in between, he tried so many times to play fair but he ended up being attacked by my mum LOL!!!

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  • CoffeeGem,

    Sorry to hear you've been made the meat in the sandwhich here!

    I don't know what to say to all that, I am a Taurus and one of my best friends is a Sag and we get along famously and never argue. One of the most easy going friendships I've ever had. I admit I can be stubborn, but for me, I normally walk away to avoid confrontation. I only get really worked up because someone I care about is being given a hard time, I can't help myself but to stick up for people I think are being given the raw deal.

    I hope you work it out, perhaps it also relates to their rising and moon signs as well as sun signs. I wish you peace in all this soon!

    Wenchie 🙂

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  • You know that would make sense given how bad things are between them, it would be interesting to say the least. I've done some past life work through paledian healing and my father (in this life) and I keep meeting up and having these horrible aggressive relationships, some he's killed me. Even the guy doing the healing shuddered when he tuned into my father. Unlike your mum and sister, eventually I decided about 10 years ago that it wasn't very healthy for me to have any kind of contact with my father and we haven't seen or spoken to each other in that time. Sometimes it's just easier and better to walk away.

    Like I said, good luck with it all, it's not really fair to expect you to be the peacemaker between them. I think i'd be tempted to tell them both to bugger off and leave you alone until they sort their crap out!!!! 🙂

  • Bumping such an old thread... I hope its ok. In my experience Sags can out-stubborn Taurus. I hate that but its the fact. My GF is a Sag and it's been more than a month since I talked to her. I'm waiting for her to reconcile but she won't make the first move. I'm starting to think she don't want to be friends anymore. But i'm not giving up.. lets see who wins.

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