Playing card reading.

  • I am seeking guidance on reading for myself. I have a deck of playing cards and I did get the book. It's still a slow process. can anyone help me decipher what these cards mean? I will place them in order of pull... I didn't ask a question, just seeking a general reading

    1 Spade King

    2 2 of Diamonds

    3 6 of clubs

    4 9 of Spades

    5 3 Clubs

    6 Diamond Queen

    7 2 of Hearts

    Just need some guidance as to how to real them properly. Maybe someone may have a better way than this book.

    Thank you for sharing


  • Hello Africanqn,

    I just came across This request and would like to tell you something on it. By all means understand i'm new at this but have done plenty of studying on cartomancy (reading with playing cards) so here is my take.

    The first card King of ♠ - could be a mature(older) male who is in control, has ultimate power, universal power and willpower.

    He could have dark hair and eyes. introverted, cold

    with that being said I have a feeling that this is about an unemotional approach to something in your life.

    2 of ♦ - it shows that a practical choice is needed to be made.

    6 of ♣- is about a successful outcome on a creative project.

    9 of ♠- this is about losses & worries about (money, health, sleep) so I think it is a worry about the project that is in mind afraid of losing something maybe to do with money.

    3 of ♣- There is some help with this project .

    Queen of ♦- I would think it is a fair or red haired woman who is impatient, impulsive and quick tempered that will be a help to you with this.

    2 of ♥- this is something important to you and there is a positive connection a trusting relationship here that will make it happen.

    I believe it was about a project of some sort that you are worried about making the choice on what to do and if losing money on it is what is on your mind and another woman is helping you with it and it says things will be good for this to happen as the outcome is a 2 and you have multiples of 2's in this reading its about choices to be made and knowing if you will be parting ways or not going through with it, also the clubs are about initiating and creative realms also practical endeavors.

    I hope you could give me some honest feedback on this I know its been awhile since you posted this and it's probably already taken place but I would love to hear what you say about it.

    ~Love & Light~


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