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  • Laie4, Delbertc...thanks guys. I have to say I'm a bit over all this spiritual stuff, growth, guides, angels the whole lot. Since trying to learn about myself and all this, it's been honestly nothing but grief. Honestly, it's bought me more heartache, loneliness, unhappiness, frustration, confusion and despair than when I was happily clueless. If I take myself back to 3 years ago before I left my ex husband, when my life was in some kind of order, when I knew where I was at, when I didn't really know who I was but just went through the motions being and doing what everyone expected of me, just living my life day to day not expecting too much, not really being happy, stuck in a relationship that didn't particularly give me any joy that I gave far more than I ever got back........it was probably still a step up from where I am at now.

    I wish I could go back to the time of being clueless, just going through the motions. Guides, Angels whatever can all go take a flying leap. I feel like I am worse off now than I was back then when I wasn't particularly happy either. What has this time taught me - my light....well if I could light the way with cynicism you'd all need sunglasses. Love....run like hell and don't ever get involved with anyone....ever, keep up your guard, don't let anyone get close. Love is over rated.

    I am not a violent person by any means but I am at the point that if anyone mentions to me about guides, angels, gifts I don't have, meditating, listening and hearing whatever the heck it is I am supposedly meant to hear, seeing the signs etc etc etc I will want to slap them down.

    My time away hasn't done a whole heap for my disposition. Sorry guys but I'm done. I hope you have better luck but I plan on going back to blissful ignorance. What I can't see or hear, therefore does not exist.

  • Wenchie ...

    Why did you post then? Were you just venting? Trying to gain something? Hoping someone else would read earlier post?

    BTW, your "disposition" doesn't bother me a bit .... : ), not much does ...

  • Just backing up Captain's post about losing something usually having a lesson attached. Sorry if you didn't like it but that's how I feel.

  • Anyway, we can chit chat else where so I don't hijack Captain's informative and valid thread.

  • Right up my alley, Captain. Love the myth attached to gemstones that you've related here, as well as the meaning of wearing rings on certain fingers. Really enjoyed your write!!

    Why do we lose things? In my case, I think it's to ground me when I'm too much in my head or

    "in the clouds" and help me attend to practical matters--bringing me down to earth. "Order" seems to be the prompt from the universe. Ironically, it is attending to the mundane tasks that free you to

    dream, think and be. Also just the action of moving greases our thinking wheels and connects us to Spirit.

  • This thread is very informative. I have heard about some of the things with regards to the different fingers in palmistry. I do have a number of books on palmistry, yet there is no indepth infomation as to what The Captain have written.

    I have tried wearing rings. Each time I wear a ring whether it was given to me or I purchased it it would breakon the band or the gems-crystals would fall out. As a result, I no longer attempt to wear rings.


  • Wenchie, you didn't hijack my thread - you were on topic talking about what you felt you had lost.

  • Feeling pretty lost myself right now, but I've asked you for some info on other threads and hopefully that will give me a direction to start on. BTW I really enjoy the threads you've put up, very interesting and informative, thanks. 🙂

  • You're welcome Wenchie - please feel free to ask more questions if you don't find enough answers here. Sometimes just the act of forming the right question can help you find your solution.

  • Thanks Captain, will do. First thing I'm working on is getting out of my head. And also forgiving myself for mistakes in the past without totally beating myself up about it. No one could criticize me more than myself! Obviously that is all attitude change and not going to happen overnight.

  • Wenchie, i feel it is not you whom you have to get out of your head but all the other people from your past 'living' in there and their repeating messages that you are not lovable or no good etc.. I feel if you were in there on your own, you would be much more content.

  • Captain, I AM on my own. I have been for the last two and a half years. I was a complete hermit there for a while, not socialising or talking with anyone.

    I like being part of a couple, but can't be bothered with the whole dating thing. Would rather just stay on my own until the right person comes along.

  • Poor Captain!!!! Now you see why I have stayed away, trying to figure all my stuff out and obviously not getting very far!

  • Wenchie, I am not talking about being alone physically, just emotionally and mentally. You need to get rid of all the 'people' who are torturing you in your head. Because the view you have of yourself is only one that has been created by others. It is not the authentic you. The real you is what you need to find.

  • Dear Captain. Thanks again! Very informative.

  • Captain, I wear my mothers first ring of marriage, simple gold band, on my right hand..ring finger.. She passed in July 2009..On my left hand (middle finger.. a ring my older sister gave me..

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