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  • Many people come to this forum to ask about things that they have lost, either possessions or people. There are no accidental happenings. Everything has a reason. Before you post a question about your loss, I want you to sit down and ask yourself what your true feelings were about the item or person that is lost to you. Consider this -

    Here are the reasons that I see why things are lost:

    • deep down you wanted to lose it. You didn't want the item/person because of some negative or limiting vibes associated with it/them or because you didn't feel you deserved it/them. Or your negative behaviour/misunderstanding drove the person away and you now have the time and space to gain more awareness of your problematic areas.

    • Spirit/God/the Universe/Angels arranged for you to 'lose' the item/person because

    1. you were placing too much value on it, to the detriment of your growth

    2. the time had come when you no longer needed that person/item in your life

    Specifically about lost rings - there is a deeper reason why we wear rings on our fingers other than for mere ornamentation or sentimentality. According to palmistry (sometimes called Cheirology), if you wear rings on your fingers, it can indicate an important issue about your personality.

    Rings are circles. In all cultures the circle is a symbol of unity and eternity, encompassing all. In early cultures, rings were considered magical or sacred through their association with the sun, moon and gods, thus giving protection to the wearer by binding one with power and energy.

    Some of the magical mythology of ancient times still influences how and why we wear rings. Kings, priests and healers wore rings on the index finger because that finger was thought to be especially powerful. Medicines were applied to the body with the index finger to give speed and power to their effect. Even today, wearers of healing gemstones wear the rings on the index finger to take the best advantage of the curing energies.

    The strongest magical tradition that still holds fast today is the one about the third or ring finger. The ring finger was thought to contain a nerve that went directly to the heart. Wearing a wedding or engagement ring on the ring finger still symbolizes the binding commitment and union of hearts.

    Right Hand vs. Left Hand

    In the dual nature of man, the right and left hands are part of his whole being yet represent his twofold conscious and subconscious mind. The left hand (the subconscious) is a reflection of his deeply buried instinct, beliefs and attitudes. The right hand (the conscious) reflects his conscious mind and his outer awareness. Wearing rings on your left hand could symbolize your unknowing wish to strengthen the powers associated with the finger that wears the ring. When a right-handed person wears rings, the left hand is the yin and the right hand is the yang. A ring on the yang hand represents your desire to control your own life and actions and also giving those skills or traits of the particular finger to others. For a left-handed individual, the right hand is the yin and the left hand is the yang.

    Placement of a ring is an unconscious attempt to literally “add weight” to the area of life that finger represents, and may reveal imbalances in the qualities associated with that digit. The wearing of rings will reveal areas of inhibitions, restrictions, or emphasis in the social realms governed by that finger. If the ring or any physical damage is on the right hand, the person is most likely very aware of this internal conflict, while a ring on the left hand would indicate that the person may not have fully realized the internal dissatisfaction or confusion with a present environment.

    Regardless of the finger there are both positive and negative qualities when wearing a ring. Although it reveals an insecurity or weakness, it simultaneously strengthens the ego to correct this. A side benefit of "ring medicine" is that nobody but you will know that you're using it. Regardless of how often you balance your psyche through ring adornment, people will likely assume you have a fondness for jewellery rather than a psychological itch to scratch. Knowing the significance of where you put your rings may be helpful to you, that you may wear your rings with newfound awareness. Rather than reveal a weak character trait, a ring placed with conscious awareness can enhance and strengthen these areas of your life, the more so if the ring is set with a crystal that resonates with that digit's element principles. Wearing the appropriate gemstones in rings can give healing. If you stop wearing or lose a ring that you always wore on a certain finger, it can mean you no longer need to deal with the particular issue involved.

    The Thumb: Will Power

    The thumb represents the self. Set apart from other fingers but working in unison with them to give strength to the hand that the others cannot, the thumb symbolizes our self in our world. It is associated with the logic and will power which govern our actions. The thumb symbolizes freedom and independence of thought and action. Wearing a ring on the thumb of your yin hand indicates that you are very assertive and impose your own will on others, sometimes using force. Wearing a ring on the thumb of your yang hand shows the ability to submit to others' wills. The thumb is ruled by ether, symbolising your spiritual identity.

    Rings on the thumb -

    Negative: Energy is depleted, feels powerless, feels out of control / in crisis.

    Positive: Boost energy levels, increase will, gives comfort.

    (Recommended stones: Moonstone, Diamond, Amethyst.)

    The Index Finger: Authority & Ambition

    This finger reflects our need to enhance our ego. The forefinger, throughout history, has represented authority and power. It is associated with leadership and ambition. Wearing a ring on the yin hand's index finger represents having the ability to lead and demonstrating leadership traits, the desire to have power and a strong sense of self-esteem, and the confidence that others will follow your leadership. Wearing a ring on the index finger of the yang hand represents being receptive to others' leadership and being willing to take a less dominant role. The index finger is ruled by the water element, and shows your personal identity - how you relate to and see yourself.

    Rings on this finger -

    Negative: Esteem damaged in childhood, petty tyrant - controlling personality, egoism - not good enough / better than.

    Positive: Boost self-esteem, increase authority, improve confidence.

    (Recommended stones: Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Opal, Emerald.)

    The Middle Finger: Identity & Materialism

    The middle finger is associated with our role in life. Being in the center of the hand, it symbolizes personal identity and those things that are central to our world. Those wearing rings on the middle fingers are well balanced yet wish to be at the center of attention. It can sometimes show blockages in energy. Wearing a ring on the middle finger of the yin hand represents the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong and having the authority to determine what is right and wrong. Wearing the ring on the middle finger of the yang hand indicates the tendency to look to others to provide guidance about what is right and wrong and what is legal. The middle finger is ruled by the earth element. It is the finger of cultural identity - from it we see something of how you handle responsibility, and how you relate to law, order and traditional values. Your sense of inner security and stability is also represented.

    Rings on this finger -

    Negative: Domestic unhappiness, insecure / yearns for security, fixed in opinion, judgmental.

    Positive: Reduce anxiety, improve emotional stability, show desire for self development.

    (Recommended stones: Garnet, Onyx, Agate, Topaz, Tiger's Eye, Jade.)

    The Ring Finger: Emotion & Creativity

    The third finger is associated with affections because it is the one with a direct connection to the heart. It also represents our creativity and artistic self. A wedding or engagement ring on this finger proclaims to the world that the wearer's emotions and creative goals are committed to the giver of the ring. If the ring is acquired by the wearer instead of a mate, it symbolizes self worth and a commitment to one's personal skills and talents. Wearing a ring on the ring finger of your yin hand indicates that you are creative and can use your creativity to solve problems and challenges. Wearing it on the yang hand's ring finger indicates that you are able to teach others how to be creative and bring out their best creative abilities. The ring finger has fire rulership and represents extra-personal identity. It tells of your self expression, your creativity and your love of beauty. It also represents your persona or image. Rings on this finger -

    Negative: Creative frustration, need to be liked, concern with image.

    Positive: Activate creativity, show friendliness, improve aesthetic awareness.

    (Recommended stones: Garnet, Ruby, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond.)

    Little Finger: Relationships

    The little finger is at the opposite end from the thumb. While the thumb symbolizes the inner self, the little finger is associated with others outside of ourselves. It sits on the outside of our hands, facing the world. It is the relationship finger, expressing our attitudes towards other people, sex, and the material world. Rings on the little finger represent confidence and independence in personal and business relationships. Rings here can also express a person's attitude about sexuality and how appealing they consider themselves to be. Wearing a ring on the pinky of your yin hand indicates that you are a strong communicator and you can use your communications skills to get what you want from others and lead them to do as you ask. Wearing it on the yang hand's pinky indicates the ability to be led very easily and to understand what others are trying to communicate. The baby finger is ruled by the air element, and represents your impersonal identity - that is, how honestly you communicate, and something of your sexuality.

    Rings on this finger -

    Negative: Deceptive communication, difficulty with sexuality / sexual identity.

    Positive: Improve communication, express sexuality / sexual identity.

    (Recommended stones: Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Aquamarine)

    A manicure is a conscious effort to clean up your life and begin anew. The condition and length of nails will reveal the care you take with all aspects of your life. The longer the nails, the more idealistic we are, especially if we insist upon maintaining the longer nails while others have broken and remain noticeably shorter. The harder the nails, the harder the person in attitudes, the more determined in asserting unique personality.

    Many ringed fingers

    People who wear a total of four rings or more lack self-confidence and are always on the lookout for true love. They love luxuries, but find them a poor substitute for friends and a lover. It indicates that there are negative circumstances in their life. They are probably not feeling a sense of safety or security in their world, but are hiding behind a display. They may also prefer to avoid dealing with painful issues in life. Wearing rings on every finger also shows that they are more conventional than they would perhaps like to admit.

    Wearing no rings

    Wearing no rings at all suggests that you want to live a simple, no-frills life. You are sincere, trustworthy, peaceful, clever, hard-working and always want to learn new things. You tend to shy away from crowds and avoid conflict whenever you can.

    A hint to guys: If she is wearing a delicate ring on the little finger, you better get ready for some hot action!

    A hint to women: Go buy a nice pinky ring if you want more action! 🙂

    A hint to all: A big heavy gold ring on a man's little finger reveals money is used for a feeling of power in place of weak sexual energy.

  • this was wonderful

    thank you

  • Glad you got something out of it, Twinsoul.

  • Thank you, Captain. I always wondered why I own a lot of rings, yet never really seem to wear them. I just figured I was a crow in another life and like to collect shiny things, lol...

  • This was great, Thanks Captain! very informative, and very true, sheds alot of light on the rings iv lost, let me tell ya!

    (I'm a jewlrey feind) I guess I have to admit that, that sheds alot of light too

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  • Coffeegem, it's good to have a quota.

  • Thanks Captain. I found this very informative, I have never given much thought to this topic.

  • Yes, it's an intriguing subject.

  • Going to a get a pinky ring now.....................

    JK :-).... LOL this is great! I feel like printing this out! Love the information 🙂

  • I think also our Higher Selves try to give us many messages and losing things can be one of those more obvious ways of getting our attention. The nature of what is lost is important - it could be symbolic of something that is 'missing' in your life. For example, if you lose your house keys, that might be a message, say, that you need to make your house more secure. If you lose your wallet, maybe you are being asked to examine whether money or material security plays too much of a part in your life and that perhaps more spiritual values are 'missing'. Whatever it is, the message will be personal to the loser and have a particular meaning only for that person. So for those who have lost something, ask yourself if the missing item/s is perhaps symbolic of a deeper meaning of what's 'missing' in your life.

  • i agree. i remember praying (foolishly) to God one night for my parents to get a divorce or for something to happen to my family because i felt i was too happy in my life while others had broken-up families and other problems to deal with. sure enough, what i asked the universe for happened. since i am dependent on my parents for everything, i guess this experience was meant to teach me to be more independent....?

  • somehow, i am always losing my keys and clothes... haha

  • Perhaps you want to divest yourself of material trappings?

  • Hmmmm, I guess I have a more simplistic view of losing items. That there is no ulterior motive behind them, just that we misplaced them or forgot where we put them. Nothing is ever lost in the eyes of God or our angels. So, I don't dwell on why I lost something, or why someone else did. Instead, I just ask Archangel Michael (or any of my angels) to go help me find whatever it is. Angels cannot help you unless you ask them. It could be anything at all. Angels are not meanspirited, and they don't take things from you to punish you in any way. They believe in abundance, not scarcity. Man knows scarcity, Heaven does not. There are too many stories of people who miraculously find their wedding rings when lost, by seeing a glint of the metal in the sunlight. Or they feel a nudge to go open a drawer, though they'd looked in it many times before, and there is their lost item.

    So, before you attribute losing something as being a Universal "plan", why not simply view it as being lost. And ask your angels to help you find it. I'd be interested in hearing stories from people who do find their lost items...and how they happened upon them!

    Angel blessings,


  • Angelreader, so you believe in random events that have no Divine planning behind them at all?

  • Dear Captain,

    Sorry! Forgot to repost here!

    I believe, in many cases, people do lose their items because they exercise their free will to place something in a location they forget. By asking our angels to help find these items, they can bring it to us, or give us thoughts and ideas to lead us to where they are...or, yes, they may even replace it with something much better than the item we originally lost.

    You can call on any of your angels for help. I usually call on Archangel Michael since he is my guardian angel. Others call on Archangel Chamuel who helps us find those missing or "lost" items.

    Are some items "lost" with a Divine purpose behind them? Sure. And some are lost in jest. For example, I'd had a long evening working with Michael on my angel readings and was pretty tired. I went to bed late, and morning came pretty quickly lol. I wear eyeglasses and every night I fold them and put them on my nightstand. This particular morning, I reached for them and they were not there. I looked everywhere, all around, under, behind, and no glasses. Now this has never happened to me before, and I was frantic because I can't see much without them (nearsighted). I called out to Michael to find them for me. And fast! I walked around my bed and noticed my 7-year-old daughter had dropped her shoes and a towel across the room, so I thought I'd pick them up. I got her shoes, then reached down for the towel (being nearsighted it all was a blur lol). As I went for the towel, right on top of it were my eyeglasses, completely unfolded, and ready to put on my face. So, my angels were definitely teasing me, they took my glasses in fun, and gave them back to me pretty quickly.

    When things are misplaced, you don't know if they were taken in fun by your angels, to be replaced by something much greater, or maybe you just truly did misplace them using your free will and need their help to find it.

    Why not ask your angels to help find your lost items? All you have to gain is...well your lost items!

    Angel blessings,


  • Captain,

    Thought I'd pop in here to agree with you. In my case it was my own thinking that caused my loss. A lot of things have happened through out my life to unfortunately make me think that when I let someone get too close to me or I start to care too much about them, they hurt me and/or leave me. I generally keep people at a reasonable arm's length, but I had a friend who wore me down and wormed her way in, I stopped pushing her away. Then I cared too much about her, I depended too much on her friendship, I felt I didn't deserve to have her as a friend....that I didn't deserve her, I didn't understand the good things she saw in me or why she thought I was going to achieve great things in the future.....who me, no....surely you have me confused with someone else, I'm not like you....I can't do anything special.

    Well you know self-fulfill prophecy and all that, so she's at the end of a line of people who've gone. I know it's my own fault, I'm working on changing my own thought patterns. Just another case of self sabotage probably. But yes, lessons to change our ways can hurt when you lose people you love and are dear to you. Even knowing and admitting doesn't help, I feel more and more lost, alone and confused than ever, my evolving and development is going backwards.

  • awww Wenchie …

    Confusion stinks! It feels like you will never see a way clear! BUT, you can look at it differently, as a sign of growth ... Nothing is every truly lost. Life is dynamic and ever changing. And as part of that, so are you! It may seem like you are going backwards …. we've all felt that way, but really your just revisiting matters of the Mind and allowing old lessons to scar your Heart.

    Don't let the lessons wound you, instead let them teach you and Then Let Go. Let go of feeling unworthy. Honor the Divine Spirit of Life within yourself. You do this for others! Forgive and let yourself flow into life. Living in the present, respectfully and with acceptance, propels you forward.

    Don't diminish your own light! Huge Hug!

  • Wenchie dont give up i need you i was at a point of giving up till i found you all you helped me find me i was at a point where i thought every body would be better off if i wasent around and all the negative stuff i was going threw the last nine years and all the good was gone when i thought all the proplems were my wife it wasent it was me anytime i can not except some thing theres some thing wrong with me when i am spritualy fit nothing harms me and i can except it and if i can not except it i need to look with in me and get to the root of the problem you can not solve a problem unless you understand what it stems from and for me most of the time people are not doing what i think they should and that is the heith of my selfcenteredness thinking i know whats best for some one i dont but God does and when i alow him to guide me then i can you rember that saying to thy own self be true how can i be true to some one else if i can not be true to me may Gods Light guide and show you the way Delbert c

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