Thankful for for a chance at life once more!

  • This year started with the lost of my husband in three month time, to stage four cancer and a 20 year marriage to the man that was my best friend,, then four months later finding out I also had T-3 breast cancer. I felt there was no hope for my future to even see a small light at the end of the tunnels. Went throught double mastectomies, and now on Chemotherapy drugs for a total of 8 treatments,

    Then I started treatments feeling very ill and after my second was told all signs were looking up for me and they believe now my body is clear and the Chemo is working. for me.

    My reading kept telling me to have a good out look on life because life was going to improve for me greatly and like a crazy lady I held all that hope and prayers every day in my heart and it is now coming true. My reading tells me I will have a future to learn, love and to live once more and I believe that with all my heart now. I am so gratful for finding .

  • Dear takinglifein,

    I'm so sorry for your trials and losses. I'm incredibly in awe at your positive attitude and that the fantastic progress you have made using your good soul to persevere and come out on top. I'm thankful that you shared your experience with us and allowed us to be inspired by you!

    with great love.

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