• Hello all,

    I have a few questions/ problems that i need some help with. As I am a believer I thought I should try here first. First in my Love life... I have a huge crush on this boy sk dob 12-28-76 mine is 2-18-76 and I would love to know if the feeling is mutual and if you see us together? also I have had three of my precious animal babies pass over the last 1 and 1/2 and i have been very depressed over this and i feel like i need to let them go and be at peace, one of my cats got sick and passed quickly. another was run over by my rotten neighbor and left in the street alone :( and my oldest passed quickly also. the middle one is the one I worry about the most because he passed alone. :( i would love for them to know how much they all meant to me!!! they are my babies always! Also one more final question does anyone see me having sk as my valentine this year or any? THANKS so so much.

  • For your relationship with sk - I feel there is more lust than love here. This does not look good for the long term. You two could be very close emotionally but there would always be a battle to see who comes out on top. You Jenny need to learn how to stand up and defend yourself in order to continue on your path of self-development and this relationship would certainly help with that. A love affair here can be painful and even destructive. This combination often manifests passion in an extreme form. Sex is the motivating force of the relationship with kindness and sympathy coming in a long way behind. Eventually one or both of you will feel the lack of a more emotional commitment and move on. This would be more a learning experience for you than a deep romance.

    Jenny, your cats are still around you - but your grief is blocking you from feeling their presence. You do dream about them. I know how you feel - I have had eleven cats and all have passed, leaving me feeling quite bereft and lonely for a while. But you must get out and make some more human friends to fill your life. Pets are great companions but their care also requires much time and responsibility. Now you are free to do the things you couldn't do before.

  • thank you so much! i really appreciate your help. do u see me having a valentine?

  • As Valentine's Day is in less than a week, no.

  • one more thing Captain, i was fired today do you see a new job in my horizan soon? 😞

  • Yes very soon. You won't be out of work for long.

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