Would appreciate a reading

  • hi, now im reaching out .... im sag cap moon virgo rising been in 2 year "friendship with" aquarius/cap confused as to the future my intuition for myself has aways been a zero. been in many long and short term relationships respectfully requesting reading as i feel i have met my match with this one however am i doing the right thing or should i move on

    thank you


  • I do feel this is a keeper.

  • thank you captain would love to return the favor anytime

  • My pleasure.

  • cant do a reading for myself and would love one.

    I met Chaldean 3 years ago . I hired him over the phone to paint my house. The minute i looked at him he smiled and said" i know you ". I knew him too. We acertained that it had to be a past life as we know none of the same people, our children are years apart,etc. As the time passed we both realised that we have so much in common that it its frightening. To the point that our favorite joke happened to be the same one. We can and have spoken endlessly on every topic , he i s also a clairvoiant extroidnare and a reiki master. He says that having someone so close to his soul can be unnerving, and yes it is.

    We visit often, no physical relationship as we are both married to people we dont care for, but respect the promises made in that union.

    In october he had a terrible accident and broke his neck. He is mending, has just gone back to work part time and now is in florida visiting relatives with his family.

    I am confused about the future of this relationship, because if he extended his hand to me and said" let's go and never look back,"

    I would I need guidance from a pro, as my peers say that he and I are it for eachother. Is this true? When? and with what struggles ahead him 2/2 me sag 12/6

    Thanking you in advance namaste

  • twinsoul>> ...'we are both married to people we dont care for, but respect the promises made in that union'...

    I wonder how can you be married to people that you don't care for as you say above.

    I care for my husband that is why I could never let him. so not to broke his heart. and there is a big difference between me and you.

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