Offering one card Guardian Angel - Message for the day!

  • Sammysocutehuh91 - Confused isn't good, so here's what the Angels have to say for you:-


    You are looking at a situation from purely a physical perspective,

    and therefore you cannot see the bigger pictuere

    and the blessings interwoven within this event.

    We, your Angels, urge you to trust,

    for all will work out in the best way possible.

    Let go of your fear and apprehenson,

    and allow God's healing energy to flow to you.

    Trust, for all will heal in ways

    you never thought



    Trust your intuition and know that what seems logical

    may not be necessarily right.

    The answer to your question lies inside your heart.

    Endless possibilites exist for you.

    Stop trying to work it all out and feel your way through.

    We, your Angels, will guide you.

    Trust your feelings;

    'what feels right is right'.

    I hope you can move ahead, happy times to you! 😄

  • Azure2 - Thank you for your reply. I am so pleased it helped you. Thank you also for wishing me a happy day and love and light. I return the compliment to you! 😄

  • Moonalisa - Thank you for your feedback. So good to hear you feel uplifted. We have done our job! take care, peace, love and happiness to you. 😄

  • Robin5215 - No problem, here is your card. I hope it helps you.


    Feeling which you have suppressed for a very long time

    are yearning to be acknowledged and expressed.

    You are torn between what you think is the right thing to do

    and what your heart wants.

    and this is the primary cause of stress in your life.

    We, your Angels, urge you to follow your heart.

    Do what you would love;

    not what you think you should.

    Have a lovely day, peace to you. 😄

  • Terry131 - So good to hear you are inspired with positivity. Makes my day. You take care 😄

  • Butterball - You're very welcome. Have a great day 😄

  • Sorry, the above should read Butterball13!

  • Wickedmoon - You're also very welcome. Good to help you out. 😄

  • Jengbhm - There is always hope, never forget that. You're just at the bottom of the wheel at the moment, you'll get up again. We have the bad to appreciate the good. Life is full of possibilities. Be positive, it helps in endless ways. Get your vibes going to the positive side of life. Here is your card:-


    This is a wondrous time of healing

    and positie transformation.

    Embrace life each moment

    and keep focused on your dreams.

    Retain the purity of your vision

    and you will draw success to you.

    All you ever wished for,

    even those which seemed a distant dream,

    are about to manifest.

    Take care. Happy days will be back with you! 😄

  • Hopeternal - Love the name! How do you do those hearts?? Thank you so much. It is good to hear you feel very loving vibes from my thread. It feels good to be helping people. Of course I will help you with an inspirational reading.


    Dare to be different; to make mistakes.

    Create, for it is in creation that you exist.

    In this world of dreams, that stem from the eternal heart,

    you are one with all creation.

    All is possible.

    Go forth and be true to yourself

    for it is only through being true to you

    that you can be true to others.


    Listen to your heart. Love is the greatest healer.

    It has that capacity to balance and heal

    your emotions, thoughts and perceptions,

    which in turn will heal you physically.

    Your Angels are here with you,

    and will help dissolve your fears.

    Trust in the power of love to guide you,

    and your life will magically transform.

    This card is confirmation that healing is ocurring

    right now.

    Hope this is helpful to you. Peace to you. 😄

  • THANK YOU so much intrigued, the Angel cards are perfect for what is happening in my life today and are very uplifting and appropriate to me ♥

    the little hearts are created by holding down the Alt key and at same time press the number 3 on the right hand numerical pad, then release them together...hope this makes sense ;0)

    once again Thank You Intrigued,

    much love and joy to you ♥

  • Hi again, I just wanted to send this Angel for you as a token of my gratitude ♥

  • I too would like my daily message.....thanks! jjn

  • Good Morning Intrigued,

    Just wanted to thank you for what you do here. Never enough thanks.

    Have a truly blessed day!!

  • I am having an extreme issue with trust and my significant other. Do I go with my instincts or believe him?

  • Intrigued,

    AMAZING! Just in time for me to get back into the flow and relax with trusting life...Thanks so mcuh..."Help" is understatement of the day! It has set me just right for a marvellous moment.

    Love to you....

  • Thank you so much Intrigued! Have a very blessed day!

  • How does the day look career wise for me?



  • Hello Intrigued,

    I'd like a reading - How does this work?

  • Intrigued,

    Awesome, thanks for the attitude adjustment 🙂 I don't always remember what I do have..

    I am thankful for the love and gifts that surround me..


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