Offering one card Guardian Angel - Message for the day!

  • Thank you for your insight and all the time you are taking to assist others, may the Universe return many blessings, favor and increase to you! Love n Light!

  • Dear Intrigued, This is such a positive space you have created here...thanks for your generosity. Is there a card for me today?

    Love and Light to you and you and you....

  • Hello Intrigued! What does my card say for me today? Thanks!

  • Hello Intrigued,

    I just found your notice on this website and I would love to see what card you have picked for me.

    Thank you.

    Love and Light

    Bluebird 58

  • Hello Intrigued,

    Wow, 11 pages in just one day. I would love to know what mine had to say since I'm going through some trying times right now. I'm not sure if you're still doing this service for us today or not.

    Thank you for offering.

    In Peace, Love and Light

  • what to consider for my special daughter? today is an important meeting with school


  • Thank you for the precious gift, intrigued! Talk about hitting the target. Have a blessed day...

  • Thank you so much Intrigued, I really needed that advice. How do you feel about the angel cards? they seem to be givin' pretty accurate advice, I'm considering getting them... perhaps they will help me through this moments when giving up control is one of my hardest things to do... i'm afraid of being taking advantage of lied, living in my own fantasies...

    anyway... GREAT forum the one you created!!

    P.S. Thanks for the comment about my picture

  • Dear Intrigued,

    Thank you very much for my reading. It was absolutely perfect! I'm glad to know that I'm on the right path, because the reading matched what I'm currently doing in my life, and it feels good to know that I'm on track. Also, I am doing well at this moment, and I will update my thread soon, so that all of my friends here can know that their thoughts and prayers have been helping! Blessings to you for stepping up to help those of us who need a little bit of guidance in our lives. May 2010 bring you many blessings! Love and Light! 🙂

  • I would love to know what my Angel card for the day is. This will be another lonely valentines day. Would love to know what my message is. Thanks!

  • Hi Intrigued,

    what beautiful messages your cards have. Everyone needs to hear positive things these days.

    I would love a card as I too could use the encouragement. Unemployed, uninsured and mountains of debt just to survive. Have a great day..


  • Hi Intrigued, Thank you so much for the gift of the Angel card today. Balance it exactly what I need at this time, its amazing cuz that used to be my main goal, however in all the confusion of the last few years I had kind of forgot about it. Bless you 🙂

  • Hi Intrigued,

    What does the Angel card today have to say for me? And thanks for doing these readings. Have a good week and a bless day.

    thanks sassy44

  • Hi Intruiged

    Could you please do one for me as well? I am also in a bad spot these days. I do need some good news or encouragement as I'm losing hope.


  • Hi Intruiged

    Can I Have One Too.....Kinda Confused About Things This Can Help


  • Dear Intrigued, thank you so much for the reading. It is lovely and just what I need to hear. Happy day to you too! Love and light 🙂

  • Dear intrigued,

    thanks for the angel's message. it's so uplifting! All the best to you!

  • Dear Intrigued,

    If you are able, I would love to know what the Angel card says for me.

    Thank You!

  • Thank-you so much, Intrigued! The reading was so positive and inspiring!


  • Thanx so much intrigued!!

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