• Hi everyone: do any of you use a pendulum? I had one that was very good to me that I brought home from Sedona last March. I tried out EVERY pendulum the shop had and none worked but when I got this one, it REALLY worked. I lost it in the house somewhere I think :(. I went on a hunt for a new one. I order one made of lapis from China. I got one in a metaphysical store in Berkeley made of Amethust and another little one made of steel. They worked but none as well as the one I had brought back from Sedona. One of them reverses Yes and No.

    I was taught in Sedona, to first hold the pendant in my hand as if it was a baby bird and concentrate on it. Then ask if I could ask some questions. When trying out pendants I asked each one Yes and No questions that I knew the answer to in orer to determine if the pendant was "for me" and also to determine the Yes/no direction. The little one I brought back from Sedona was a reversed one - back and forth was no and sideways was yes. After I lost that

    one I and getting the othe three which worked but not as well, I started trying different neckalces, pendants, items on pieces of thread. One day, at an open air market, I picked a round sterling silver chime ball on a silver neclace chain off a rack and asked it a question.

    The ball started to swing back and forth rapdily. I asked it another question I knew the answer to was NO. It swung sideways. I bought that silver chime ball and I use it a lot.

    But what I found even more amazing was that several pieces of sterling jewelry I took off the woman's rack also worked well. Not all of them, just certain ones. When I inquired about the maker, I found out that the ones I had chosen that worked were all made by the same individual. Does anyone find this unusual.? Could my pendulum be interpreting the subconscious of its maker, rather than my own subconscious.?

    So far it has been pretty accurate predicting things like - will someone call me or things - as you say, I have some sort of subconscious control over. However, I have also tested it with yes or no questions that involve other people and other peopl's free will. It has sometimes been very accurate. It has also sometimes given me answers which are then duplicated in tarot readings done for me by someone else, or online. I am starting to wonder about this pendulum. Is this unusual? Or is it normal. I can generally hold pretty still during questioning and since this pendulum is hung on a necklace, rather than a single string, the direction it is held in could influnce the actual direction that it swings. But I have found this not to be the case. I almost want to say that it could have a mind of its own. It even has a

    "maybe" or "unsure" mode of swinging in little circles rahter than back and forth.

    Any comments from anyone else using a pendulum?

  • I would like to see if you get any answers on this one. But my suggestion is this:

    When you ask, you yourself say out loud what you want "yes" to be, and "no" to be. THEN you ask the question.

    Another approach is this: You say out loud: "Let me see how the "no" responce looks like. Then wait and see. Then you ask: Let me see what the "yes" responce look like. Then you wait and see. THEN ask a yes/no question.

  • Hmm - I have never done that, but I will try it with one of the pendulums that doesn't seem to work so well. Usually I start out asking it a question that I know is a yes - LIke - my name is Cynthia Ann Easton. Or a question that I kow is false - Like - I live on the Moon. And then I see which way it swings. My round silver chime ball works well that way. Nut I will try my amethyst pendant using your way. Its a little stubborn. Thanks!

  • Hey turtledust let us know how it works for you... i'm a little afraid of getting one...

  • OKay - I have quite a collection now since I lost the one that worked so well that I found in Sedona. I have a sterling silver chime ball necklace that "usually" works and a little metal acorn

    that seems to work well and a tiny little howlite one that I carry in my wallet. I also have an amethyst one that is really perskickety and I may have to rehome it. Anyway, I tested my chime ball, a new silver metal one and a the smallest silver one and they were all back and forth (up and down) equal yes. I have to test a couple others to see which way the yes and no goes.

    The only problem with the pendulum is that they are only really good for yes, no and sometimes a maybe. I have a little card that will help "rate" a variety of answers from a list of choices from 0 -100 but so far it has been sort of useless to me as I really haven;t had any choices to choose from ( Like if you asked it - should I wear the blue shirt? it is supposed to swing cloer to a percent - like say 50% then - should I wear the red shirt? and it might swing closer to the 60%. I haven't got the hang of it yet. I also found that sometimes my pendulum "lies". But its not really the pendulum lying. If I want it to say yes, then the chances are highly likely that it will say yes. So I don't know how you can use these without influening them.

  • Yes, the trick would be to have no self interest at all when asking the question - that the inner approach is to have no expectations and no feelings about what the answer should be - when asking and waiting for the answer. That is a good point that you made, turtledust.

  • Pendulums can be anything you have around the house. I used several homemade ones. One especially good one is a christmas tree angel ornament that is made of crystal and trimmed in gold on a gold string for hanging. What I would like to add to this response is that thoughts make things so..........what you think is what you get. Wm. Shakespeak once said "Nothing is good or bad.....but thinking makes it so!" I would like to say that this is the true reality. Whatever you THINK it is, it probably is.... at least to you, because it is you thinking it. since pendulums are a channel for your own subconscious knowledge of your higher self, attached to the universe itself which holds all knowledge and wisdom, you need only know that this is the truth and not concern yourself about someone else's consciousness being attached to this pendulum..........we are all connected together and have access to the same knowledge if we believe that we do. Your thought and belief (a thought you think over and over) make it so.

    The other thought you were thinking is one of fear not faith. Fear never brings truth. Fear....False Evidence Appearing what confuses and makes your doubt. Know are able, without spending a lot of money, or even much effort, construct for yourself, a useful pendulum out of anything that can swing, so long as you can. Train it. Then use it with confidence. Hope this helps. Blessings and Light.

  • The closest I've ever come to using a pendulum was the " pencil test" taught to me by a woman I worked with when I was pregnant. It predicts how many babies you'll have, what the sexes will be and it what order. I was to have two daughters and a son... I lost my first and am thinking I am never going to have another child being 39 now. Does anybody know anything about this test? Is there another method, like the pendulum that I could use for this question?

  • How are you supposed to ask a yes or no question of the pendulum and be detached? Suppose you have a choice of 3 cities to move to. One you lived there before and loved it, one you hated and one you've never been to before. I think that the chances would be good that the pendulum would almost always answer yes to the one where you lived previously and loved it. It could also answer yes to the other 2. If you ask it - should I wear the red sweater tomorrow or the purple sweater and you had a little inclination to wear to purple sweater anyway, I would think it would probably say yes to the purple sweater.

    The only time I can see that it would be "truthful" would be if you ask it a question about something you didn't know anything about at all and had no stake in how the answer came out.

    That said. I guess I will just keep using my pendulums and average out the answers and see what happens. SO far none of them have told me it was okay to jump off a bridge 🙂

  • I am interested to know about this pencil test. Thank you

  • What is the pencil test?

  • Isnt that when one hold the pencil up side down between the thumb and the pointer, and then ask a question and see wich way the pencil moves?

  • When I have first done the penduluming, I used a needle and thread. holding the pendulum over the top of the face down palm, I weaved the needle about the fingers then bact to the top od the hand. then holding it still, I allowed it to do that which was to be.

    There were times there was no movement, which to me indicated a miscarrage, stillbirth or there was to be no children in this persons life.

    At times by holding the needle or type of pendulum (crystal either on a chain or fabric) over the palm, I would continue to hold ot to see if there would be multibirths. Surprisingly, it has occurred a few times, giving the sex of the child (ren).

    You hold the pendulum until all movement stops.

    What I have do before starting is ask which direction is to be a girl or boy.

    This can also be done on the abdomen of the pregrant woman. Just hold the pendulum still over the top of abdomen and allow the pendulum to do that which is.

    Also, I have done both the husband and wife (separately). Then instructed them if they chosose to, they could tell their partner.

    I have had times when the woman would have many unbirth readings. I just continued ut to 10-15 times then, surprise there was a child.

    I have indicated sometimes the woman may not accutually give birth herself, especially if the indications was a lot of no births. The sense (INFORMATION from higher SOURCE SPIRIT) would be she would be mother to other children, be it niece, nephew, fostering children.

    As for me, I was to have three children, two boys and a girl. I did have the two boys then I had a tubligation (tubes tied), so I will never know if I was to give birth to a girl. I do not worry about it.

    Maybe one day, my son will have a daughter or adopt one and this will be the girl I was to have. No worries.

    I hope this help some of you about using a pendulum.

    OH, I cannot use a chain (they will break as I use them) on my pendulums as it interfers with my energy flow, therefore, I use a silk cord. I consulted the crystal / pendulum which was required for the HIGHEST GOOD.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

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