• Chris1962, please know it was never my intent to interfere with your thread, I was expressing my thoughts re: Libralair leaving, I am sad to see her go!!!

    And I meant to write for you as well, forgot,as I got caught up in expressi

    g myself here, I felt welcome and co

    fortable on your thread, I hav often kept up with your posts and struggles and many times wished you well and continue to do so .

  • Chris1962, clarif. Many times hav wished you well and sent you blessings in Thought,and continue to do soo.... I wish you all the best this new year and always

  • Goldenhill u are such a lovely person. As i see it u jiust expressed urself on momma libra leaving. maybe we should have started another thread. we´re all kinda init as we´ve swayed from cris´s issues.



    ps my attempt to bring it back on track lol

  • CWB, thankyou for kind words!!!! : )

    all the best to you!!!!

  • Oh hey all, it was interesting to pop in here and see the latest posts in this thread!

    Goldenhill, no worries my friend! I never had a problem with the "issue" at hand about others popping in to other people's threads (or my own) to start with either. But as time went on, I did start to feel it was invasive and began my own, aforementioned, "silent" policy of not acknowledging/answering those who did this. If what I suggest upsets anyone, I can't help that, but I'll repeat what I said before: it's like someone sitting in a face-to-face session with a psychic, then having someone else barge in thru the door asking their own questions with no regard for the one who was there first.

    So, no offence intended here; am just trying to keep things level and manageable.

    I'd also like to thank you for your kind thoughts and encouragement. It's been a rough ride for over 12 months, for me and many others, and I'm about ready to lay down my guns I think ... am pretty tired. So I appreciate your sentiments very much indeed.


    You are one funny, crazy lady!! I laugh at your comments each and evey time. Ihope you always keep your sense of humour and your sense of "nuttiness" because it can be a very staid and boring old world if we let it 🙂

    The Captain,

    Well, you might be right with what you say. And thanks by the way, for supporting my comments about "thread invasion" (for lack of a better term). I'd been getting very bothered by this for quite a while and it was only when you had voiced what I'd thought on oter threads, that I decided to actually speak up about it rather than avoid those who do this. I honestly don't see anything "territorial" about it for the reason I've given more thanonce in this thread already!

    A shop or similar idea is something I've toyed with in the past and certainly not something I'd discount. I am also having thoughts of relocating interstate later in the year, which albeit is a "thought" in its baby stages right now, but is something I think I will do. My concerns are that where I'm thinking of going might be far too expensive $$ for me to afford, and I want to take my daughter with me as I know she wants to go there but her father will be difficult to convince. Still, the universe has a funny way of providing when what we're about to do, or are doing, is right for us.

    So I thank you for always being practical, supportive and coming up with things that were at the back of my mind or that I hadn't thought of at all. You sure have the gift and I like the direct, no-frills way you put it across.

    Take care all, and I'll see you next time round (like when I've got another question to ask!!).


  • Charmed,

    Can't think of anything other than what I originally asked about on this thread, but thanks for asking!



  • Cris1962, thanks for your response, it means alot,

    hope this year eases up for all who need it to!

    Best to you!

  • Cris, I see you bringing information to people who need it in these times of great change - like opening a bookstore and also running classes after hours there. I feel you have a lot of knowledge to share with people around you who are curious to know more about New Age info but don't know where to look. I feel like this shiop could become a drop-in centre for people who are a bit lost as to which direction their life should be moving in and how to use their gifts.

  • Again, you voice what's been lurking in the corners of my mind every now and then. I've thought, on and off, about a new-age information sort of "emporium" set up, y'know, where you can buy books, curios or trinkets, have readings and hold meditation/spiritual develpment groups. I had tried to get something like this up and running a few years ago but met some resistance and apathy. The time may be right more about now, but I'm jst feeling like I won't be living in this area for much longer,which is why I'd started this thread in the first place. I even feel my job is temporary, as much as I'm enjoying it at the moment (even if sometimes I get home only to be called back in... 🙂 So, guess as the year unfolds and March appears, things might start falling into place.

    I get the feeling sometimes Cap'n, that you're sitting inside my mind pulling things out of mothballs!!! Thanks again, very much appreciated :))

  • Cris, I am enjoying sorting through your 'hidden treasures'. Oh my God, is that a Barry Manilow album I see peeking out of a trunk? 😉

  • Nah, you're seeing when my dad took us all to see him years ago! Yeah, he was okay I guess ... Copa Cabana 'n' all ... :)) Let me know if you find any other hidden treasures I might've forgotten about!!

  • Did I mention the magic genie lamp? Start rubbing...

  • umm, no. But I've got a little "thing" that looks like a genie lamp, so guess I'll start rubbin it!!!

  • Are you being rude? (Chuckles)

  • Nar, not I 🙂

    But I really, really DO have a sort of lamp-ish looking thing that I can rub. Really. sniggers No, seriously it's an old curio I picked up somewere in my travels years ago and its sitting somewhere near me ... looks around, then gets up and walks around ... found it! On the mantelpiece in the kitchen. It needs a bit of brass cleaner tho', but guess I can rub while I clean :)))

  • Now Cris why would i wanna change my nutsy persona??? its endearing! LMAO

    My MEN loves me as such so WHY would i wanna change that? - shrugs n grins, n says,

    many wanna be me, so they do what u know who did to me after little me helped that one so wewy much LOLOLOL thats the prob. NOW i can SEE why so many wanna be me. Heheheheeh

    they all wanna be nuts with a smidge of reality roots lololololo hahaahahahahahahah

  • Cris, I hope the genie in the lamp is cute. 🙂

  • Oh, Cap'n, so the hell do I :))) And I hope it's MALE ... and not furry with four legs or some other very cute, but very disappointing, genie .......

    Now Charmed, you truly are a nutcase, and I mean that in the most loving and caring way :))) We all must be WHO we are, and HOW we are, otherwise the world stinks, in a nutshell. So keep just simply BEING, my friend 🙂

    Haven't been rubbin Cap'n, as I'm very tired today after a long day working and more afterwardsmowing lawns (MY lawns with MY mower, such as it is - doesn't always want to start and it squeals at me sometimes). But tomorrow night, I'll be rubbin with great gusto as I have a day off the next day and can spend until midnight rubbin, rubbin, rubbin ...

    You're both nuts. And so the hell am I. And who'd want us any other way? I'd like to meet them and then ... snot them!! Yer both FANTABULOUS. Thank you for cheerin me up :))))

  • other insightsare still sought by other insightful, wise souls ... 🙂

  • Cris if you have time could you go to thread Coming Home, I would like your insight. Thanks

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