• G'day all

    As usual, I'm buckling under the strain of those Cancerian influences and feeling very unsure about my direction. I'm not all that happy in my current surroundings and feel that the house I'm in is almost temporary rather than a long-term thing. It's early days in this place, yet I don't feel like it's going to be that "homey" sanctuary I badly need to retreat to considering other things that are going on in my personal life.

    I also keep pulling cards which tell me another major "move" is coming into my life (either work or home I think), so am wondering if I'll actually be here long term, or is where I'm at now a stepping stone to something/somewhere else?

    As always, any and all psychic/intuitive insights are welcome. And yep, I'm all at sea too, as if that's not half obvious! Thanks in anticipation to whoever responds :))

  • bumpin this up coz I'd like to be on top of at least ONE list ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey cris

    Well i reckon ALL watersigns is in that loop. or in this case a bloody s**T ride. ive tried like u prolly to make changes n move it along but its like a stubborn ass mule stomping its feet in the ground not budging n if we poke more it will kick us BACK n we can start over.

    as shit as it may be i think we must ride this out n once in calmer seas look where the hell we is n what way is up n ladida yaddah ya u know.

    About the move yes i hear ya, ive had that feel also n that since i moved into this flat n all signs points to a helluva relocation move this year, BUT BUT BUT time frames in realms aint the same as ours, so again its a sit on ya ass n wait. sucks big time take it from one who sits n has sat for 2 years now. sigh

    I feel like me the home we r currently in is a steppeing stone which makes the job might b also=? what does ur guts say? thats never wrong ya know.

    anyhews if ya need more ask away. i asked u stuff on dvdmยดs thread so if ya got time cris. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Yeah, thanks Charmed. I'm thinking this place might be a stepping stone, and the job, well I enjoy it and the people I work with, but I still have the feeling I won't work until retirement there either. Still, I don't have your patience, ie, to wait for two years. BAH. If I have to wait that long for things to happen I may as well quite the race while I've still got life in me (I ain't gettin any younger y'see - I'm almost 48 as we speak and very, very impatient :). I'll take a look at your post in thar other thread, but I'd appreciate it if you could start your own next time, as it gets very confusing answering an original post from one person, to then be trying to answer others who pop into that thread, if you kow what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Adding on to that final comment, I've developed a "silent" policy, as such, not to answer other people's questions in someone else's thread for the reasons I gave ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ill take that into notions lol

  • Wow maybe it was a good thing my computer got that virus and was down for a while. This used to be an open forum last year and now it's gotten very territorial. Just like cats to mark their territory so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Even the Admin will tell you that. Amazing. I guess I will find a new place to go to and learn and help others cause this forum has sure changed in the year I have been on it. Wow

  • WOW and u will allow then to run u from this place momma libra?????

  • I have a virus on my computer. Thought it was fixed but it came up again and I am on safe mode right now. Didnt get run off got fed up with the same old bs. Fighting like cats and dogs. Was watching at a distance. Will need more work it seems on my computer.

  • Well do as me mommalibra, stay away from the fighting lololol

  • Computer is still got a virus. A friend is going to install Windows 7 and see if I can keep it free of junk. Also can't go to facebook either. Or Yoville. Say I had a virus before it showed its ugly face on the rest of my computer. UGH!

  • chris 1962 - Hi ! We have never connected here, but I did follow your plight to obtain a home. So many people were pulling for something good to come through for you and the Universe heard. Even if it is temporary, your immediate need was met and I think that is such a wonderful thing!

    I wonder if like many people the anxieties are carried over from last year .... ? Anyway, I wish the best for you ..... I hope you can reach peace within where true sanctuary and home lie.

    LL ---- I was concerned : ) Glad to see u !

  • Hi there Laie4,

    Thanks so very much for your kind sentiments, and the concern you felt for my situation, even if we didn't connect; this is so damned nice to hear and really, you've made my day ๐Ÿ™‚ I do think that what I'm feeling now - as a lot of people are - is a carry-over from last year. You're right about my need being met, even if it does end up being temporary, I'm open to a further move if that's what I have to do. I think this was another lesson I had to learn - albeit comparatively minor - that nothing is carved in stone and that every house I live in is not necessarily going to feel like home, straight away or over time. I've left a very long term relationship (23 years) and I guess I can't expect to feel like I've landed on my feet straight away! But I am, after all, a Cancerian and a very impatient one at that :)) So thank you for popping in with your words of encouragement and support. As I said, they made my day :)))


    Hey, what I said before is no sleight on anyone who wants to pop into a thread and contribute their thoughts on the topic being discussed. But if I'm reading for one person who's posted a thread then others pop in asking their own questions, I do find that a bit invasive and also difficult to keep my focus on the person who originally started the thread. Think of it this way: it's like someone sitting with a psychic asking their questions, then someone else butts in through the door and starts asking their own questions with no regard for the one who was there first. Hope that makes it clearer for ya ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks all for your thoughts so far :))

  • Make a Dream Board Cris :O) , put anything and everything you wish for on it in the form of a picture . Look at it each and everyday and actually visualize have those things . Do it everyday , and put this Dream Board in a place you will see it everyday . I am sure you have heard about all of this stuff before , and maybe you think it silly . But hey , we all do get back what we put out in our thoughts and feeling threw the Universe ten fold . The Universe only matches our Thoughts and Vibes :O) and keep in mind all the things that your are Grateful for each and everyday . That helps too .

    I don't know why I am writing all this to you , I just felt compelled to do so . I guess there is reason for everything huh

    Have a great day and evening .

    Take Care and God Bless You my Friend .^A^ :O)


  • Oh got it alright and I remember also that everyone does it even the psychics so that's why I find it funny that it has now become the proper thing to do. And the new ones aren't aware so they come in thinking that they are as welcome as the next guy only to have their heads bitten off. I have seen everyone and I do mean everyone do it even the ones who have been on for months. Just voicing what I have witnessed. And yes as an intuitive myself I don't need a picture drawn for me but I know where your coming from. Thanks for making it so clear.

  • Momma libra, i SO understand where u are coming from n mean. Far from me saying dont go. If u feel u need a break take one. however we who love u hate to see u gone for good.

    As u saw after MY mistake i laid low but never left. mayb i should have but i some years ago took a stand that no one, was to run me from any place unless i so chose myself.

    Whichever u choose mommalibra am i behind ur choise.

    bless ya sweetie


  • Hi cris1962,

    I hope you or someone can help me. I have this problem you see I have a demon or a spritit in my house, he is scareing my grandson only, he is 3 years old, my grandson . My grandson has nightmares about this man, this man is in My daughter clothet and which is in my house. any ideals on how to get this thing to leave my grandson alone, and go into the other world.

    Thanks sassy44

  • Sassy knowing cris has she asked me if i need her help to repost in a NEW thread asking for her n NOT post in a thread that is ongoing n has begun by another.

    1. it makes it easier for her, 2. it wont annoy the tthread starter.

    3. she has told me n others to see she by priniciple do not reply requests for her help on threads already startedl

    So sweetie, start a thread asking for her n repost ur request.

    cwb ;-D

  • Libraslair, I feel exactly as you do , I will check out completely when readings co

    pleted on my thread, I felt welcome as a newbie in nov09 and hopped and jumped on to threads uninvited and never got Snapped At!!!!

    All of sudden one is territorial and trying to maintain "Control" with no regard to the whole,

    I still don't get it !!! Feel sorry for new innocent one seeing a header on thread and gettin snapped at

    ugh!!!!! I had to vent!!!!

    Thanx ha ha

    hate to see you go, I completely understand!!!

    Best wishes...

  • This is a good example of a thread being 'hijacked' by others for their own purposes. Poor Cris, you are still looking for answers and others intervene with their own concerns. It may have happened in the past but that doesn't mean it should continue. I have no objections to people leaving supportive comments or telling their own story if it helps the thread-starter but when individuals invade someone else's thread just to bring the topic around to themselves, I call that selfish and insensitive.

    For you, Cris I am feeling a big explosion of energy in my head - I feel that soon you will get a really huge idea - I even see you starting up a company or opening a shop. This inspiration is very close to you.

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