• I have been dating a Leo man for a short period of time so far so good. he seems to be a nice person, but I'm not sure if an how sincere he is. if could i tell. i would love to know because the connection is strong between us we seem to really want more with each other and he is very attentive to me. phone calls, sweet emails. Where is it going. why I have this question is because it just does not seem like all his cards are on the table. i"m not into those type of surprises, LEO MEN PLEASE ADVISE.***ANY ADVISE APPRECIATED.

  • you can also go to the top of the page

    and type Leo man, or Leo men in the search box

    you will see all the threads about them you can visit to understand him more

    astrology won't tell you much of what he is hiding though

    so you need to make him spill it out

    or get a good clairvoyant to read it for you

    what makes you think he is insincere?

    I mean gestures, words, actions

  • Gina, Leos can be very private about their lives, and no, they will NOT put all their cards on the table right away. It's because we place a very high value on things such as loyalty, honor, respect, and trust...and then there's that pride thing, lol. You have to pretty much show a Leo that you're trustworthy enough that you won't go spilling their secrets if they choose to share them with you. Not that all secrets are bad, it's just that Leos are ruled by the heart, and take every hurt directly like a punch to the heart. A Leo is all about opening up their heart to being vulnerable, and we are very protective of our hearts. We feel it physically in our hearts when we're in love, and when we're hurt. Once a Leo is hurt, they can become distant, and it's difficult for us to completely trust someone until they have earned that trust again...IF they can earn it again. I actually once dumped a boyfriend because I trusted him with something about me, that I felt was very personal and private, and he went and blabbed to his family. I was embarrassed and hurt, and felt humiliated and betrayed. If I'd wanted his family to know, I would have told them myself. That's the way that Leos think.

    I know that Gems are "people persons" and love to know everything that they can about their partner. I dated a Gem man, so I know how strong that connection can be, and he was wonderful, but me being private was a bit tough on him. He wanted me to open up to him about myself more than I was ready to. I eventually did, but I did it a little at a time, when he wanted it all at once.

    According to your post, you and your Leo have only been together for a short time. Give him time to get comfortable with you...and as time goes by, he will open up to you. But whatever you do, do not pass along any of the private things that he tells you. Just keep in mind that when he tells you something private about himself, he is opening up his heart and trusting you that you will not hurt his heart. If you do, you could end up losing him for good. And believe me, he won't waste any time dumping you if he's truly hurt.

  • gina

    if you can't make him spill it out,

    let me know both your dobs, birth time and location.

    I'll pull out something in 2 days after I get the info

    can't tell just by sun sign, if he is a cusp then he will carry the other sign trait too

    the chart won't say what he is hiding

    it will tell you more of his and yours personality

    and how you two relate

    it's possible the problem relies on how you relate

    so if all else fails, just give me a shout

  • Thank you so much for your feed back Leo scorpion, and Darkness angel. i cant tell how much this helps me. his dob is 8/1/1972 and my dob 6/17/1971. don't get me wrong i cant explain how close we feel to each other its strange in such a short period of time. but its all the other stuff that happening. we talk a lot but in strange way he shares phone with his brother so he does not have it all the time. then we talk on line a lot play games with each other at least 4-5 hours day besides talking then all the other romantic stuff, he always lets me know he is thinking of me. but he seems to not have everything out there. i could wait it has not been that long so i can wait. and so far as keeping secrets im considered the treasure box, everyone trust me with them.

  • OK gina

    in Leo, fire is confined. we can be too concern about our image, that small things we can make them big deal and not opening up for that reason. control, therefore, is always important to us, including self control.

    I enjoy chatting with some people here and have exchanged emails. but I had bad experiences with telling my real name and true identity, so I never reveal them to anyone, even if I trust them with my story. those that have my emails, do not know my real name either or my location. some people online, I know them for over a year, but on this website, only 4 months tops. None of them know my real name or location, where I grow up etc. All due to this bad experience I had when I put up my real name out there and someone uses it to send junk emails making me getting angry phone calls and being ignored when I make formal inquiry.

    just to show you, that keeping to himself, doesn't have anything to do with you or trusting you. this is a part of how we protect ourselves. we can be over protective to those we love, including ourselves. leo male is close to his family, especially his parents or older sibling. unless they are abusive or he is abandoned, he will listen to them and may fall in despair when his family is having rough time and he can not help. it's possible that his brother or parents are having the bad experience online, and so they advise him not to open up right away. again, if he is close to them, he will follow this advise.

    I'll pull out something before weekend. let's see what influences he has on his chart.

  • Hello...I'm trying to understand a LEO, so I was reading with great interest your comments. I'm an Aries 3/26/57, Sault Ste. Marie ..My LEO love interest seems really thoughtful or clever about what he says, but keeps his feelings close to him. He says, watch my actions, not my words. Finances are holding him back from making changes in his life he says. Can you give me additional info about him. His d.o.b. 8/17/62 Manistique MI, no birth time.

  • gina 617

    this is what I can see from your info.

    He is radiant and well liked. You enjoy communication with him. Both of you possess creativity and intelligent. He enjoys intellectual stimulation he gets from you. This is a free flowing relationship. You do not expect much from him and therefore it becomes a light hearted relationship that both enjoy.

    As the relationship goes further however, he develops deeper feelings for you. Both of you enjoy family life and may maintain close relationship with family. The feelings he has for you will compel him to be protective at you and you enjoy this along with his affectionate nature. But for the relationship to last, both of you have to find ways to be independent, not relying on family relationships and support for too long. You are still a part of the family, but you also have your own life pursuit and one day will start your own family.

    He enjoy active social life, he needs a partner that also enjoy social events, someone that is not so private. You are more of family and home-bound, relationship with him may prove overwhelming in the beginning, but if you can adapt to it, this relationship will bring you to a whole new level of social interaction.

    if you need more info, someone else might be able to pull it out for you.

    hope this helps.


    I won't be able to be online much starting this weekend

    if you need help, you can start your own thread, it's easier for everyone else to see your thread and get hep that way.

  • Wow Leo scorpion, i have to you are thorough, this gives a better understanding of what could be. like i said its been a short period. nothing to lose yet with him. but it was going OK. im still feeling him out. i cant tell you how much this information has help me. thanks a bunch.

  • you're welcome take care

  • Well its valentines day, and haven't heard a thing from my Leo for at least four days, i don't know what to think of it but lets see how this plays out.

  • btw happy valentine to everyone on this thread and happy year of tiger

  • I Just wanted to give everyone an update, i did end up talking to my Leo man, on valentines we had a really nice time playing some games. but I have to say he has been a little distant than usual. He was a hot pepper the first two weeks we met now he is Luke warm, he still tells me im number# 1, and he is felling me. he also gets insulted if i question it. I keep trying tell him im still getting to know him. its gonna take time. so no more love letters every day and stuff but he still sticking to how he feels about me. im wanna those people ur actions should reflect how u feel. so if i don't see him really showing it it makes it feel in sincere on his part. so im just taking my time getting to know him that's cool to no rush.

  • something is going on in his life. he seems under pressure about something, not you, something else. maybe job situation, or money, or family that has money problem.

    yeah take your time, don't nag him or anything. if you keep asking the same question, he feels that you nag him and it pisses him off.

  • Thanks Again Leo Scorpion, i will definitely take your advise, in the meantime i will just live life.

  • you're welcome

    you are right, live and go with the flow. if it's meant to be, it will happen. take care

  • HELLO Leoscorpion funny i am a leo and my 1st love was a scorpion well needless to say we are not together anymore but we have a wonderful son together & managed to end up friends through it all we started as friends why not RIGHT!!!....so I have had my heart broken by a gemini guy the connection was super strong and magnetic but sometimes in life things do not work like u would have thought or even liked.....so I am trying to mend my broken heart and low and behold i meet another gemini everything is soooo familiar but a part of me is scared of getting hurt again so I am a little emotionless at the moment i have no idea what to do....I want love but i am scared to open my heart yet again....please do you have any advice for me....T.V.

  • Moonraiz

    I would advise that you take your time before starting a new relationship. If you were hurting in the previous one, take the time off dating scene and heal yourself before jumping on a new one. This is why you have fears and confusion right now. You said you are trying to mend your broken heart, so keep at it. Tell your new Gem, that you need time before starting relationship with him. If he really loves you, he will give you the time you need.

    My rising is Scorp, that's why my ID is leoscorpion. In general Scorp men are funny and wonderful to get along with. They do keep to themselves some things, and I don't mind it because I do too. But love, I would rather go with Aries or Caps. Not a good experience, with one Scorp, but then again he was also a good friend in some ways.

    Hope for the best

  • Hi leoscorpion I am trying to figure out my Leo born 7/25/69 and I am Gemini born 5/22/76 one minute he Is hot & the next minute he is cold & distant he has a 13 yr old who I know his world and he spends alot of time with him. Which I do not mind since I am also a mom my question to you is can you tell me anything about him??? I don't know the hour we both were born thank you

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