Evil Hospice Nurse

  • December of 2008 my 83 yr old Mom was in the hospital for 2 weeks and at home for 2 weeks before she died. There was only my 88 yr. old blind Dad and me to take care of my Mom. Dad was in denial over what was going on and I had never taken care of anyone sick or dieing especially someone as close as my Mom, so I hired a private hospice nurse. She took very good care of my Mom and took me through the whole dieing process. She said that my Mom's last request was for her to take care of my Dad and to watch over me. That is where the lies began.

    She conned her way into our lives. Saying she would be the sister I never had and another daughter to my Dad. This went on for a year. She had a yr old grand daughter she would bring with her and Dad and I fell in love with the little baby. She played us like a fiddle.

    She then tried to play my Dad and I against each other. She succeeded with him but not with me. I told her I wanted to meet with her at my office in private. She had my Dad all upset thinking I was

    mean to her and refused to meet with me without Dad being there. So I fired her over the phone.

    I had to go to her home to get my keys and give her her pay. That is when I could really see the evil side of her come out and heard lie after lie. She would say harsh things then say she was my friend and I would all ways be welcome in her home. I told her she was "Not My Friend" and I left with she screaming cursing me and when I was leaving her porch she cut all the outside lights off leaving me in total darkness until I clicked my keys to my car.

    She and her grandchild continues to have contact with my Dad by meeting for lunch with my cousin drive my Dad. She has lied, schemed, cried and plotted against me and upsetting my Dad at these meetings. How do I get rid of this Evil person?

  • I would HIGHLY recommend that you ask Blmoon, Serious7, TheCaptain or Hans-Wolfgang for help.

    Blmoon helped me with my situation.

    My Exboyfriend has an employee who is a Sociopath. Blmoon really shed light on all of the deception that WAS and IS going on.

    I do not know if you have a Higher Power...BUT; I would recommend that you Fast and Pray. That is how I came across this Tarot Forum and was able to seek guidance from some lovely people on here.

    I am going to be UPFRONT! In dealing with people who are Sociopaths, it TAKES a lot of energy from you. These individuals have such a dark and negative energy. You need to ALWAYS do CYAs' in dealing with them. ( Cover your ASS*)

    IT does not surprise me that she turned your father against you!! These people are Master Manipulators.

    The Rules are as follows:

    1. Never talk to them in person without a witness.

    2. Always record phone calls( that also entails writing down times and dates).

    3. Never get caught going out to Dinner, Lunch or Breakfast with them.{ They will save the receipts( even if the receipts are from seven years ago) and claim that you were friends,dating, etc.

    4. Avoid any contact with her, if it is possible. Keep conversations strictly professional.{ A lot of individuals make the mistake, by telling their deep dark secrets to these people, only to have their secrets EXPOSED to family, friends, employess etc.

    I will pray for your situation...For 2009 WAS an Arduous Emotional Journey for me. My Exboyfriend finally saw -after pleading and warning him for months and months- the deception that was going on in his business. It took a lot of prayer and fasting ;BUT, it was worth it.

    I hope that I was helpful.

  • Oh and Annstyle by the way they always use cute children as smoke and mirrors.

    My Exboyfriend's employee used her so called Stepgrandchild - who was just (DROP DEAD Gorgeous)- as a Punzie scheme (sp)?

  • My first response is that not all hospice nurses are like this. You have come across the exception not the rule. I am truly sorry you went through this but I am in total agreement with Pilot and her rules. My ex husband falls under the category of Manipulator, so I know first hand about these types of people. I call them Life Suckers or Psychic Vampires. I seem to attract them when my guard is down.

    Please listen to Pilot, and I also have another piece of advice for you: surround yourself with the white light of the spirit. It takes a while to learn this, but it is way worth it. I also visualize mirrors surrounding me facing out towards other people. This repels evil forces and dark souls. It works! Please try this. Good luck, and I will pray for you!

  • WOW Elvissykes I am going to use that Mirror technique.

    That is really good advice for ALL of us here on this forum. Thanks for sharing that Mirror technique. I will be using it!

  • I can't take the credit for it. I learned it in a Sylvia Browne book. Try it at a party, and see who avoids you like the plague. I get a kick out of it every time I use it!

  • GOOD To Know, I wish that someone told me to do this around Men. It would have saved me a lot of heartache and pain.

  • I've encountered people like this, one of them is actually a family member. I can tell you about my first spiritual attack, when I was in the womb. But it is all in the past, the universe freed me of it last year and I leave it to the universe about the person who did it.

    First of all you need to protect yourself. These people exude negativity that drains everybody else around them without them knowing. Don't worry about revenge, the universe will take care of that. You have enough on your plate, so focus on protecting yourself from further attack.

    You can try visualization white/blue light around you. The natives use this to reflect negative energy back to sender. The nurse doesn't suck the life out of you, it's the energy that she sends, that does it, so you will protect yourself from this energy, whether it is from her or from anybody else. People send negativity everyday, small or big, affecting anyone around them. Energy is an air form, it can attach itself to anything therefore it can hit you by any means : phone conversation, one on one, emails, hand writing letters/notes etc. Evil is the ultimate negativity. A wicca told me about the mirror effect, you can use that for added protection as evyskies said.

    Second, you need to clean your environment. If your dad and you live in different house, do this to both houses as often as you can, but particularly you for now. She was once in your house for a long time. You need to clean your environment from traces of her energy. Whatever it is, your dad is affected by it and his continuous meeting with her. This means her energy lingers around both of you. She can't fool you, but doesn't mean the energy can't hurt you. In fact, due to your dad's continuous meeting with her, he will be bringing this energy home. So clean your house, every corner, every room with sage. You can use regular incense sticks or burn sage leaves, whichever you can get. Do this every day, particularly the areas of the house where she spent most time in. I also use clear quartz crystal ritual to clear up lingering energy, this is not always necessary, but helps. If you know more about gems, then go with gems of your choice. If you don't, give me a shout I will let you know what I do with it.

    When you take the sage with you to every room, every corner, don't forget to keep up the protection light or mirror whichever you use. Watch for items that are foreign to you, or don't seem to belong there. It's not impossible, she placed an item that contains her energy in the house. If this is true, you need to take this item out of the house. Destroy it into pieces, very small pieces. Then burn them. Don't let a single piece unburned. You might have a fire place in the house, but I would suggest fire outside. Maybe even get a metal container that you can burn all the pieces in. This will ensure no single piece is safe. Fire, like the sun, is a great transformer. Whatever it touches, is transformed into a different form. In terms of negativity, fire/intense heat will neutralize it. Energy can't be eliminated, but it can be transformed. Again, if you and your dad live in different house, you need to do this in both houses.

    Third, you need to train yourself not to send negative energy. It's hard not to do this, especially when you are hurt. This doesn't mean you have to fake a smile when you are hurt, but you can channel any anger/ restlessness/ despair/ sadness/ jealousy/ wishing revenge, all kinds of negativity, to something that can improve your life, for example : work or creativity. Avoid or ignore the nurse or any negative person as much as you can. There are 2 reasons for this : First, you get back what you send out. This is universal law, everybody bows to it. The encounter with this nurse, is a life experience for you to learn from. To protect yourself and to teach you to be more cautious. Second, I don't know whether your dad was exuding negativity before, but he is now. And it is getting stronger, because he keeps meeting her. You have enough negativity circling around you, by not exuding negativity yourself, you are saving yourself from more.

    It would be a great help, if you can talk your dad into protecting and cleansing together. If you work as a team, the nurse or anyone like her, can not come in between. This is going to be hard, but you need to give it a try to talk him into it. You can do the steps above on your own, but it will be very helpful if you can stop him from meeting her. Try block their communication. Alter the phone # or block it for example. Stopping the communication, will stop him from bringing her energy home, and saves him from it too. In time, lingering energy will dissipate because she sees/ talks to him lesser. She can still send it through wishes, but by then both of you will be strong enough and protected, you will know how to handle it.

    Anytime you feel down and helpless. trying so hard to fight negativity or sending it out, take Bach Flower Rescue Remedy and tell yourself This Too Shall Pass. You can use any word according to your belief. I used this phrase before, but now I am using my own that came out in meditation. It's hard to do, but gets easier by practice.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else. If I can help, I will. I know a spell that can return harm to sender, but I'd rather leave it to the universe. If you do want to know, I can send it to your email.

  • You are well-versed in this Leoscorpion, I am impressed! I am going to have to reread your post several times.

    I hope that Annstyle rereads and puts it into fruition. I will continue to pray for you Annstyle.

  • Dear Annstyle,

    I have worked in a trauma hospital for the past 20 years and have seen a lot of hospice cases. I am sorry to hear about your mom and I know she is in no more pain.I must remind you that not all medical staff are like this evil hospice nurse as elvissykes states in her post.

    At this time I be worried about your Dad. Look into his will and the status of the house. Did he assign all his world belongings to this hospice nurse?

    You always have to be on the look out for people like her.

    She should have been on a contract which should have been sign by you, your dad or a legal representative. At he end of the assignment she should have left. I

    Another suggestion is to call the AMA which they could connect you with the National Nursing Society. Another route would be to place a complaint with the BBB.

    Please double and triple check your dad's will so she will not put you out on the street. Protect yourself and your Dad.



  • Excellent advice Rooster5, Excellent advice!

  • pilot007 annstyle

    I had first hand experience with these people, since I was in the womb and throughout my life. As soon as I read Annstyle's post I knew what to write. Spiritual attack is more common than many people think. In fact, it is the most potent attack since they do not have to face the target one on one. They do not need equipments, and yet the result is nonetheless fatal.

    Many people ignore the danger of spiritual attacks, making these attacks more fatal because it is sent regularly and yet not recognized let alone treated. Physical treatment, without treating the psyche, will not bring desired result. Since the physical is only temporary, it will eventually give up. Physical treatment will bring result, only when treating a pure physical health problems or injuries. Other than that, the psyche needs to be attended at the same time.

    I understand if this sounds awkward to you. I am only sharing. What you do after reading my post, is completely your decision. I would suggest however, to choose only the positive. Only positivity supports life. Your life, your loved ones, your future, the environment. Do not fear the negatives, fight them with every thing you have, on any front. Contrary to what many may think, negativities are not powerful, especially if you do not feed it by exuding your own negativity.

    Hope this helps.

  • Also leoscorpion, they ( people with dark enengy) have a fascination with Rocks -I was told- do you know anything about this leoscorpion?

  • hi pilot

    They are obsessed with anything that can enhance their abilities, help them achieve their goals.

    it can be anything they can associate as 'life taker', sharp things like sword, dagger, spears. Or items that they can use to store and manipulate energy, which can be pretty much anything.

    A container, rocks, gems/ crystals, paintings, metal, steel, coins, dolls, any kind of jewelry or tokens, statue etc. There is no limit of what energy can attach itself to, because it is an air form. In fact, they can attach it to a living being even if it's in the womb, through the air that the mother breathes.

    Of course then not all collectors or those obssessed with certain items are evil. The items themselves are not evil, unless they are made for such purpose. It's very hard to recognize these people. They can appear very normal, live in a peaceful neighborhood, work decent job etc. I have learned to protect myself, that is for now, is the best I can do. I will use this knowledge to protect my children if I ever have one. My parents don't know about spiritual attacks therefore they couldn't protect me from it and still can't. Their parents didn't know anything about it either. But with me, a new cycle will start and I will fight it on any front.

  • Leoscorpion, is there a way that an individual can tell if they - mainly in their childhood - have had a spiritual attack.

    I have been told that a Gypsy in my childhood, went against the grain of my needs.

    I know that I have had some really weird experiences in my lifetime so far!

  • there is. but you need to dig back memories of your childhood. the event, would have to be unexplainable. nothing that medical profession can explain for that particular period of your life.

    it will take some time. but you can do it little by little. start by going back 10 yrs, then 20 and so on. you must have videos or photos that can help.

  • Salt is also a great tool to use for negative energy. If an evil person touches something that you don't want to destroy or burn, you can immerse it in salt for 30 days. I also say a prayer to the universe, your higher power, whatever you believe in when you immerse the item in salt. Praying FOR the evil, dark person in question will also help. Pray that the evil will leave them, NOT that something bad will happen to them (I know that can be hard, especially if they have hurt you). At the very least, pray that the Universe will take care of this person (and it will).

    Thanks Leo, for reminding me of the salt and for prayer to the Universe! The Universe will take care of everything! Ask and ye shall receive!

  • you're welcome elvisykes

    I use salt and running water to cleanse my crystals then I will breath out all negativity I encounter, into them. In the morning I will lay them out under the sun.

    the sun, like fire, will neutralize the remaining negativity in the crystals and energize the crystals.

    even if it's cloudy the sun still shines so it still works. I just have to leave it out longer.

    that's what I do with my crystals. I've been doing it for over 3 years so I know it works

    But I didn't tell annstyle at first, in case she doesn't like using gems or she has her own way of doing things. I read that some people are afraid of crystals somehow. Well to each their own.

  • Private Hospice Nurse turns out to be imposer. She has been doing this for years and takes advantage of people at their lowest points. I have found 5 other family's that she has done this to. I am working with District Attorneys Office to hopefully stopping her.

  • I am so happy to hear that you problem will be resolved. I had been praying for you Annstyle!

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