Something touching my back while sleeping.......

  • Lately I have sensed something touching my back while asleep yet no one is there. This has happened 3 times in the last 3 days. What or who could it be?

    Thank you : )

  • Hi Soul

    I get it is a n angel, an guardian angel, one who sees u as her child. she lets u know u are safe n no harm will come to u. i sense she is with u at all times. try n recall the way it touches n see if u can recall whom of ur passed over to the other side familymembers it could be. i feel maybe a grandma?


  • CWB being haveing a stroung urge to ask you if you have any ties to Maypenn and do we have guardians around us all the time Thanks Delbertc

  • I had a Male Friend much, much older than I, that used to come around me a lot. ( He was 75) When he was alive....he used to wake me by grabbing my toe. After he died I felt many Taps on my Toes and Tips of my Fingers. I have had Taps on my Cheek as well and now that I am having a hard time emotionally.... this Pat on my back. I was not close to either of My Grandmothers but it could still be one of them.

  • DelbertC : maypenn??? guides yes we do, some are with us always others comes n goes when needed.


    Soulshock : it may very well be him. i´d light a white candle n ask spirit who dwells here n eases me n help me sleep please kindly tell me who u is, give me a sign show urself so i can thank u, amen.


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