"It's Complicated!!" I need help with a reading. PLEASE!!

  • sexygem&cwb

    I think we should all have a moment of silence, a prayer of sorts, for soulshock's Current (might not be around long) Husband after this by soulshock:

    "If it weren't for me....he would still be living in his small 1500 Sq ft home."

    It really says so very much.

  • Wouldnt know a soulmate if if banged me on my head? If that is SO soulschock how do u explain i have 3 TWINFLAME SOULMATES plus so many SOULMATES I cant even count them anymore? as for spiritually evolved? how many lifetimes does it take in ur book?

    And furthermore if u are doing so well with ya husband n living style why do u pine for ur past?

    not spiritually evolved please that should come from one of ur likes soulschock ? sweet louise n fat albert ................man ...................... now when did i SERIOUSLY heard such load of wishwash hmm oh yes in my SPIRITUAL PAST LIFE in ancient Rome. Same bs. Odd balls i have evolved on all levels n shelfs ............... how else can u explain i know this stuff? LOLOLOLOL

    OH wow, i sure made that one fend her man and yet she has kicked him to the curve. wow WHAT a character.

    sexygem ur words reminds me of 2 things. 1. that billion years of evolution DOES move BACKWARDS n 2. she aint worth it,

    she will wind up single alone n end like the sad cat snake dog horder we see on chatrooms like fortunes now, guild, mysticchat delphichat spinchat etc griping on any whos has alife, heck she already is ....................... sad

  • @laie ok a moment of silence here for soulshock and her family...

    @ cwb you're right again

  • Oh ah and she obviously has it in her limitness n in her head, STUCK ON that soulmates soulflames n twinflames are ONLY male.

    Hows that for spiritual UNevolved!!!!

    Im so advanced in my spirituality that i know soulmates, soulflames n twinflames comes in all genders, sizes N SPECIES. it can be male female, human, non human, canine, feline etc-

    So here we have one that not only thinks herself ABOVE us, as well as NON OF US can EVER reach her level. NO CHANCE!!

    Well i gotta ask, her level? who the hell wanna?

  • Whew! Better than daytime tv. You love drama, soulshock, and being the center of attention. I believe the term is "drama queen". The people here WERE minding their own business until you showed up demanding the answer that you wished to hear and when it wasn't forthcoming, you had a tantrum and called people names. How ungrateful and self-centered. Apparently when you were a toddler, you got your way by screaming and throwing things. Time to let it go...

  • I would like to say I apprieciate all of you who do readings for those of us who are here for insight. There are alot of echos in the empty halls of a 4,000 square foot house, maybe soulshock is trying to fill her lonely heart by lashing out at others. Soulshock, try loving thoughts. You receive what you put out into the universe. Love conquers all. Try it you may like it. Thanks again to all of you who offer insight .Much Love and Blessings to All.

  • I UNDERSTAND why, but ya'll are being overly agressive and mean.

    SOME SOURCES will tell you that while soulmates can be either male or female, twin flames can only be of opposite gender. jus sayin.

    i hope nobody jumps on me.

    Soulshock, your completly right, you dont have to take someones reading as fact, however its just plain common sense and courtesy, to say thakyou and move on.

    DONT BE RUDE, thats a good rule that everyone should atleast try to follow.

    okay all lets burn some sage over this posting.

    : )

  • Well said and Amen!

  • thanks for the yellow flag on the play, karma, regardless of what you call it, twin flame, soulmate, whatever... the point I think was being made was that no one is spiriutaly too unevolved to connect in a spriritual manner with another. You're right I think too much emotion was involved in the communication, but I stand by every statement I made. Hostility creates hostility, I have no need for it in my life.... I am happy and enjoy happiness.

  • I agree with sexygem. I stand by every single word ive said as well. So THERE! LOL

  • sorry guys. my bad! have at em!!! so fricken ridiculous!

    either The stupidity, or the chemicals from doing hair all day is giving me a headache.

  • Here is an article i got along my daily horoscope from california psychics. A woman asked on an ex as soulmate n someone wrote this:

    Have You Found Your Soulmate?

    Posted by Jen in Spirituality at 1:00 AM, May 22, 2009

    By Psychic Anastasia

    Do you ever ponder, "Where is my soulmate? Do I have a soulmate? Am I meant to be with my soulmate?"

    We all have more than one soulmate. Soulmates can be people or spirit guides who we have strong spiritual connections to, and who we have known before, some since the beginning of time! A soulmate can be a twin flame. Each person only has one twin flame who may or may not be in a physical body this lifetime. Your twin flame is your other half. Not every one is destined to be with their twin flame this lifetime but you can always communicate with your twin flame. A friend of mine channels his twin flame who is delightful and has a wonderful sense of humor. A twin flame relationship can be very intense and is not for the faint of heart! Whether or not you meet your twin flame you can be conscious of your spiritual communication. You are supporting each other spiritually!

    Soulmates are part of our soul family. We all have large soul families that love and support us. Most of us connect each night with our soul families on the astral plane.

    If you have met one or more of your soulmates you have likely felt drawn to them without knowing why. Often being with a soulmate can feel like being home. Soulmates can bring up unresolved past issues and often trigger soul memories. Soulmates can accelerate our personal growth and they can also seem to bring new challenges into our lives...You can ask the universe to bring your most compatible soulmate to you. The energy of the planet is very supportive of soulmates and soul family members coming together now. One of your soulmates could even be one of your pets! Many of our animal friends we have known before in other bodies. I have a cat who is one of my soulmates. She called to me to adopt her and has been with me in other lifetimes.

    If you have been in a soulmate relationship that has ended, it can be helpful to look at your soul agreements. It can be challenging to love someone without knowing why and to feel challenged connecting physically when you feel a strong soul connection! My last soulmate relationship was very challenging at my workplace. We were on opposite sides and I felt betrayed by him. When I looked at my soul agreements with him this lifetime, I saw that he agreed to catapult me onto my path of the healing work I was meant to be doing! I agreed to share with him unconditional love. Though we are apart now, our paths have been transformed.

    If you are feeling lonely do know that you are loved. You can set an intention to physically connect with your soul family. Soul family members can become friends, business partners and lovers in your life. If you are asking the universe for your soulmate to come into your life, it is helpful to ask for your highest and best soulmate.

    Happy Soul Connections to All!


  • Wow karma, i really had taken what you said to heart, although I did not change my personal view of soulshock or her situation I did agree that communication may have been getting a little too personal, but you've lost credibility with your latest response, as you can see soulshock has checked out, there is no need for name calling or insults that defeats your attempts to keep things peacful. I am really disappointed in you.

  • Sexygem and Charmed Witch........You two are as sad as you think I am. You have no clue about me and I have no clue about you. Just silly judgments. You were both far more rude and out of line than I was. NOT EVEN A CLOSE CALL!!! 3 TWINFLAMES Charmed? REALLY? Didn't think that was possible!!

  • Hey captain, i think you are sincere with your advice, and i believe for me and any one when a person id gone therew gone. Stated. sometimes we meet karmic relations, some are heatmates some a balances ect....... longing for a past person for months is normal yes , but we cant for are own good keep dwelling, not all relations are eternal, it is rff when we have a connection, in which that could have been a karmic connection, but what kind? I read a wonderfull book :Natural Born Soulmates: Lauren Thibodeau, Phd-talks about karmic associats, balnce mates, and heartmates, goes into law of attraction, and assesing ourselves in the realm of self confusion.

  • I think Soul connections are confusing and I guess they are supposed to be. I do know they will cause us to go within for answers......but we may never get them.

  • I was not gonna reply u at all but i am gonna anyhews.

    Sad mhhm thats UR opionion to wit NOT MANY else is thinking so thats ALL on u and u alone.

    Second, ur knowledge on soulmates n twinsoulmates, twinflames n what else of this is VERY limited.

    3rd At least am I n sexygem not throwing away a good life n a good man on a what once was might never be the same again man. we aint me me me me n baahh off with man n kids, blow em away throw em to the curve.

    So apart from moving into a cheaters place which u are i´d much rather be sad as u so articulately claim i am. goes to show that u dont know me either to claim n accuse like u do.

    last ill tell u this. no matter where u ask ur dilemma n need for insight on ur stuck on view, u will be treated like this n mayb worse as u did here. N when u do, dont come whine to us,. u choose this we didnt n we answer the way we choose.

    again if u didnt want answers like these u should have chosen not to ask at all,. Man i do think u want us to say yeah throw ur "good life" away, immasculate ur husband, make him a euchnic, cut his jewles off n feed em to the dogs, and give ya kids away and rush as fast as u can to ur ex from 15 years or so ago. enjoy the life as if will b as good as u imagine it.

    good grief.

  • I'm disappointed in you too soulshock...... Who cares what anyone thinks about your ex or you ..... a woman is a family's backbone whithout her it will not stand.... worry about your husband and children's oppinion.... NOT OURS. Take care of your family and you will find what you are seeking in your ex.

  • Well said sexygem. its funny well not treally but i see more n more women who come to ask should i do this n that n by it cheat drop my husband n family. all they see is the good, but convieniently forget the bad times?? n who says what once was can again be as good as then if it at all was that good?? why throw the nine yards away many of these has fought for since they were like what 4 years old?? why at all ask is it ok for me to cheat and do adultery on my husband? Heck ive NEVER seen a man ask that, he just does it. period. I dont get the sudden "CONSCIENCE" of cheating ur married spouce. heck if u gonna leave the guy tell him n do it. stop being a skank behind his bloody back. i swear we oughta make a thread on this topic. rights n wrongs of adultery wether u think of doing it or not. jesus. why ask when u´re so hellbent deadset to say bye bye to ur perfect life for some tthrills??? that i dont get.

    Why ask in first place, why not just go ahead n cheat. Ill never understand cheaters or even those that considers to cheat.

  • OH n i forgot to say, in my years as a reader ive encountered HUNDREDS of women n men who had cheated or was cheated upon. those that did consider cheating or n had cheated i spent not much time open because all they wanted was for me to say u slipped say 50 ave maries n be a good man from now on. they wished for an okay. They wanted me to say its ok to cheat on ur spouse n contract all sorts of stds n shit. Not to mention they wanted me to tell em what to say to their kids on why they nolonger live together.

    In all these years ive seen the damage even a considered cheating does. Ive seen the FULL extent on a full yearlong cheating adultery does to what is seen as a "goodlife family ".

    To those that wanted to cheat n consider to cheat i said, get out of ur marriage first. then do whatever u want to ya hearts content, bc right now if u commit adultery u loose more than ur husband n kids, u loose everything else. he will file divorce on u n u will b blamed by ur families n friends. they will flock to the cheated upon one. last there is the financially background. ive had women whine to me that judges sentenced them to pay their exhusband alimony. Well all i say is karma bites back n when she does she bites hard.

    Not many realizes how much damage can come from this. Which reminds me ur kids will loathe n hates u bitterly for years on end.

    Due to damages ive seen since ive done my thing helping people, ive chosen i wont help those that considers to cheat or do cheat on their partner or spouce, as ive found them too stubborn n too closed to what damage they make. Blind is what they are. Short n simple.

    If this makes me sad, then so be it. id rather be sad than blind.

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