"It's Complicated!!" I need help with a reading. PLEASE!!

  • Ok ill place my cents in as well.

    1.st : This is NOT the worst ive seen on here, heck not anymore. ive experienced n seen much much worse in the years ive done my thing online. this is water compared.

    2. when u get a reading take from it what u can use n discard the rest. simple

    3. if u cannot reply in a civil manner dont say anything at all. stops the argueing dead on

    4. treat others the way u want to be treated

    5. no one not even readers can know the full extent of requestee´s issues n situations. all we get to go on is a small glimbse. often is that enough but sometimes it aint, depends on who reads. all in all if u so disagree n know whats what just say thank u to the reader n move on. too stupid to start a mess n as a public place like this, people will comment n whoops its a battle field. so if we all consider points 2 to 5 we all should do fine.

    cwb meddling in lol

  • excellent advice

  • CWB, yes ,thanks for the reminder this us true!

  • Its what i took from my hardaches n hard times here. ive seen thread starter on other threads spewing her anger AND she gets my nemesis to chime in as if their readings was so off n so wrong n so on. sad really that they dont stop n breath n relax.

    A pity really. for these 2 that asked n for whom read em. both ways.

    Anyhews im not to start round 2 of anything, just saying if u aint satisfied, say thanx n move on. Opening mouth n speweing indiginified venom is not productive NOR will it get any one else to help. says a lot about character when u whine rant n ladi yaddah ya. LOL

    peace all

  • Then why don't you shut up and move on? You are just as bad as you claim I am. Otherwise you'd have stayed completely out of it since it's none of your business.

  • Soulshock, have you tried other forums?

    Are you happy, and are your needs bein

    g met on this forum?

  • Goldenhill,

    Please do not worry about me. I am Married, have two lovely Children, a brand new 4000 sq ft. home we just built ourselves and no Mortgage. I'm fine.

    No...some of my needs were not met on this forum. Does that answer your ? I do have a few people on here that I like to talk to though.

    Please don't worry about me....I am fine. Were you really concerned though?

  • Yes! And I thank you for your response!

    I didn't think you would respond in this pleasant manner, again thank you.I too. To this day think about one who lit my fire/ soul 26 yrs ago my heart yearned for him for many years, not so anymore, for me I see it for what it was, he came to teach me about the Spiritual path living and being gentle with self to this day I haven't experienced that with anyone else

    it was what it was at the time and of

    course on another level It Is ...Eternal


    am calling it a nite, I will commit to toning it down and open to more communication with you

    it does rattle my cage when certain behaviors are exhibited by some, plz know

    I do take time to see my dark side and ask self why does this bother me when so and so does this or that, and see oh ouch ah huh I do that yea!

    Hav good nite

  • Dear Soulschock

    I will move on when i see fit to move on. All im saying is i get both sides. I am sorry u didnt fully get what u wished n wanted., but hard to do when all readers get is as little as what u posted the first time.

    HOWEVER i wish u luck in finding one that can help u n help u find what u seek need n want. I also hope u will get all u deserve of good times, happiness n loads of love.

    Blessed be soul!

    cwb moving on

  • Well I'm going to put my two cents in. Soulshock, move on with your life, he has. He is probably married with children not thinking, certainly not asking for psycic readings about you. You don't have to be psycic or read one tarot card to know someone with whom you've had no contact with for years and years is probably NOT coming back.

    I really am not sure what your looking for in reading, someone to tell you that you have not been pining away in vain.... sorry you have and it seems you still are. Wake up, look around see who is here right now. The past is the past. It obviously was not meant to be. BTW in the future, if you want people to mind there own bussiness, don't ask for advice.

  • RIGHT ON Sexygem. u rock gurrrlll !!! gutsy persona me like loads theheheheeheh

  • @ CWB I wonder how she can be married with children and a brand new house with no mortgage, and be worried about a man she hasn't been involved with in 15 years. How can one come on asking for a reading about a soulmate, when it seems they already have it all? Unwilling to even consider that maybe, what they had was good , but is now gone. Why cling on to an illusion of a twinflame that has long burned out? What is her husband, chopped liver? What of her perfect life? Wouldn't a rekindling of this twinflame ruin everything she has built with him? Even if he were to return to her, which is highly unlikely, would she exchange her family and beautiful new 4000sq ft home for someone who is a different person today then he was back then?

    Sounds like she is being dishonest with herself and others, which is fine, but to be abrasive and argumentative over something that is simply NOT COMPLICATED, is uncalled for.

    I believe she is having her needs met, on this sight. A hard, cold, splash of reality may be just the kick in the pants she needs to get up and on with her life. It's long past overdue.

  • CWB,Hey You!!!

    Hope you had a good day, am sure by now Valentines Day is over in Denmark

    I hope you had a nice day!!!!

    See you around...

    Best to you ..,

  • Soulshock, I am sort of new to these forms. You sound like one of the other people who comes on, just a name change. The behavior you have displayed leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

    If you continue to pine for the person from your past and you may end up loosing everything, your family, home, possesions, self respect, as well as the fact your person from the past will - is lost to you.

    You sound as though you have been spoiled all your life.

    Time to let go and move forward.

    Has it occurred to you, you may already be with your soulmate-twinflame.


  • Sexygem : Well to me it all sounds like an all TYPICAL woman. Searches high n low for mr perfect mr right mr moneybanks, finds him marries him n BAM he has to change or else.

    In all she is the one that wants change.

    In this case he didnt so bye bye mr safety n hello mr wrong mr twinsoul mr soulwhatever. Sad.

    Lets for a min say mr past does come back. lets say she divorces her now husband n marries mr past. how many years, months weeks will it go before she AWAKENS n realizes that what she is chasing is a FAN TA SY? A MIRAGE? N what when she truely awakes n discovers mr past is NOLONGER as he was 15 20 years ago`? Then what?

    She has changed n so has he. Now what? Does the bubble burst or ?

    The only ones i feel sad for is her kids n her now husband. N her a bit bc she is chasing after a whatever u call it, paper castle, mirage estate for all that aint there.

    Then again who are we to say what is n what will be on what was? she aint indulged any reader on the details of what once was. Sigh!

    I know for one, i aont gonna give a hand. alone she whines on n on on threads n gets other whineys to oh its so sad for u n i had the same issue with so n so its so n so sad n yaddah yaddah blah blah blah sad,.

    Goldenhill : hey u, yea its almost over, on record I HATE V DAY, why u ask well not bc i aint spending the day with the one i love, BUT bc it forces us to openly expensively show effection for the one we love regardless of all. when we do many wind up with slap on head, n if we dont do BAM. its a hell if we do hell if we dont. its like mandatorily expected of us all regardless of everything, emotions, likeness,m happiness, love friendship status n so on n so with.,

    Ive begun to ask why the bloody hell are advertisers cardmakers, florist etc HELL BLOODY BENT on having the whole world show affection on ONLY v day???

    I for one do not need ANY special day to say to my guy hey hottie hunk of mine, i love u im hot for u lets go out n njoy a meal at a cozy place just u n me, or heck lets stay home n have a good time. this was my plan this here year BUT damn all this V day Bling bling blink blink all over, have i caved. Now excuse me i need to call my guy n say i caved n wish him happy v day n that i love his ass. SIGH!

    Holy COW!


  • Sexygem, Longsilverwings and charmedwitch, YOU 3 ARE A EFFING JOKE!!! My life is NONE OF YOUR EFFING BUSINESS and you wouldn't know a Soulmate if one knocked any of you over the head!! WHY? BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT SPIRITUALLY EVOLVED ENOUGH TO ATTRACT ONE!!!

    You claim to SEE what is going on in my life...what the purpose of my relationships are!! If any of you were half as smart as you think you are....you'd be dangerous!! Get over your ignorant observations of my life and mind your own damned business!!!

    I am sure you will look this Thread back up and keep the fight going since you are all just gutter garbage looking for a fight!!! MYOB!!!

  • CWB, yea, I agree this day is very commercialized! Leoscorpion, wished Me aHappy day , brought smile to my face, so I was just passing it on to you!

    See you around here on threads, bye for now!!!

  • BTW.....the reason we have no Mortgage is because I found an investment property, urged hubby to sell our house and buy it. We fixed it up and sold it just before the Housing Market crashed. Hubby built the new house with the money we made on the sale. So......my Husband didn't do it all on his own. If it weren't for me....he would still be living in his small 1500 Sq ft home.

    My Hubby isn't Mr. Money Bags. He has a good job and we don't need to keep up with the Jones'. That is why we are now doing well. We live within our means.

  • laugh out loud, get a life soulshock, stop making up drama on a forum.... no one cares your bussiness. focus on your husband and your family, I hope you're not making them as miserible as you seem. I have no emotional investment in you, him, mr soulmate, or your 1500 or 4000sq feet. All of what you and your husband have and instead of seeking to repair what is obviously damaged there, you are trying to get someone to tell you your ex of 15 years is your soulmate talk about spiritually unevolved lmao. ha ha ha

  • One more question soulshock aka dramaqueen.....Why did you put your bussiness out there if you wanted or needed no advice? I think for attention, you're having fun arguing with strangers over nothing, google your twinflame, facebook, my space, whatever tell him how you feel and see if he bothers to respond, or if he like I, have had enough of your foolishness for a lifetime

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