Any Pyschic.....a challange !!

  • This is NIOT meant as a test! I truelly believe in the power of pyschic's. I am adopted and this is all the information I possess: I have done my own search for years and have search angels also....You are my last hope before I hang it up as NO answer from the stars.........

    Dob 07/02/1956 Washington DC, Doctors Hospital ( * this is a lie, no such hospital eve existed and no one can tell me the name of the actual hosptial) Handled by Arlington County Social Services.

    Adopted at birth and premature birth weight 4.5 lbs

    The story: my Adopted father ran into my birth mother in the attorney office: accidently and it was not until after I was born that he knew it was her.

    My adopted sir name was Atkinson

    My birthmothers name Akins .............weird?

    I have 3-6 biological sibs somewhere

    bio parents going through a divorce and of course no one has any answers and everyone had a fire and all documents were burned that month?

    The adoption attorney's name was Satler......I have contacted him many times only to be told there was a fire and he hangs up or does not corresopond back. The county where I was born also blows me off. My adopted parents and adopted sibling are all

    Any info that a pyschic can give me is most helpful and appreciated. I have no real hospital name and maturnity homes come up blank and I have no names...........can you see anything for rme? I expect my parents "could " possibley be deceased but any connection to a Bio sib or relative, would be just as great. I have lived all over the US in my life so I would have been difficult to locate from them if they ever looked.

    Thanks for your efforts in advance.

  • All the best to you searchingspirit56! Don't give up!

    I just am sending this to the top of the list by


  • There is a Doctors Hospital in wdc and has been for many years. Don't know who told you any different.

  • I'm not a psychic but it occurs to me that since your surname was Atkinson and you thought your birth moms name was Akins it may have just been an error in interpretation. My reasoning is this we often found in genealogy that a person is listed as >>>>'s son, thus Atkinson could me son of Atkins. Mind you that's strictly a hunch on my part. Did you ever hear a first name on your bio mom? Otherwise I wish you luck. I know you are searching for parents, but grandparents could possibly be around too. Don't give up just yet.

  • Hans Wolfgang, due to your extreme insight in my other posting I challange you to this one?

    Are you up for it?

  • bio parents going through a divorce and of course no one has any answers and everyone had a fire and all documents were burned that month? No.

    can you see anything for rme? Just fight.

    What is needed is not something in which you can forget your loneliness; what is needed is that you become aware of your aloneness - which is a reality. And it is so beautiful to experience it, to feel it, because it is your freedom from the crowd, from the other. It is your freedom from the fear of being lonely.

  • Oh, Hans ......................OMG! I just read and re read your answer............I think I got it.

  • You only belong to existence and to nobody else.

  • I am a little rusty so here it goes. I see your bio father is deceased. I see your mother is alive. Your bio sister is looking for you. I see New Jersey? It is hard to tune in I am at work I will try more for you later. Doctors Community Hospital Maryland

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