I would like a reading to know if my intutions are right

  • I have felt that one of my co workers has been undermining me for quite sometime. Today I was told I would not be needed for the position next year and it will be filled internally. During past tarot readings about my relationship deception kept coming up. I kept thinking my lover was deceiving me. Was the deception coming up about my co worker and not my lover? My intutitions are usually right just want a second opinion. Thanks in advance, many blessings.

  • vintage moon

    your co worker is the one. Best to move on from there and your lover.... maybe you want to rethink that as well i feel that you are bringing this upon yourself from unresolved issues from long ago do you have any siblings that stole your attention you need a great deal of love and you are afraid of it at the same time when you really know what you want you will have it define your goals i feel that you flounder sell some of your crafty things you need to be your own boss namaste

  • Twinsoul~

    Thank you for your reading. I thought I was right and you are too. I did bring this upon myself. Due to the way situations were handled from the take over of this position and throughout I no longer felt passion and saw it as more of a burden that anything. I saw the writing on the wall a couple weeks ago but didn't care enough to try and change it. I did bring it on myself and frankly can not believe how happy I am it's over. Like a weight has lifted. I have one more meeting to attend to and then finish off season.

    As for my siblings, not really. My sister was my Mom's favorite. I was always closer to my step father still to this day.My Mother and I are very different souls. Lots of love and attention.My Father passed when I was 4. Could that be it?

    I do need to be my own boss, I have never followed well and tend to work better for myself...in the CRAFTY market. I have been doing that for quite sometime. I'm looking into starting a business venture with less physical demands.

    I felt things were heading in the right direction in the love area for me. I was just confused when the cards showed deception and thought it maybe showing my coworker. We've overcome past obsticales and seemed to be moving in positive direction. Maybe the flounder you see is the decision I am faced with that will effect so many. I feel your right, I am floundering, it's a big step and the unknown future is a bit frightening.

    Thank you for you reading it was unbelievably right on target, Many Blessings.

  • Twinsoul~

    I was wondering if you thought it could have been my father passing? Any feelings about my new business venture and if will be a partnership? Insight on who? Will I be able to support myself? Do you not see things coming together with my lover after his responsibilities lighten and I tie up my end? Sorry I am rambling questions, my mind has been racing after our last contact. Thanks so much,

  • hi there sorry didnt see your post

    no partners for you you are a very strong willed person and a partner is not what you need you must have the courage to press forward yourself i see you more with hired help than with a partner still see you behind a vendors table lol you will make a living at this also sell your things on line you will be able to support yourself from this venture this lover you have dont know about him his vibe feels heavy and confused and i dont feel like you really want this otherwise you wuld be doing more to make it work blessings

  • Thanks Twinsoul~

    I want to make it happen I am just laying low at the moment taking advice to look within myself and letting him take car of his Mother at the moment. She just underwent cancer surgery and he is head of family since father passed when he was 18. I feel he needs space at the moment but I am so confused at how much to give him. I don't want to look self centered and unconcerned about his Mother's recovery. That is probably the heavy, the confused may be he is friends with my husband and myself. Let's not kid anyone my marriage has been over for quite awhile. I love my husband but more like a friend or sibling. He feels responsible I think he's not. Things just moved a little faster than originally planned. I wanted to wait for my daughter to graduate but no longer feel that way now.

    We had a rather large fight the last time we were together, we are talking and are suppose to meet to hash it all out. What are your feelings? Do I push more and let him know everything and leave it in his court from there? I know what I want I just don't know his true feelings. UGH! I don't want to push to hard or not enough. Thanks again~ You're a Blessing! Vendor's table....I guess it's the gypsy in me..LOL

  • hi again changes changes i feel like your husband is a really good guy why dont you love him anymore you must answer this question before you entertain the idea of another forbidden fruit is the most delicious and then it also rots marriage is a full time job to keep it alive and flourishing you must work really hard at it your new love has a prob with his mother sad seems to me that you need an escape from your doldrums not a new love true love implies total committment wait please wait you will be going from the frying pan to the fire if you leave your husband for this guy after his mother passes he will be a different guy just wait his grief is needy his love is not to stable yet your husband .... he really loves you see if you cant rekindle the love you once had for him he is lovely underneath the apathy i also sense another problem with your husband does he drink care for yourself and pray for guidance i am sorry that this is not what you wanted to hear new guy will be a problem if you really dont LIKE your husband anymore then find another new guy k blessings for clarity and love

  • Hi! Wow I am speechless...that is unbelievable in itself...LOL. My husband is a GREAT guy I will not argue that. He is just not great for me anymore. We are opposites yet alike. I tried for years to "fix" our issues, it's hard to fix things when the other person sees nothing wrong. The problem you are seeing has to do with our intimate life or lack of. I have been understanding to the issues at hand but he does nothing to change or remedy the problem. I have been to the Dr with him all of it. Tired of fighting same battles for 20 years. I love him and even like him sometimes we are more like siblings than a couple. Lots of water under the bridge, resentment is an ugly beast. I don't know if I want to even try to mend it, I'm kind of over it. We'll see what the future holds.

    I am glad you don't tell me what I "want" to hear. I'm here for insight not the handholding alot of people seem to want. Thank you for being honest.

    I will take your advice on my lover. I decided to distance myself last night and then I received your message ; ) I have to ask, do you feel he is going to loose her in the near future? That will devastate him, brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. What type of problem do you see with them? Time away will let me sort out my true feelings and his.

    I think my energy is best served working on me right now, maybe I will find forgiveness in my heart along the way it's possible. You're truly wonderful thank you for helping me through this and all of your insight as I said before you are a true blessing. Much Love and Blessings to you

  • thank you for your blessings yes your friends mother is going to pass and of course your friends heart will be broken. But we dont need a psychic for that. lol

    Something else, please tell your husband that no sex = no marriage please tell him that he is losing you. He wont like that. also , when is the last time you and your husband took a stroll down memory lane. look at your wedding photos, and photos of when you were young.

    This new guy does not hold a candle to you husband in so many ways, id hate for you to ruin your life because of sex. Sex is the way, we show deep love for our mates. During orgasm our souls touch for a moment to bring us closer together in the rememberence of who we truly are when we shed our earthly bodies. Your husbands problem can be fixed. Make him fix it. It is not you it's hormones. Look up Sotto Pelle on the internet. Great info about this.


  • Twinsoul~

    I will look into Sotto Pelle went to website but need to sit and read for awhile,Thank you. I will try to connect with him but frankly the thought of it turns my stomach a little. I know it's not me but for years he made me believe it was me.. That I have a hard time forgiving, it may be there somewhere deep under all the hurt. I'm thinking distancing myself from my friend will give me better clarity and I will try to reminisse with him but I feel so shut down toward him, I hate it is that way. This didn't happen overnight and I can't expect to fix it in that amount of time. I will keep you posted. Again thank you for everything you have helped me so much... Much Love

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