Need some help... Please :)

  • Hello all,

    I have a few questions/ problems that i need some help with. As I am a believer I thought I should try here first. First in my Love life... I have a huge crush on this boy sk dob 12-28-76 mine is 2-18-76 and I would love to know if the feeling is mutual and if you see us together? also I have had three of my precious animal babies pass over the last 1 and 1/2 and i have been very depressed over this and i feel like i need to let them go and be at peace, one of my cats got sick and passed quickly. another was run over by my rotten neighbor and left in the street alone :( and my oldest passed quickly also. the middle one is the one I worry about the most because he passed alone. :( i would love for them to know how much they all meant to me!!! they are my babies always! Also one more final question does anyone see me having sk as my valentine this year or any? THANKS so so much. Enclosed are pics i hope they help.

  • hi your animal children know how much you love them and are so grateful for all of the love you have given to them while they were visiting you here on earth. You will reunite with them again, I promise. Adopt some new babies, i see a little orange kitten with blue eyes and one white paw.... you will know eachother when your eyes meet. Tell sk how you feel. I dont know if you will really like sk that much one year from now but it will be you who moves away from the situation so no worries k

  • thanks so much twin soul! 🙂 can i ask a favor? as i am having a birthday soon i will be 34 do u see me having any children?

  • i wish you a happy birthday not too sure about the children sorry to say but this will be your choice the person you will marry will have a little problem with being fertile you will know this from the beginnig and it will be ok with you because your love will be so great and forever dont be sad not everyone gets to find and marry their twin soul you will be blessed

  • thanks so much twin soul! i truely thank you for all your words of wisdom

  • any time blessings

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